Fixing Joe With Joe Matarese



Joe is a 30-year veteran standup comedian who has been on The Late Show with David Letterman, The Late Late Show on CBS multiple times, his own 1/2 Hour Special on Comedy Central, been a regular comedian on the Chelsea Lately Round Table, received a standing ovation from all 4 celebrity judges and the 2,000 audience members on Americas Got Talent, and has two 1-hour specials Medicated and recently recorded The Poster's Wrong. His Website is

Fixing Joe Is no longer being recorded! This is the entire 6 year library of the podcast. Some of Joe's celebrity guests include Craig Ferguson, Jay Mohr, Artie Lange, and Phil Rosenthal. Enjoy listening or re listening to Joe's journey over those six years. He went from angry and un medicated, to happy and medicated. He also went from being all over the place and unfocused, to medicated with adderall and very focused and productive. Go back and listen to all the great episodes of Fixing Joe and enjoy Joe's honesty and ability to help you while he's helping himself.


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