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Aubrey Marcus: A Warrior Poet On Embracing Resistance, Self-Love & Why Outward Success Is An Inside Job



“Spirituality untested and unchallenged is a sword made of tin foil. True steel is forged in the fire of resistance.”Aubrey MarcusExperimentalist. Unconventional fitness junkie. Entrepreneur. Human optimizer. Psychonaut.This week's guest defies any singular title. But the underlying ethos that defines Aubrey Marcus is best captured in one brief phrase:Warrior Poet.On the business front, Aubrey is the CEO of Onnit -- an optimal human performance company he founded just six years ago that has grown to one of the INC 500 top 500 fastest growing companies in America. Offering a wide array of products, Onnit produces supplements for cognition, mood, bone and joint function; fitness equipment such as kettle bells and jump ropes; personal care products; and foods that range from Himalayan salt to coffee. Online, the Onnit Academy boasts copious helpful information on all things human optimization. And if you visit Onnit HQ in Austin (where we recorded this conversation), you'll find a cuttin