The Rich Roll Podcast

3 Questions



“Wherever you are in life, ask yourself: what am I doing, why am I doing it and is it in the highest divine alignment with my authentic blueprint?”Julie Piatt Excerpted from the first day of our recent Plantpower Ireland retreat, this special mid-week episode of the podcast is a dynamic Q&A session focused on the process of self-inquiry necessary to objectively asses your life — a condition precedent to birthing expression to an authentic, purpose-fueled path premised on the values you hold most dear.To place this conversation in proper context, the Q&A was preceded by a lengthy discussion (which I decided to not include so as not to overwhelm) on three fundamental questions specifically intended to help frame the assessment process:* Who am I?* If I had just 4 months to live, how would I spend that time?* What would I like to have contributed when life my life is complete?Journaling on the aforementioned is a powerful, highly recommended exercise for anyone seeking greater self-actuali