Living Homegrown Podcast With Theresa Loe

LH 160: Preserving Your Own Gourmet Meat With Curing, Smoking and Drying



LH 160:  How to preserve protein-packed foods with gourmet flavors  In this episode, host Theresa Loe talks with author Karen Solomon about turning your kitchen counter into a deli counter by preserving your own meat with dry curing, brine curing, smoking, and drying. Karen is the author of "Cured Meat, Smoked Fish and Pickled Eggs" and she shares the secrets to success with each of these techniques and how you can enhance the flavors of what you preserve. You’ll Learn: The ease of dry curing in your refrigerator How brine curing works for things like pastrami and ham If you can safely skip using nitrites and nitrates The difference between hot and cold smoking in preservation How to stay safe when curing meat Why you don’t need a dehydrator to dry meats The special safety recommendation when working with game meat A simple trick for keeping your dry meats dry in storage How to make ‘Sour Orange Beef Jerky’ for road trips And SO much more.. For the printable recipe Karen shares on the show, go to www.Livin