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  • Hack Your Story, Skyrocket Your Results

    Hack Your Story, Skyrocket Your Results

    10/07/2020 Duration: 48min

    What if the obstacles holding you back, were all in your head? Well the good news, is that they are. All of your problems and challenges in life are a direct result of the thought you think, and the beliefs you hold about yourself, your circumstances, or the world. The bad news is that untangling and reprogramming those beliefs can take years of coaching and therapy, which is why most people remain stuck in the same cycle their in for their entire lives. Well what if there was a hack… A simple way that would allow you to instantly bypass all of those negative thoughts and beliefs? Well it exists, and you’re going to learn how to use it today. This is without a doubt, the single most powerful way I’ve ever discovered to instantly transform yourself and your life. In fact, this hack is literally how Kobe Bryant became the Black Mamba. Our guest today, is Todd Herman. He was a personal friend of Kobe’s, and Todd works with the world’s best professional athletes and entrepreneurs to help them become the Kobe of t

  • How To Solve Racism With Tah Whitty

    How To Solve Racism With Tah Whitty

    02/07/2020 Duration: 01h08min

    Last month, the murder of George Floyd set this country on fire, figuratively and literally, and it’s lead millions of people around the country to ask a few very important questions… Why does racism exist? Can you actually bring it to an end, and if so, how? At times like these, I think it’s more important to stop, observe, and listen before you speak, which is exactly what I’ve done for the last month. Our guest today, Tah Whitty did the same. And what he has to share as a result of this period of contemplation is absolutely incredible. See, I’m not interested in finger-pointing, blaming, or shaming people on this topic. I’m not interested in heated emotions and debates about the symptoms. I’m not interested in protests or burning buildings, or retaliation. I’m interested in addressing the root cause, which is an infinitely deeper topic than the average person is capable of comprehending, and it will take much longer to unravel and address than society would like to see. You have probably listened to, and h

  • How To Make $1.3 Billion In Sales With Sabri Suby

    How To Make $1.3 Billion In Sales With Sabri Suby

    26/06/2020 Duration: 44min

    Today we’re joined by one of the best marketers in the world today, Sabri Suby. Sabri is the Founder of the fastest growing digital marketing agency in Australia, and the 17th fastest growing company in the country, King Kong. In a short 5 years, Sabri has grown King Kong from 2 employees, to more than 60. From 1 client to more than 400. And from $0 in sales, to more than $1.3 Billion. They have over 218 customer reviews on Google with an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars, and if you’ve ever worked with a marketing agency, or if you’ve run one yourself, you know how impressive every single one of these stats are. In a business where it’s feast or famine based on your client’s results, King Kong is getting bigger and stronger by the day. So how has Sabri managed to build such a successful agency, what can he teach you about selling your products or services online, and how do you keep employees that you turn into online marketing experts, from leaving and doing it on their own? Well that’s exactly what we’r

  • The King Of Ads With Justin Brooke

    The King Of Ads With Justin Brooke

    17/06/2020 Duration: 48min

    Today we have the opportunity to sit down with my friend Justin Brooke, who in my mind, is the king of online ads today. Why? Because he’s the Founder of Adskills, which is the largest paid community for ad buyers. In fact, over 11,000 marketing agency owners and media buyers are members of AdSkills where they constantly trade notes on the latest trends, changes, and strategies in the paid advertising world. When it comes to marketing online, Justin is one of the best in the world, and clients of his include people like Russell Brunson and Dan Kennedy. But his career hasn’t been without its challenges. Justin found out the hard way that making a million dollars a year, doesn’t mean that you get to keep a million dollars per year, and that caused him and his family to make a radical lifestyle change. They sold their home, bought a 5th wheel trailer, and spent the next four years working from the road. Well today he’s going to fill you in on his biggest lessons learned as an entrepreneur, and then we’re going t

  • Why I Invested In This CBD Company With Ted Moskovitz

    Why I Invested In This CBD Company With Ted Moskovitz

    12/06/2020 Duration: 31min

    Hey gang, and welcome back to the show. One of the fastest-growing markets in the world is the CBD market. CBD stands for Cannabidiol, which is one of the many chemical compounds found in the cannabis and hemp plants. Cannabinoids can provide incredible health benefits ranging from improved mood, to better sleep, to pain and inflammation reduction, and they’re completely safe. In fact, your body and brain have built-in cannabinoid receptors which means we have a symbiotic relationship with this plant. As a result of its legalization here in the US a few years ago, you can now walk into any local gas station or grocery store and find all kinds of products from water and soda, to alcohol and candy bars, that contain CBD. But there’s a scam going on in the industry right now. Most CBD oils are dead. They have been pulled out of the plant and processed using heat or chemicals that denature and destroy their chemical structure, rendering them useless to your body. Which means you’re paying extra money, for a produ

  • The Only Real Way To Heal The World With Victor Marx

    The Only Real Way To Heal The World With Victor Marx

    04/06/2020 Duration: 53min

    Soooo how are you enjoying 2020 so far? Calm? Relaxing? Filled with fun and adventure? Not so much? Ya me too. So this last Sunday, Michelle and I had a pretty amazing group of friends out on the boat, many of whom have been previous guests on this podcast... Christine Hassler, Stef Sifandos, Tah and Kole Whitty, and Mike Chang to name just a few. We talked about the events that have happened so far this year. We talked about the murder of George Floyd, and how this tragic event can be turned into a force for good. And as we continued to talk, we realized that every single person on that boat, without exception, was in a period of personal transition. Some people were stranded in Austin away from their home because of the health crisis. Others are in the process of moving into a new house for one reason or another, and others were in the middle of changing careers. There were 11 people on that boat, and not a single one of them was going about their lives as usual. 2020 is a year of transition for the world,

  • How To Conquer Your Limiting Beliefs...With Benjamin Hardy

    How To Conquer Your Limiting Beliefs...With Benjamin Hardy

    27/05/2020 Duration: 01h06min

    There’s a part of the human dynamic we all share, which is the need to define ourselves and to create an identity. This set of personal beliefs is what ultimately makes us who we are. These beliefs are created as a result of all kinds of experiences we have in life… From growing up in a small farming town to a big city. From being raised by a single parent as an only child, or in a large family. To being bullied in school or one of the popular kids. And as we grow older as adults, this process doesn’t stop. It continues… We might take a personality test that tells us we’re an introvert… Or you might use your astrological profile to justify some of your behaviors, actions, or decisions. And while it’s critical that we do seek an identity, what’s really important to understand, is that the identity you ultimately create is not a result of what happens to you, or when or where you were born, but that it’s completely under your control. Ultimately, your identity is nothing more than the collection of stories you’

  • The Fastest Way To Make 6-7 Figures…With Joel Erway

    The Fastest Way To Make 6-7 Figures…With Joel Erway

    20/05/2020 Duration: 53min

    There are millions of people who are being forced or inspired to start their own business for the first time right now, and unfortunately, they’re walking into a jungle filled with landmines. The vast majority of them will spend the next 3-5 years trying to figure out what kind of business to start, what products to sell, how to create a marketing funnel, advertise online, and everything in between. The ones who keep going despite the failures and false starts, are the people who will eventually make it, and create a new life of freedom for themselves as a self-employed entrepreneur. With that in mind, what would I do if I had to start all over again? Well there is one business model that provides the best chance at replacing a 6 figure salary, and that is selling your product or service for a premium price of at least $3,000 to $5,000. For example, if you want to make $10,000 per month, then you only need to make two $5,000 sales to make that happen. But if you were trying to hit that same goal by selling a

  • “Show Her Off” - The Quarantine Sensation, with Ryan Hunter Masters

    “Show Her Off” - The Quarantine Sensation, with Ryan Hunter Masters

    15/05/2020 Duration: 39min

    A lot of business, products, and offers have been hit hard the past few months during this health crisis, but a few have taken off like a rocket. Show Her Off is one of them. A few months ago I started seeing ads for this product that teaches couples how to have a beginner’s dance night at home. But what really caught my attention, were the numbers of views, comments, and shares on these ads… They were higher than anything I’ve ever seen in my 15 years of online marketing. We’re talking about paid ads that are getting thousands of shares, and thousands of comments… And get this… 95% of the comments I read were all positive. I thought it would be awesome to dive into the details with the Founder of Show Her Off, so I reached out to Ryan Hunter Masters who joined us here today. Now what you’re also going to find a bit inspiring, is how simple Ryan has kept the funnel… It’s a single page checkout form on SamCart. There’s no sales video or long form copy… Just a headline, list of bullets, a bunch of testimonials

  • What Should Bill Gates Do? With Krisstina Kennedy

    What Should Bill Gates Do? With Krisstina Kennedy

    07/05/2020 Duration: 44min

    Is there such a thing as bad press, and what would you do if you were Bill Gates’ PR agent right now? Those are two questions I asked our guest today, Krisstina Kennedy, who’s the Co-Founder of KickStand Public Relations. One of the most overlooked, and under-utilized resources that business owners can use to get attention and grow their businesses right now, is PR. The media is an insatiable machine that is always hungry for newsworthy stories, and if you learn how to feed them, you can turn their networks into a massive advertising channel for you and your business. But with that being said, PR has traditionally had a lot of weaknesses that have given modern marketers pause, like the inability to digitally track the results, and provide clear ROI data. Well Krisstina and her team at KickStand have fixed that problem. They use modern data and tracking systems to help you increase the attention your stories get, and measure the return on your investment. Ultimately, they are one of the few PR companies in the

  • How To Start A New Business From Scratch With Dane Maxwell

    How To Start A New Business From Scratch With Dane Maxwell

    30/04/2020 Duration: 01h15s

    Whether you already own a business or if you’re starting one from scratch, you’re going to find this interview incredibly valuable. Our guest today, is Dane Maxwell, and he just published one of the best books I’ve ever read when it comes to starting a business. It’s called Start From Zero, it’s unlike any other book I’ve ever read for business owners. Why? Because he tackles the most important part about entrepreneurship, that most books miss, and that’s mindset. And I’m not talking about the basic, “think positive and write down your goals” stuff… I’m talking about a full-blown dissection of your inner-dialog and subsconscious. It’s about identifying the personal beliefs and stories you’ve adopted about life, yourself, what you deserve or don’t deserve. These stories are ultimately what determine your success. They’re the difference between people who struggle and who just seem to make everything work. This is one of the few books I’ve found myself highlighting page after page in years. Now in today’s inter

  • 12 Months To $1 Million, With Ryan Moran

    12 Months To $1 Million, With Ryan Moran

    22/04/2020 Duration: 50min

    If you’ve ever had an idea for a product that you’d just love to create and bring to life, but you just didn’t know where to start, then today’s episode is for you. We’re going to sit down with my good friend Ryan Moran who’s one of the best entrepreneurs and coaches I know of when it comes to this topic. He started down this path himself when he created a supplement company years ago for less than $1,000, and eventually sold that business for more than $10 million dollars a few years later. So how’d he do it? Well that’s exactly what we’re going to talk about today. Form how to come up with your product idea, to how to get your very first customers, and everything in between. If you want to develop and launch a physical product business, right now’s the best time in the world to do it, because everyone’s hungry for business, and every cost is negotiable. This is going to be a life-changing interview for some of you, so get ready to take some notes, and please help me welcome, Ryan Moran. Resources: Capitalis

  • How To Create Powerful Online Communities With Jono Bacon

    How To Create Powerful Online Communities With Jono Bacon

    16/04/2020 Duration: 47min

    The concept of community has made a dramatic shift over the past two months, hasn’t it? The sense of community we’d normally experience at work, or school, or simply going to the grocery store, or eating at a restaurant has been taken away. And they’ve been replaced with online communities. Work meetings have moved from boardrooms to zoom rooms. In many ways, as an online entrepreneur, things are largely the same. I still have a 20 foot commute to work every morning, and I still conduct business with my virtual team… Well virtually… But here’s what has changed… Micro communities have popped up online, and these communities are largely determined by your current mindset, mental state, goals, and sources of media consumption… For example, I’m in two private groups on WhatsApp… One group consists of entrepreneurs like Eben Pagan, Annie Lalla, Marie Forleo, Joe Polish, John Lee Dumas, Dean Gaziosi, etc… This group is focused on two things… Making sure everyone’s businesses are holding up, and the second, finding

  • How To Dramatically Improve Your Relationships With Tah And Kole

    How To Dramatically Improve Your Relationships With Tah And Kole

    09/04/2020 Duration: 01h04s

    Sooo… Are you in a relationship right now? Well if you are, you’re either closer than ever right now, or you’ve never been further apart. You’re now at home with someone 24/7. Your kids are there with you. The news is keeping everyone all fired up and in anger or fear. Everyone’s normal routines have gone out the window. You might have a friend or family member in the hospital, and there’s a good chance that you’re probably experiencing some financial stress to just add a nice little cherry on top. I can’t think of a situation that could put more stress on a couple than this crisis. Well if that’s the case, I’d encourage you to look at this as an opportunity to benefit from something I call, “forced change”. This is a time or experience in your life when you’re literally being forced to change who you are, how you act, what you think, and how you live your life. All of these stressors are going to magnify what was always present. If you were previously disconnected as a couple, then this crisis is going to ma

  • How To Hold Amazing Online Events With Baya Voce

    How To Hold Amazing Online Events With Baya Voce

    02/04/2020 Duration: 51min

    It’s no secret that businesses around the world are pivoting into online events as fast as possible right now out of pure necessity. But can you create the same kind of value, experience, and connection online, that you can offline in the real world? And what does an effective online meeting or event actual look and feel like? What do you say? How do you hold people’s attention? How do you convey value, and how do you turn a Zoom meeting into an unforgettable experience? I’ll be the first to admit that I haven’t thought about the answers to these questions until I had a chance to interview Baya Voce. Since 2010, Baya Voce has produced “magic touch” experiences ranging from two-person rituals to elaborate 1,000+-person immersive-theater productions (think “Sleep No More”). Whether 20-person Jeffersonian-style dinners or high-end finance conferences at Lincoln Center (and everything in between), Baya’s focus is engineering unforgettable moments. With more than 4 million views, her TEDx talk on loneliness is one

  • PaleoFX: What Happens When Your Big Event Gets Cancelled With Michelle Norris

    PaleoFX: What Happens When Your Big Event Gets Cancelled With Michelle Norris

    26/03/2020 Duration: 53min

    Michelle and Keith Norris are the founders of one of the most popular events in the United States, PaleoFX. For the past 8 years, more than 8,000 health, fitness, and biohacking experts including Ben Greenfield, Mark Sisson, Dr. Steven Gundry, and Jamie Wheal, descend upon Austin for a three day event that’s become a staple in the industry. But this year, that didn’t happen. As with every other major event in the country, PaleoFX was forced to cancel their event. Imagine this event was your entire business... That you’d spent the last 1.5 years planning, preparing, and investing money into a 3 day show that would produce the revenue needed to cover those expenses, and produce the profit required to keep it going the following year. Now imagine what it must have been like to find out that your event had been cancelled, and that you had no recourse. You’re still on the hook for all of the expenses, customers are wanting refunds, and if you don’t find a way to pivot and figure this out, bankruptcy is the only op

  • A Doctor’s Experience With The Coronavirus, with Dr. Ann Shippy

    A Doctor’s Experience With The Coronavirus, with Dr. Ann Shippy

    19/03/2020 Duration: 36min

    Hey everyone, the date is March 19th and at the current moment, the social distancing and stay at home programs have been in place for about 4 days. Retail stores and restaurants have been ordered to close, and we’re expecting to see mandatory home quarantines ordered in the next week for states like Washington, New York, and California. If you haven’t seen my video on the 7 things every entrepreneur needs to know during a crisis that I posted online this week, you need to watch it ASAP. These are lessons I’ve learned as a business owner after going through 9-11, the Iraq War, the Crash of 2008, and now the Corona Crash. You can watch that extremely important video right now at Alright, today we have the unique opportunity of sitting down with my physician, Dr. Ann Shippy. Ann is going to fill you in on the supplements that she’s taking and recommending to patients to help support their immune system, and she’s also going to give you a unique view into what it’s like being a doctor du

  • 3 Secrets To Building A Personal Brand…With Henry Kaminski

    3 Secrets To Building A Personal Brand…With Henry Kaminski

    13/03/2020 Duration: 50min

    If you have a sales problem, you really have a communication problem. A lack of sales is the symptom of ineffective communication between you and prospects. To fix this kind of problem, you need to make sure you have your customer avatar clearly defined, and everything about you and your business, needs to shout to them, “I am the solution you’re looking for.” From the way you dress, to your website, to the words you use, and every step in between. At the end of the day, off of these efforts are designed to do one thing… Create a connection. Well today you’re going to learn how to do that from The Brand Doctor, Henry Kaminkski. Henry has an absolutely fantastic story of how he’s become one of the most successful band agencies in the online marketing industry, with clients that include Russell Brunson, and Kaelin Poulin from Today he’s going to walk you through the 3-part branding framework he uses to help all of his clients become the go-to authorities in their niche. If you need some help and g

  • How To Create High Converting Landing Pages With Oliver Kenyon

    How To Create High Converting Landing Pages With Oliver Kenyon

    05/03/2020 Duration: 41min

    If you’re like most online entrepreneurs over the past few years, you’ve probably built your marketing funnel and webpages yourself using platforms like ClickFunnels or LeadPages. And while those platforms are absolutely fantastic, there’s two problems with them… It’s nearly impossible to make your final page look perfectly polished, and just the way you want them using those templates. And the second problem, is that you need to know how to export the code from those pages and host them as an HTML page onto your server. Why? Because if don’t, the pages are going to load much slower, and you’re not building your domain’s authority, reputation, or traffic by sending everyone to a page that’s hosted on the ClickFunnels domain. With that being said, I’ll bet there’s a very good chance you don’t know how to do that, because I don’t either. So what’s the solution? Well most people jump online and hire a web designer to make their webpages for them. But that’s when you run into the next big problem, because 99% of

  • How To Build A Business Like Mine…With Dean Graziosi

    How To Build A Business Like Mine…With Dean Graziosi

    27/02/2020 Duration: 46min

    I have to say that I truly love what I do. I love learning, I love creating, and I love sharing the knowledge and lessons I’ve learned in life so others can benefit from my experience. During the past 15 years, I’ve been able to help change the lives of over 1 million people, and it’s created a ripple that’s gone on to impact the lives of tens-of-millions of people thanks to my student’s work, and the impact they’re now having on the world. And personally, building an education business has allowed me to live a life of freedom and opportunity I could only dream of 20 years ago. But I never set out to build this kind of business. Back in 2005, I simply started sharing what I knew with others, and it just took on a life of its own. One day I was waiting tables, and three months later I was making over $50,000 per month selling a 50-page booklet that I wrote as a training manual for my team members. When you really think about it, this is an incredibly special kind of business because it’s the only one in the wo

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