Living Homegrown Podcast With Theresa Loe

LH 168: Making Herbal Infusions



LH 168: How To Make Simple Infusions for Medicine and Skin Care In this episode, we explore extracting the best healing properties from some of the common plants and culinary herbs we are likely growing in our own backyards using infusion. Don't fret that this is some complicated process, or you don't have time for it. Herbal infusions are incredibly easy to make – all you do is infuse fresh or dried herbs in a liquid to draw out the healing properties. And these infusions can be used on their own or as a base for other things such as moisturizing creams or salves. Host Theresa Loe brought on author Colleen Codekas to chat about all the different ways we can make infusions and what to do with them after we create them. There's a recipe for her Flower-Whipped Body Butter you can make at home below. Be sure you don't miss it! You will learn: The different liquids we can use as our base Which liquid base includes extra beneficial bacteria What we can create from oil infusions Some of the safety considerations w