Angela Mariea With Talkkitup

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Hi everyone this is Angela Mariea with TalkkitUp. And I am a dyslexic blogger. I want you to know that straight and upfront because my goal is to show that dyslexics are gifted to. There are so many #dyslexia private groups that I am a part of on social media and so many #dyslexics embarrassed or depressed about their learning with dyslexia. They feel, they have nothing to offer the society. Well I am here to let them know that is not so. You take what you have and you build upon it optimistically and you make it work for you. Open doors by your ownfaith. Breakdown stigmas and glass shields by walking on the waters of Faith according to your purpose. Don't have one? Ask▪Seek▪Knock. I did that! This is what God has done for me. I walk with my head up; knowing that dyslexia does not have me, but I am in control of my dyslexia in how I perceive myself. It has not stopped me from being creative; it has not stopped me from going forth collaborating with people from around the world. In fact it has been more of an