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LH 154: The Homemade Kitchen with Alana Chernila



LH 154: Big flavor in a waste free kitchen You asked for it, so host Theresa Loe brought back author Alana Chernila for another episode! This time, they chat about getting the very best flavors from our produce and how to use left over scraps so that nothing from our garden goes to waste! They also talk about caring for our wooden kitchen tools and Alana shares a recipe for making a special cream (wood butter) that will help our wooden spoons last for a lifetime.   You will learn: How to get the last bit of flavor from our produce The trick to making the very best soup stock Why strawberry hulls can be used in beverages How to reduce waste in the kitchen What is spoon butter Why caring for our kitchen tools can make all the difference What are the life lessons we can learn from cooking real food Tips for slowing down to savor the day And more… As always, you can learn more, get ALL the links mentioned, and download a print out of the Wood Butter recipe at: and also get a full transcr