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After 7 years of being obsessed with freedom, bestselling author, TEDx speaker and Chief Adventurer of the multiple six-figure business 'The Suitcase Entrepreneur', Natalie Sisson realised even though she had finally earned a ton of freedom, she didn't truly understand what it meant. So in 2017 she is embarking on a Quest for Freedom, designed to help her, and you, discover what freedom really means. She's taking a business sabbatical, and putting all her years experience of coaching others to build freedom businesses, into the hands of her small but talented team, her systems and sales funnels, to see if they will stand the test of time, so that Natalie can fire herself from her business in April. Join Natalie on her year of becoming a student of life. Each season she'll experiment with a new facet of freedom including personal, physical, relationship and financial freedom, with herself as the guinea pig. Full details at


  • Eps 73: How to Create Your Big, Bold Brand

    Eps 73: How to Create Your Big, Bold Brand

    01/07/2020 Duration: 43min

    Have you found yourself freezing up when being asked what it is you really do in your business?You're feeling tense, and unsure how to answer, because how do you put into words what your business or your brand is all about?You know your brand logo, your brand colours and even what you do in your business, but how do you articulate this to your ideal audience?You're not alone.Branding is the thing that I think has become so overcomplicated, almost mysterious for people, especially when you're starting out in business.Speaking from my own experience, it's not easy to build out an incredible brand that also gives you longevity. Enter this week’s podcast guest, a dear friend of mine Karley Cunningham, the creator, owner and visionary behind the Big, Bold Brand.Karley lives and breathes helping consultants, coaches, entrepreneurs and organizations to bring their brands to life, and how ultimately to build the business that they absolutely want.We dive into Karley's awesome 10 ste

  • #Eps 72: My Commitment to Equity, Diversity and Anti-Racism in Life and Business

    #Eps 72: My Commitment to Equity, Diversity and Anti-Racism in Life and Business

    24/06/2020 Duration: 19min

    These last couple of weeks have left me reeling if I'm totally honest. I feel like I just woke up after a lifelong slumber afforded to me thanks to my white privilege, and that my ignorance around #blacklivesmatter and anti-racism is unforgivable.I feel things deeply and I am especially saddened that my actions, or lack of, deeply hurt and offend people, which they did by me not using my platform appropriately at all, in the last few weeks, but realistically the entire time I've had one.So I'm doing what I know I can do well right now, being a student of life, being open to learning and educating myself on how having white privilege, white exceptionalism, white apathy, white fragility to name a few, has benefited me greatly in my life.This work is beyond necessary, especially as an entrepreneur, a coach and one with a platform and a voice to be able to create real change in this world. And to be able to dismantle the systemic racism that has existed for centuries for Black, Indigenous, and People of

  • #Eps 71: Know What to Fix Next and Transform Your Business

    #Eps 71: Know What to Fix Next and Transform Your Business

    17/06/2020 Duration: 28min

    My friend, after 10 years of being in business what I find so fascinating, is this desire to still understand exactly what my business needs next.​And you'd think that I'd have it all figured out by the stage, but I'm letting you know that I don't.In fact, I actually just hired somebody to just sit down for three hours with me and go through my entire business plan, my priorities, what's important to me and what's been working for me.I literally paid somebody to hold me accountable to talk through this because I knew that all the next steps were there.​And that's what this week's podcast guest Mike Michalowicz is talking about today, that the biggest challenge we face as entrepreneurs, is actually knowing what our biggest challenge is.​And as a result, most businesses stay stuck in a pattern of two steps forward and three steps back.​Mike has built four multiple million-dollar companies and sold two of them one to private equity and another to a fortune 500 all before his 35th birthday​.But it wasn't an

  • #Eps 70: How to Nail Your Niche

    #Eps 70: How to Nail Your Niche

    10/06/2020 Duration: 50min

    Do you want to be doing your business and marketing in a much more heart centred, feminine way?Are you done with icky sales?Are you done with not understanding exactly who you serve?Then it's time to nail your niche.Why? It can actually be overwhelming and exhausting trying to serve everyone, in fact it often flows into our marketing, leaving our audience just as confused as to whether they are the right fit!I know, you've probably heard it over and over again, but the true reality is until we start getting clear on who we serve, we aren't able to articulate our value proposition in a tangible way for our audience.This week's podcast with the lovely Kiwi entrepreneur Tash Corbin, is just what you need to get out of the mindset of saying 'yes' to everyone, and absolutely nail your niche and your marketing.There is so much goodness to unpack in this episode, as Tash and I dive into how entrepreneurs can find, and nail their niche, and feel empowered to make sales to the right audience!Tash Corbin is a

  • #Eps 69: How to Master the Sales Mindset

    #Eps 69: How to Master the Sales Mindset

    03/06/2020 Duration: 42min

    Have you ever had a less than desirable experience from a sleazy sales rep that left you with a sour taste in your mouth?For Chris Spurvey, it was when his parents were suckered into buying a $3,000 vacuum (that they couldn't afford) back in the 80's.That's a lot of money right, and back then probably a good portion of a house deposit.It's experiences like these, that we hold onto as entrepreneurs that stop us from selling our products and services confidently.It's what drives us to outsource our sales before anything else, or worse, give away our own stuff for free or for less than it's worth as we don't want to come across to pushy.We're avoiding sales, but at what cost?Chris believes this is our biggest mistake as entrepreneurs and often where most businesses fail, because we avoid communicating the value of our products or services with our own clients.We think somebody else can do it better, when in fact we are the ones with the passion and the drive that started this business in the first place.I am so

  • #68 How To Earn The Income You Truly Deserve

    #68 How To Earn The Income You Truly Deserve

    27/05/2020 Duration: 39min

    Picture this; every day you’re doing what you love, having more time for yourself and being paid more than what you did at your 9-5.Sounds almost too good to be true, right?I promise you it’s not.This week’s podcast is about how as entrepreneurs, we make the move into a space where we have the financial and time freedom we desire.Instead of being tied up in the day to day operations of our business at the risk of losing our spark, or our passion.I know what you're thinking, you've heard it all before right?Well, in this week's podcast my guest, Debbie Arcangeles has survived losing her passion and her why (and ultimately her business), to left without any income at all.So she's been there, done that and got the badge to show for it.Naturally she spent time reflecting on her mistakes, and reassessing what she truly valued in life.Debbie began focussing entirely on projects that brought her joy and aligned with her values.And then the income came. And it kept coming when she diversified those income stream

  • How to Outsource to Launch Your Online Course Successfully

    How to Outsource to Launch Your Online Course Successfully

    20/05/2020 Duration: 40min

    How often have you reached that point of being monumentally overwhelmed as you scramble to get your online launch of your course or digital product ready?Do you find yourself having more tasks to do, than there hours in a day, and even found yourself trying to learn a new skillset just to get your online course launched.Firstly, I want you to know you are definitely not alone.I actually think it’s a milestone every entrepreneur has to hit - recognising you're not superwoman, before you truly value the ability to outsource what you simply can't handle.Kind of like hitting rock bottom before you can rise up again.Tasha Booth found herself in this exact position years ago after starting a part-time Virtual Assistant business, that quickly grew into a full-time business for her.Before long, she found herself limited by her own abilities and of course, time.Something that we often sacrifice as entrepreneurs for the sake of an online launch or a new service offering that we go all in on.But what if I told

  • #66 How You Can Set Yourself Free and Become Unstoppable

    #66 How You Can Set Yourself Free and Become Unstoppable

    13/05/2020 Duration: 01h32s

    Without even knowing it, deep inside us we all have (in one form or another) trauma. This might sound scary or even untrue for you, right?I don't mean though, that you necessarily have had a deeply distressing or disturbing experience in life, because for some that's not the case.Trauma, for each of us looks different. For myself I have always been amazed at strong, brave entrepreneurs that have overcome this huge event in their life, to go on and achieve great success in business and beyond.But what about those of us who have had relatively 'normal' childhoods, that have also gone on to achieve our own success.Often without even realising it, those that fit into this category will have at some point experienced trauma, that can be found at the root cause of our own inner critic, or the voice behind our imposter syndrome. For Mia Hewett it wasn't until she was in her thirties (with a multi-million dollar business and family of her own under her belt already), when she found herself struggling under the w

  • #65 - My Secret Sauce to Earning 10k a Month

    #65 - My Secret Sauce to Earning 10k a Month

    06/05/2020 Duration: 46min

    I believe everyone has an unfair advantage, that secret sauce to earning money simply by being them.But the difference between earning a living, and having a thriving business comes down to three key pillars in my experience.Focus. Action. IncomeThe first of these, FOCUS, as detailed in my new $10K framework, is itself, upheld up by 3 key areas:Do you have a strong why? You may know what you do, or how to do it, but do you know why you do what you?Have you got a clear vision for your business?Have you got the mindset to accelerate your business to consistent $10k months?If you can answer yes to all three, then you already know you have what it takes, and you know where you add value to your clients' then everything else will align and be in flow.But if you don't, it means there's something still not in alignment.And when that happens, you lose focus on what matters, you don't know what to prioritise next and you're dealing with putting out fires, or getting distracted by 'all the things' instead of your prior

  • Eps 64: How to Do Less and Earn More

    Eps 64: How to Do Less and Earn More

    29/04/2020 Duration: 53min

    Have you ever had that moment, (a 'tipping point') in your life where you have been provided with greater clarity and focus to achieve more in your business and in life? For Jessica Zimmerman surviving through tragedy is how she became to understand life was too short to give away her freedom to others, and drove her to do less, and earn more.Jessica had been working 16 hours a day, 5 days a week and struggling to even make a profit.After her husband became unwell and bed-ridden for a year, it became even more clear to her that survival wasn’t an option anymore as the sole provider for her family of 5.By setting serious boundaries and getting hyper-focused, she grew her floral design business into an industry leader.In this episode, Jessica helps us understand how our natural desires to keep tabs on our industry can negatively impact our ability to get in flow with our creative self, in order to thrive.She provides insight into what it really means to stay committed to our vision for our business, d

  • #63 - Develop Your Mindset to Leverage Your Entrepreneurial Strengths

    #63 - Develop Your Mindset to Leverage Your Entrepreneurial Strengths

    22/04/2020 Duration: 50min

    It goes without saying that strategy is essential in business and in life, but did you know that your mindset is the single biggest defining factor for your success as an entrepreneur?When you're starting out in business, it's already tough enough just to figure it all out, but your mindset is often the tipping point as to whether your business will reach its full potential.If you want to succeed in business, it's up to you as the leader to accelerate your own development by working on your mindset.If you aren't prepared to challenge your mindset then you won’t make it.Sure it's exhausting knowing that since mindset is key, it requires constant work, but it is the ONE thing you have the most control over, so you need to use it to your advantage!Your brain employs a number of subconscious processes, which have to be surfaced if you want to become the best version of yourself. Part of that process is about facing your fears and as an entrepreneur, overcoming that instinctive 'fight or flight' mode.Enter Jo

  • #62 - Why You Need to Be Proactive Not Reactive In Business

    #62 - Why You Need to Be Proactive Not Reactive In Business

    15/04/2020 Duration: 22min

    Right now, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, there more reason than ever to be proactive not reactive in your business.I know it can be tempting to throw everything up in the air, and get to work creating an offer or service that you could release as quickly as possible to help people in their time of need.Or resurrect an old course or offer that might actually land really well right now with your customers, earn you some money and make you feel like you’re doing something useful.I get it. Oh I soooo get it. In the last two weeks I’ve felt called to show up and serve others more than ever.In my work as a business coach who focuses on how to get paid to be you, I’ve had ALL the ideas on how I can most quickly pivot, create and release helpful courses or programs right now.How I can reach those entrepreneurs who’s revenues have been slashed or who have lost their jobs or livelihoods overnight.I was working on this, while pouring energy into my book crowdfunding campaign and welcoming in all the lovely stud

  • #61 - How to Uncover Your Hidden Profit Goldmines

    #61 - How to Uncover Your Hidden Profit Goldmines

    08/04/2020 Duration: 55min

    Right now, if you're in business for yourself, you're likely looking for ways to uncover hidden profit in your business so you can replace that lost revenue.If you're about to start a business you're probably wondering if this is even the right time?Either way I know you are worried about the business impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, but did you know that some of the best-known companies were launched during a recession?Companies like Disneyland, Microsoft, Burger King and Apple all managed to profit and grow like crazy during a recession or depression and so many more!If you find yourself in need of inspiration and encouragement to start or pivot your business so you can not only survive, but thrive, then this episode is going to spark that joy back in your life.Susie Carder is one heck of a powerhouse. Her energy, smarts and ability to power up her profits is impressive.Susie started out as a low paid hairdresser trying to support her 2 little girls. But working for someone else became a challenge (to say t

  • #60 - How to Make Fundamental Shifts, Rewire Your Brain and Unleash Your Superpowers

    #60 - How to Make Fundamental Shifts, Rewire Your Brain and Unleash Your Superpowers

    01/04/2020 Duration: 52min

    Have you identified a part of your life you want to change but you keep putting it off?We are going through an unprecedented times right now and this is the best time to make fundamental shifts.If you are feeling down, hopeless or stressed, use this time to do something meaningful like changes in your own life.On today's podcast, we have Rob Scott to help you.Rob is a master level coach who has overcome abuse, addiction, cancer, and much more.Before he started Fundamental Shift LLC, he was actually homeless. He built his way from the bottom to the top by having a fundamental shift that changed everything and turned his life around. Now he teaches others how to experience that shift too.Over the past decade he has helped people who were struggling to succeed in various areas of life and work. Identity Shifting, pioneered by Rob, teaches people how rewire their limiting beliefs, and ultimately leaves them completely transformed.He has made it his mission to shift this mindset and create habits and behaviors tha

  • #59 - Five Ways to Thrive and Live In Possibility

    #59 - Five Ways to Thrive and Live In Possibility

    25/03/2020 Duration: 25min

    How are you going to thrive and live in possibility during this unprecedented time?It's a question I've been asking myself since last week and it's left me hopeful, proactive and purposeful.I am currently at home in self-isolation for the next 14 days, and as of midnight March 25 New Zealand is now in lockdown for 30 days to contain this virus.This global pandemic is emotionally challenging, that's for sure. Each day brings you new feelings and thoughts, concerns and fears, mixed in with hope, solutions, positivity and opportunity.I've been speaking to my clients and students and the range of feelings is so beautifully human. Yet each of them is doing what they can, with what they have, to get through this and even thrive.One thing that none of us can deny now is this is REAL. And this is our new norm for the foreseeable future.So in today's podcast I wanted to share the ways you can cope with self-isolation as well as the ways to thrive by looking at all the available opportunities.In times like this, the be

  • #58 - 12 Ways To Get Paid To Be You – Even During A Crisis or Recession

    #58 - 12 Ways To Get Paid To Be You – Even During A Crisis or Recession

    19/03/2020 Duration: 33min

    Yesterday, after a terrible sleep and feeling low on energy, I was in a dilemma. Perhaps you can relate?Part of me wanted to just hide away, be offline and bury my head, and part of me was like: "Nope Nat, as hard as this, you need to show up right now, you need to be a leading learner, and you need to support people who are in need". So I spent almost 5 hours, while being with loved ones at the hospital, to focus on a solution, and do what I do best, or at least what I know I can do.... I researched, wrote and published a definitive blog post on 12 Ways to Earn Income Even During a Crisis or RecessionSpecifically I cover off on: The Key Industries that Survive and Thrive in a RecessionHow to Make Opportunities Out of DespairThe Two Best Methods to Earn Revenue Regardless of What’s Going On In The World!Twelve Ways to Get Paid to Be You and Earn Multiple Revenue StreamsExceptionally Handy Resources to Help You Even FurtherI'd love you to read it and if it helps you share it with people who need it too.He

  • #57 - How to Launch Your Podcast and Why

    #57 - How to Launch Your Podcast and Why

    12/03/2020 Duration: 49min

    Have you ever thought about starting your own podcast?I've been having a love affair with podcasts ever since I launched mine back in 2012.As you may well know I LOVE podcasting and I am a huge fan of listening to podcasts too.Whenever I listen to other podcasts, it inspires me with ideas of how I do and don't want to do mine.The art of podcasting has taught me so much and as a medium it's a fantastic business tool too.Not other medium allows you to speak directly into the ears of one person at a time and get their undivided attention.Even if you're out running while listening, it's still that one person's voice (or two if it's an interview of joint podcast) speaking directly to you, into your ears.With that in mind I wanted to bring on a guest to the Untapped Podcast who got into podcasting in the last few years, and has started not one podcast, but two!Sarah Mikutel is a globetrotting podcast consultant and founder of the online course Podcast Launch Academy.Her podcasts Podcasting Step by Step and the Post

  • #56 - My Mission for 2020 Revealed

    #56 - My Mission for 2020 Revealed

    04/03/2020 Duration: 24min

    What's your mission in life? Are you willing to share it? Are you willing to also sacrifice everything to make it happen?Well, I'm truly excited because I finally have my mission for 2020 and beyond.In this episode, I share it with you as well as why it's so important to have a purpose or a mission to guide you in everything you do. If you've known me for many years, you might remember my mission for the Suitcase Entrepreneur, in my book and in my Painted Picture.It was to help a million entrepreneurs create freedom in business and adventure in life.If you've read my Suitcase Entrepreneur book, that's the tagline.Now I never figured that I would individually be able to impact a million people but I knew at the time there was definitely a way to be able to create a ripple effect even if it started with a hundred, a thousand or more.It still seemed big and scary and ridiculous, but at the same time, it really drove me to really show up and help people do that through everything I did.My products, my c

  • #55 - A Refreshing Road to A $1 Million Blog Dream

    #55 - A Refreshing Road to A $1 Million Blog Dream

    26/02/2020 Duration: 41min

    How often do you think about taking your blog to a million dollars?And what does the road to $83K a month blog actually look like?If you are a fellow blogger, or if you’re into launching your own blog, this will be a perfect episode for you.Pete McPherson is a full-time blogger and podcaster at Do You Even Blog, a resource for income-seeking bloggers and online entrepreneurs.He spends his days interviewing the world’s top creators & entrepreneurs, including names like Neil Patel, Matt Mullenweg, John Lee Dumas, Nick Loper, Michelle Schroeder, and many more.Pete is also the CEO of Online Impact, a private membership community for online businesses.Not only does he write killer blog posts and create a ton of great resources for bloggers starting out and more advanced bloggers, he’s also very open about what it takes to build a successful blog.We had a really honest and entertaining conversation about setting big ass goals and then making them happen and Pete is not shy in opening up about his business – the

  • #54 - How to Get Paid to Be A Successful Speaker

    #54 - How to Get Paid to Be A Successful Speaker

    19/02/2020 Duration: 43min

    Would you love to get paid to be a successful speaker?Are you already speaking, but not charging or have no idea what to charge?Is speaking a career you're pondering but want to know how successful you could be?Enter my friend Grant Baldwin to answer all your burning questions!Grant Baldwin is the founder of The Speaker Lab, a training company that helps public speakers learn how to find and book speaking gigs.He is probably the most knowledgeable and qualified person I know to teach all about getting paid to be a successful speaker.As a keynote speaker, Grant has delivered nearly one thousand presentations to over 500,000 people in 47 states and has keynoted events for audiences as large as 13,000!I mean holy heck, that's some work ethic right there. Oh and he's a GREAT speaker too.Through his popular podcast The Speaker Lab and flagship coaching program Booked and Paid to Speak he has coached and worked with thousands of speakers.Grant has also been featured in national media including Forbes, Inc., Entrepr

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