Stories that rethink work


  • Episode 19: Trafficked

    04/02/2019 Duration: 27min

    Trafficking. When you hear the word, many images come to mind. It may seem like something distant, hidden, and secretive — something that happens to somebody else. One of the most common forms of trafficking is labor trafficking: compelling people to work through fraud, force, or coercion. The International Labor Organization estimates 20.1 million people […]

  • Episode 7: A Hand Up

    23/04/2016 Duration: 24min

    Everyday we pass by someone who’s homeless. We may be so used to seeing homelessness that it just becomes part of the normal city landscape. But what if we stop and say hello? In this week’s episode of ReWork Clarine Ovando Lacroux arrives in Tampa and takes a detour that leads her to develop a […]

  • Episode 6: Human v. Walmart

    16/04/2016 Duration: 26min

    Sometimes work can take a toll on your creativity, your individuality, and what makes you human. So what is the cost of being efficient at work? Anthony Goytia describes how he navigates the hyperstructured workplace at the US’s largest employer, Walmart. To view the full script click here.