Living Homegrown Podcast With Theresa Loe

LH 159: How to Be A Better Food Gardener With Science



LH 159: Using Science to Improve Flavor & Food Production In this episode, host Theresa Loe brought back author Dr. Lee Reich to make us a better gardener…using science! When we fully understand the reasons behind the gardening techniques, we are better equipped to handle any problems that come along. And in this discussion, you'll learn the real reasons behind why we need to do what we do.  You will learn: How ethylene really works to ripen our tomatoes Why some fruits should never be picked early The 3 benefits of organic matter in our soil The real truth about drainage in flowerpots How to improve the flavor of certain fruits  The secret to keeping your seeds in long term storage And SO much more...  As always, you can get all the links mentioned at as well as a full transcript of the episode. This podcast episode was brought to you by the Living Homegrown Institute - which is Theresa's membership site. Here you have access to an entire library of classes on everything fro