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Big Mountain Skier Lynsey Dyer On Sport As Art



“There was a time when you believed anything was possible and I want to bring people back to that. And I think the mountains do that.”Lynsey Dyer Imagine being the very best in your sport. Undefeated, the future is bright indeed. But deep down the zero sum game of competition just doesn't sit right. Because for you, sport isn't about winners and losers. It's about play. It's about freedom. It's about love.But mostly it's about artistic self-expression.This is the story of Lynsey Dyer.One of the best big mountain skiers on the planet, Lynsey is an extraordinary and most unexpected athletic talent who walked away from competition at the peak of her potential to courageously blaze her own path. A unique path that has helped refine what it means to pursue sport professionally. A path based not on podiums but on adventure. Seeking joy. Empowering others. And expressing one's unique voice.Over the course of a decade long career, Lynsey has won every big mountain competition that she entered. She has