Basic Stitches



Hello! Welcome to Basic Stitches!We are three sisters in our "twenty somethings" who get together once a week, knit together, and talk about stuff!Join us while we make fun of each other and explore a range of thoughts, from our favorite movies to struggling with mental illness.BIO TIME!Leandra- Oldest Sister. Massage Therapist, extrovert, and rockstar with band Graves and The Bad Weather.Simone- Middle Sister. Hair stylist, introvert, and avid fan of all cats.Taleah aka T- Youngest Sister. Full time nanny, opera aficionado, and pixie cut kween.We love you!


  • Schookin

    10/03/2017 Duration: 51min

    Welcome to our third episode! This one was a bad idea! Lol! Listen to us get anxious talking about anxiety!

  • This one's creepy! (Proceed with caution!)

    10/03/2017 Duration: 46min

    Welcome to our second episode! On this one we discuss upsetting movies that we love, but are almost impossible to recommend to anyone due to their upsetting and graphic nature! (Possibly nsfw!)

  • Hobbits, Buttons, and Weird Worms!

    10/03/2017 Duration: 53min

    Welcome to our first episode! Listen to us as we poorly describe our favorite movies and probably butcher the plot lines!