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Tune into my Radio Show where I will discuss how to utilize Divine Beings such as Angels & Ascended Masters to help heal and empower you! Love & Blessings


  • Ascended Master Readings Day!

    Ascended Master Readings Day!

    11/04/2012 Duration: 34min

    To celebrate having 333 likes on her facebook page, , Amanda will spend the entire 1/2 hour giving free readings to callers and chatters about an Ascended Master that is around them and the message they wish to share! No questions! Spirit is in control for this show!

  • The Chakra System

    The Chakra System

    07/03/2012 Duration: 32min

    Join Clairvoyant Amanda Bain as she discusses the Chakra System: what is it and how can we keep it balanced.  Amanda will also take callers and chatters for an energy scan and chakra appraisal at the end of the show if time allows!

  • Leap Year 2012: Look Before You Leap!

    Leap Year 2012: Look Before You Leap!

    29/02/2012 Duration: 28min

    Join Amanda as she discusses the spiritual significance of Feb 29th 2012. She will be taking live callers and chatters for Clairvoyant energy readings too!

  • New Moon: New Beginnings!

    New Moon: New Beginnings!

    22/02/2012 Duration: 29min

    Join Amanda as she discusses the New Moon, upcoming energy shifts, and how to make the most of these events for the personal manifestations of your heart's desires! Amanda will also make time to do some live readings for the chatters in the show's chat room!

  • An Attitude of Gratitude

    An Attitude of Gratitude

    15/02/2012 Duration: 27min

    Join Amanda as she talks about Gratitude and how it jumpstarts manifestation. This week she will also teach you 3 Gratitude harnessing techniques, and share a personal account of how harnessing gratitude improved her job performance.