Singing Lessons For Kids. The What & The Why.



What are children being taught in schools? Are music and singing lessons important? Should we be making some changes in terms of what children are learning? In this series we dig deep into what the industry professionals think.


  • #7 How Kids Can Become A Superstar Backing Vocalist

    #7 How Kids Can Become A Superstar Backing Vocalist

    14/10/2015 Duration: 47min

    Ever wondered how the kids of today might go about making a career out of singing alongside some of the world’s biggest artists? Today, I catch up with my good friend Katie Holmes-Smith. Katie is one of the most sought after session and backing vocalists in the UK and has toured with artists such as Jessie J, Professor Green and Olly Murs. Children looking for a secure singing career will want to listen to how Katie has made this happen! We chat about the following topics: 1.22 When did Katie start singing lessons? 3.30 What took Katie to the ‘next level’? 7.47 What do you need to do to become Jessie J’s backing vocalist? 11.56 Does work ethic count for anything? 13.30 Making money from singing 16.05 How you get a call up 19.38 What happens on tour with Olly Murs? 22.36 How do you keep the voice healthy on tour? 26.00 The demand on today’s vocalists 30.10 Can you teach anyone to sing? 33.10 What would a 10 year old Katie do different? 35.44 What would you teach a classroom of kids? 42.55 A shout out for Kelli

  • #6 Should Kids Meditate?

    #6 Should Kids Meditate?

    28/08/2015 Duration: 26min

    The world is changing, but are our minds changing just as fast? People may think that meditation or mindfulness practice is quite an obscure topic when talking about singing lessons for kids. But what could a more mindful headspace do for children, their creativity, and overall health? Today I speak with Claire Kelly, operations director of the Mindfulness In Schools Project. Aside from immediately relaxing me with her wonderful demeanour, Claire discusses why children may want (or need) to start considering meditation and more specifically, mindfulness practice. We talk about: 2:55 What is mindfulness 5:33 Why do we need mindfulness practice today? 7:38 What is meditation 9:28 What happens with the brain when we meditate? 10:40 Why should kids meditate? 14:25 How to start meditation/mindfulness practice 18:30 how to group teach meditation/mindfulness practice 21:15 How to break the woowoo barrier Website: Twitter: | @SteveGilesUK Faceboo

  • #5 Vocal Artist Development For Kids

    #5 Vocal Artist Development For Kids

    27/07/2015 Duration: 15min

    Today I speak with Ingrid Schnell. Singer, songwriter and artist development coach in Los Angeles. She has worked with artist seen or heard on Disney, Nickelodeon, The Voice, X-Factor, BMG, Hollywood Records etc. I was lucky to sit in on one of Ingrid’s singing lessons. It was easy to see that she has serious passion for taking artists to the top… and high expectations to match. In the vocal artist development talk, we cover: 2:17 What young artists need to think about when they take the first step 3:38 It’s not all bright lights… why work ethic is important 6:28 Ingrid’s vocal training toolbox 7:27 Talent is overrated 8:48 Using musicality and harmony singing for group training 10:16 How to make the transition from karaoke singer to artist 12:08 Why Will Smith is awesome Website: Twitter: | @SteveGilesUK Facebook: Email:

  • #4 Do You Want To Be Elphaba?

    #4 Do You Want To Be Elphaba?

    22/07/2015 Duration: 33min

    Today I consume some excellent coffee with Natalie Andreou, standby for Elphaba at the Apollo Theatre in London’s West End. Also joining us is London’s leading voice coach Chris Johnson. We talk auditions, voice training for talented kids, what it takes to play Elphaba and there’s a ton more tips for aspiring musical theatre stars. As an aside, Natalie and Chris are also an item, he’s her voice coach, and Chris is one of my lifelong friends… it makes for a cracking interview. 3:40 Why Natalie chose her particular dance college 5:25 We discuss the need for sight singing within the industry 6:45 Natalie explains why technical expertise should be a priority 8:30 Why being READY to go could be your biggest asset 11:23 How to remember your lines 15:34 How it feels to be Elphaba on stage 19:01 How vocal technique affects your career choice 20:55 How inspiration can promote vocal development 23:08 Vocational training is a must for Musical Theatre students Teachers, parents and singers, to join the journey... www.s

  • #3 Can You Teach A Growth Mindset?

    #3 Can You Teach A Growth Mindset?

    27/06/2015 Duration: 26min

    This week I sit down with Katie Walton. Teacher and author of the Mindset Melting Pot. We talk about mindset, Carol Dweck's work, Sir Ken Robinson and some practical ways to encourage growth mindset in the classroom. Teachers, parents and singers, to join the journey...

  • #2 Making The Dream A Reality with Dave Stroud

    #2 Making The Dream A Reality with Dave Stroud

    16/06/2015 Duration: 19min

    Do you have an aspiring superstar on your hands? If so, what do they really need to get their break in the music industry? In this video, Internationally renowned vocal coach Dave Stroud let’s us know exactly what they’ll need to make it happen. We talk music education, mindset, belief systems and failure. We talk up in the picturesque Forest Falls in California and cover: 0:57 How the VocalizeU Winter Retreat can help singers grow 3:22 What Dave’s music education looked like 4:25 How classical singing is different to pop singing 7:55 How the education systems prioritise vocal education in the states 10:22 Dave explains the 4 main things (or houses) required for supreme vocal development 12:18 Why ‘The Secret’ is a fallacy – you need more than a dream 14:28 How to teach a young singing group in the best way 16:56 How to be a failure Any comments or if you'd like to chat about vocal education, please head over to:

  • #1 Do We Need A Change In Vocal Education?

    #1 Do We Need A Change In Vocal Education?

    15/06/2015 Duration: 07min

    What are children being taught in schools? Are music and singing lessons important? In this podcast I get some answers and find myself at a music teachers conference in the south west of England. Any comments or if you'd like to chat about vocal education, please head over to: