Horsetalk with Heather gives horse trainers reason to unite to celebrate the radio show targeted for their listening pleasure!
After following the the excitement of the 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games in Lexington, Kentucky we will speak professionals in each of the disciplines and find ways for you the listener to learn about these fantastic sports.

Dressage, Show Jumping, Endurance, Eventing, ParaDressage, Reining and Driving. Featuring the world class horsetrainers like Robert Dover, Shawn Flarida, Becky Hart, Josh Lyons and Jim Graham who share their insights. Now your horsetalking!


  • Horsetalk returns with the 2012 Olympic Games

    10/08/2012 Duration: 27min
  • Horse Colic Alternatives

    19/10/2011 Duration: 26min
  • Horsetalk about Partnership

    28/03/2011 Duration: 20min
  • Horsetalk about the Luisitano Collection

    27/01/2011 Duration: 31min
  • Horsetalk with Bestselling Author and Grand Prix Dressage Rider Tami Hoag

    12/01/2011 Duration: 22min
  • Carriage Horses in Central Park

    09/01/2011 Duration: 19min
  • 2010 Celebration of Horsetalk

    30/12/2010 Duration: 24min
  • Horsetalk with Lifeforce

    22/11/2010 Duration: 23min
  • Winter Training the Eventing Horse

    09/11/2010 Duration: 29min
  • Horsetalk with Josh Lyons

    30/10/2010 Duration: 28min
  • Show Jumping at WEG

    11/10/2010 Duration: 27min
  • Eventing Stars at WEG Cross Country Insight

    07/10/2010 Duration: 24min
  • The Kentucky Experience Pavillion

    06/10/2010 Duration: 12min
  • Horsetalk with Tina Konyot

    05/10/2010 Duration: 16min
  • Grand Prix Freestyle Winning Words at the WEG

    04/10/2010 Duration: 21min
  • Grand Prix Special at WEG

    30/09/2010 Duration: 15min
  • Horsetalk with Becky Hart

    25/09/2010 Duration: 15min
  • Reining at WEG with Shawn Flarida

    23/09/2010 Duration: 19min
  • Driving at WEG with Chester Weber

    14/09/2010 Duration: 24min
  • USEA 2010 Eventing Championships

    09/09/2010 Duration: 49min
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