Lisa M. Hayes and Cassie Parks are friends, coaches and super cool chicks. They have joined forces to bring you Love, Life, Law of Attraction; shows about everything that matters and how to improve anything you desire. Their friendship and unique expertise in relationships, loving yourself, and the Law of Attraction creates the perfect place for girl talk to meet real world solutions. These two bring you the best of themselves and their experiences to support the creation of your dream life. Lisa M. Hayes is the author of Escape From Relationship Hell and The Passion Plan. She also founded Her amazing products include LOA Ass Kicking, Score Your Soulmate and Body Love Boot Camp. Cassie Parks is the author of STOP And Change Directions. She is the founder of Here fabulous courses include Money, Money Money, and Loving Yourself 30/30/30.


  • New Years Resolutions for Your Relationship

    29/12/2016 Duration: 24min
  • Three Ways to Leverage Law of Attraction and Short Cut Your Way to Finding Love

    02/03/2016 Duration: 38min
  • Score Your Soulmate VIP Interview Series ~ Auretha Callison

    12/02/2016 Duration: 51min
  • Score Your Soulmate VIP Interview Series ~ Natalie Vartanian

    11/02/2016 Duration: 46min
  • Score Your Soulmate VIP Interview Series ~ Frank Butterfield

    09/02/2016 Duration: 49min
  • Score Your Soulmate VIP Interview Series ~ Jeannette Maw

    08/02/2016 Duration: 50min
  • Burning Relationship Questions through the LOA Lens with the Good Vibe Coach

    27/01/2016 Duration: 58min
  • Clarity Alchemy with Anne Bolender

    20/01/2016 Duration: 46min
  • Living Gratitude with Matt O'Grady

    13/01/2016 Duration: 48min
  • No Drama Parenting with Lisa Cavallaro - Part 2

    06/01/2016 Duration: 49min
  • Parenting the No Drama Way with Law of Attraction

    30/12/2015 Duration: 47min
  • What if the Only Intention You Had for the New Year Was Joy??

  • Love Yourself Lighter, Diet's, Madness, and Real Self Love

  • The Relationship Contract - The Road Map to Happily Ever After

  • How to Be Informed Without Losing Your Balance

  • It's Seeking You

  • You Determine How You Get Treated

  • Vibrational Whiplash

  • Addicted To Drama In Relationships

  • I'll Have What She's Having Money Interview

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