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Find out how to build a life you love in alignment with your soul. Kitty not only interviews top thought leaders from around the world who are making a difference with their work, but she inspires you to tune into why your really came here and do your dharma. We all have a gift we can bring to the world, do you know yours?This podcast will show you how. Our guests Ruby Warrington (the numinous), Mastin Kipp, Lilou Macé, Alexi Panos and many more share their life stories, empowering you to create yours. By listening to our podcast you will gain the confidence to listen to your inner voice and build a life you love 'Our vision is to inspire a generation of changemakers to follow their passion and purpose and make a difference on the planet!' Create a life so good, youll pinch yourself at and follow Kitty on Instagram @Kitty_Talks and Facebook @kittytalks


  • How You Can Contribute to the Collectives Success in 2022!

    28/01/2022 Duration: 10min

    How You Can Contribute to the Collective Success in 2022!2022 ENERGY FORECAST - HOW TO MAKE THE BEST OUT OF THIS POWERFUL YEAR! have all incubated to be on this planet to be here right now, to do our evolutionary spiritual work. If we all work cohesively together by doing our own Dharma, we contribute to the collective consciousness!Set Yourself Up For 2022Each interviewee in this Energy Series has provided an exercise based on their forecast for 2022. They are in all in the free downloadable workbook (link above). There is a paid version (link below) which has a comprehensive workbook and includes ‘off the cuff’, YouTube free, Behind the Scenes conversations which do come highly recommended!!This is the Year for Self-Mastery!Here’s what you’ll learn in this podcast:  

  • How to Move from Karma to Dharma in 2022

    26/01/2022 Duration: 37min

    How to Move from Karma to Dharma in 2022 ‘As Above, So Below, As Within, So Without’ Rania James is a Master Astrologer with over 40 years' professional experience consulting for a diverse global clientele. Over the course of her work, she has provided individually crafted and exquisitely nuanced delineations from astrological, pragmatic, and spiritual perspectives. 2022 ENERGY FORECAST HOW TO MAKE THE BEST OUT OF THIS POWERFUL YEAR! is exquisitely precise for the individual, in this interview Rania eloquently dives into the general principles of the pertinent astrological movements, their dates, and influences in 2022. This is an interview not to be missed!With conjunctions and retrogrades afoot, the premise is that we are still in the last phases of clearing out clutter, both physical and metaphorical. We are rapidly moving towards a stage of personal and collective resetting, into a cycle of creative action. This year holds a new ener

  • The Year of Collective Reckoning; what have we been through and what does it mean?

    24/01/2022 Duration: 30min

    2022 ENERGY FORECAST HOW TO MAKE THE BEST OUT OF THIS POWERFUL YEAR! Wiseman is a Visionary Spiritual Teacher and the award-winning author of numerous books. The founder of Intuition University, she’s taught thousands of students worldwide via her courses and training. 2022 is the year of collective reckoning; what have we been through and what does it mean?What other ways can we do things?Begin practicing your own connection and get connected to your own guidance. Trust divine timing, as we’re always being divinely prepared and orchestrated!How can we contribute and be of service?Waking up requires change, it requires looking at things that maybe we don’t want to look at, such as the inner healing required to take us to the next step.The more we develop and plug into our guidance, the more we find and achieve our purpose!Here’s what you’ll learn in this podcast:  


    21/01/2022 Duration: 30min

    2022 ENERGY FORECAST HOW TO MAKE THE BEST OUT OF THIS POWERFUL YEAR! Surroy stands with a foot in two worlds, an Executive Coach and Organisational Change Consultant to CEOs. He is also an Intuitive Guide, Energetic Healer and Spiritual Mentor. Krish works with people to help them create from the level of who they are now and who they are becoming, rather than focusing on what they do. We are in the infancy of the Age of Aquarius witnessing the cross over point of two realities, the conflict between decay and creation in the separation of two worlds. 2022 is the year of accountability and responsibility, setting the foundations for the years to come. Whatever needs to be completed, do your work! Be consistent and establish your connection, own your own sense of guidance.Here’s what you’ll learn in this podcast:  

  • How do we develop our gifts? With Abby Wynne.

    19/01/2022 Duration: 30min

    HOW TO SET UP YOUR OWN SELF MASTERY IN 2022!2022 ENERGY FORECAST HOW TO MAKE THE BEST OUT OF THIS POWERFUL YEAR! Abby Wynne – A shamanic psychotherapist with a master's degree in science. She is the bestselling author of the ‘One Day at a Time Diary’, ‘How to Be Well’ and ‘Energy Healing made Easy’. Abby helps people release what is in the way of living an empowered and wholehearted life.You are listening to this interview now which indicates you want to self-master. This already sets you apart form a huge part of the population!HOW DO WE DEVELOP OUR GIFTS?Lean in and practice. Have you given yourself permission to accept that ‘this’ is a gift? Abby says, ‘You’re here to shine your light!’. Anything that makes you shine brighter is the direction you want to grow in. Understand you attitude plays a part in your growth. Give yourself permission to learn what your gifts are and cultivate them in 2022!Here’s what you’ll learn in this podcast:

  • Do Your Dharma and Burn Up Your Karma!

    17/01/2022 Duration: 52min

    2022 ENERGY FORECAST HOW TO MAKE THE BEST OUT OF THIS POWERFUL YEAR! Ehvass – Chaldean Numerology, Numerologist PROJohannes is a master Numerologist and software developer. Together with wife Estel, they are founders of Numerologist PRO, one of the world’s leading resources in Chaldean Numerology. Everything is energy and everything is vibration where both have positive and negative aspects. Johannes explains how we can all see this playing out right now. He says, ‘when other sources are pulling you apart, the only thing to do is to go inside!’. He continues to expand in this fascinating podcast on how to grow yourself through love and nurture, and to effectively alchemise yourself this year.Learn HOW you can use the numbers prevalent in 2022, their cycles and patterns to harmonise yourself though 2022...Here’s what you’ll learn in this podcast:  

  • How to Understand this Water Tiger Year

    14/01/2022 Duration: 38min

    2022 ENERGY FORECAST HOW TO MAKE THE BEST OUT OF THIS POWERFUL YEAR! to Understand this Water Tiger Year with Aloise Surfleet Middleton and Nicholas HainesNicholas Haines is the creator of The Vitality Test and founder of the Five Institute. His passion for the last 30 years has been in Chinese Medicine and Chinese philosophy. He is a genius at making complicated subjects simple. Nick shares the fascinating effects of this year on us spiritually, also touching on what we need to know about consumerism and geopolitics.He explains how this planetary transition we all are witnessing and physically going through, hasn’t happened for notably, thousands of years!Nick continues to break down very concisely 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023 and 2024, succinctly highlighting what we are in the middle of, what choices we have and how we can use them supported by the Chinese energies earth, fire, water, and wood alongside each Chinese year accordingly.Here’s what you’ll learn in

  • 2022 Energy Forecast with RP Astrology

    12/01/2022 Duration: 45min

    We are all here for our fullest, highest evolution. By watching this Energy Series, you are actively seeking to understand and are taking action on your evolutionary journey…Sign up to the free 2022 Energy Forecast Series which includes Workbook and access to 9 Interview Podcasts Surfleet-Middleton interviews Richard Stephens A self-taught astrologer who mainly uses Western Astrology. Richard is conscious of the law of attraction and quantum physics, and as such, aware that we influence or create our realities. He says that Astrology sets the scene, yet we play the part - influenced, yet influencing. Listen to Richard here in 2022 Energy Forecast Podcast Series...Richard opens this podcast with a clear explanation on which planets are moving this year, when, and how they can influence us both individually and collectively. He moves on to explain that predominately this year is about massive transformations, all moving towards the Great Awakening and push

  • 2022 Energy Forecast with Jane Alton

    10/01/2022 Duration: 36min

    Aloise Surfleet-Middleton interviews Jane Alton, a Professional Numerologist and Esoteric Tarot Consultant and Teacher in this second 2022 Energy Forecast Podcast Series...Jane tells us that everything is in a constant state of flux, evolving in cycles and it all comes down to vibration. Numbers can be the most effective way to monitor and define this movement. ❤️ SIGN UP FOR 2022 ENERGY FORECAST TO BE SENT TO YOUR INBOX!! Useful tools, numbers are also sacred symbols. Pythagoras is said to be the father of modern numerology and that was over 500 years ago before Christ! It’s believed that numbers were also used before words, with many of the ancient texts written in numbers and symbols. It makes sense then that we look at ourselves and the planet in terms of numbers, and how they translate. 2020 for instance, numerically forced us to look within. That very clearly played out too!2022 is a co-ordinator, it’s about taking responsibili

  • Mastering 2022 with Energy Forecast Series

    07/01/2022 Duration: 24min

    I kick off the 2022 Energy Series with my message to you from the Akashic recordsHere’s what you’ll learn in my podcast:  22 is the Master Builder or Master Architect number. The Master Numbers in Numerology are to be the most powerful numbers out of the rest.22 is also considered as the Master Builder in the Triangle of Enlightenment and so, possesses overwhelming power!! Our job this year is to Master ourselves! I start the series Friday 7th January, and over the next few weeks will be interviewing various experts on the energy of 2022, how you can use this year to leapfrog your development and become a Master of Your Reality! R  Are you unhappy in your ‘live to work’  job? R  Want to get off the corporate hamster wheel but don’t know where to begin? R  Are you ready to dynamically incubate what you really want to do? You know, that true calling you’re carrying around inside of you!!Corporate philosophy and fear of change can br

  • How to protect your energy as you raise your vibration!

    12/11/2021 Duration: 17min

    How to Protect Your Energy as You Raise Your Vibration!As we wake up to who we truly are, as we self-enquire - personally and spiritually, as we make healthier choices and decisions – we raise our vibration… Based on the principle that everything is energy when we raise ours, we naturally become sensitive to lower denser vibrations. Because energy is constantly recycled between us, this sensitivity can cause problems!! From physical responses like a headache to becoming sick… Here’s what you’ll learn in this video, and why it’s important to know:   

  • The Simple Thing That Changed My Life

    24/09/2021 Duration: 19min

    You - incredible being, incarnated here on earth to evolve and grow! When you realise that, you will understand just how life gives for you - not to you. How life perfectly conjures situations for you to heal and grow in. Yes of course this can be painful and challenging, particularly when we don’t get taught to understand the signals.  When we don’t feel correctly, we trap and suppress emotional energy which then wreaks havoc in the mind and body! There is a fix!! I have the most brilliantly effective tool, it’s so simple, costs nothing and has been tried and tested for… ever!! All you need is you, your honesty, your willingness, your commitment, a pen, and a writing book. Then, you have all the power to transform your life, everything you need to heal and recreate your life, and speak your higher self into existence by using the power of words!  Here’s what you’ll learn in this video:   

  • Master YOUR Frequency -Here's the formulae!

    17/09/2021 Duration: 20min

    What we eat matters, what you think matters, what you say, and what you do. Each one impacts our frequency. The Universal law of vibration is that everything is in constant motion the faster the vibration the higher the frequency. Time to tune your frequency o the highest version of you. Food and thoughts ( conscious and unconscious) + words spoken + actions and behaviours = our frequency All the information you need to know to be a higher energetic being is within this video podcast.Here’s what you’ll learn in this video:  

  • What You Consent to Now, Will Determine Your Frequency and Future!!

    03/09/2021 Duration: 16min

    This is how and where you can take control of your life. By understanding what your consent is and what it means to you...What we create through intent, consent and structure will govern our frequency, and what we attract in life. Following the mind over the heart drives us to response from fear, creating pain body experiences as life contracts around us. This is because love, passion and inspiration all come from the heart. Our true alignment is with what we love, our greatest motivation and highest excitement.This time is a crucial part of your evolutionary process - to walk your true path, fully informed, sovereign to your being, and moving from your heart, despite the fear-based narrative from either mind or world!Here’s what you’ll learn in this video:   

  • Why You Need to Love Them – Don’t Let Them Go!

    27/08/2021 Duration: 15min

    In this episode Aloise discusses why love is your key to Enlightenment! The world is in turbulence, there’s a divide in society, and friends and family are feuding! Love is the antidote for separation. In a world that’s conflicted, with a fear narrative, the vibrational pitch is low! Fear has the lowest vibration but is the catalyst for change... Time to up our game and change the tone! Here’s what you’ll understand from this video:  

  • Why letting go is your super power!

    20/08/2021 Duration: 11min

    Why Letting Go is Your Superpower! In a world where currently there’s is so much fear, fight or flight mechanisms come into play, and we end up trying to control… It’s a human response.Paradoxically, life - that stream of pure divine consciousness is totally unaffected by the shenanigans of the world we live in. It just flows through the universe. Life is life, and the world will do what it needs to do. But you have a choice with how you respond… Let go! The best response and major practice that will serve all, is simply letting go. Incidentally, it also offers the perfect solution for us to build upon personal power, centredness and balance! Here’s what you’ll learn in this video:  

  • Reclaim Your Power

    13/08/2021 Duration: 15min

    Are you feeling powerless about your external reality? Time to change your internal world! I am finding that everyone is currently in different places in their spiritual evolution and consciousness, your work is to reclaim your power and empower ourselves .Here’s what you’ll learn in this video:  

  • Why You Should Clear Your Akashic Records

    06/08/2021 Duration: 20min

    The Akashic Records are rather like Google for the soul!Existing in the quantum field, the Akashic Records holds all information on all souls – including yours!!Think about it, you are the sum total of all your past live choices. Your karma therefore is essentially all those stored memories from your past lives, as well as your actions today playing out!In the immediate, by being virtuous in every moment can undo and transform karma on a level. But what of those deeply embedded vows, curses or spells that are not in your awareness? Things like a vow of poverty or silence. How might they be playing out in your life now? These past covenants become blocks that scupper us today!Want to know more about your past lives and what your invisible blocks are?Here’s what you’ll learn in this video:   

  • How to Follow Your Spiritual Purpose - Don't Miss Out! with Aloise

    29/07/2021 Duration: 19min

    How to Follow Your Spiritual Purpose - Don't Miss Out! with Aloise Surfleet Middleton...Are you fulfilled? Unhappy in your job, life, or choices? Does the state of the world scare you? If so, now is your time! Often, we get trapped by fear and it’s a lonely place to be. But it’s time now to see through the fear as all illusions are being revealed. Now is the time to trust and take the most important and rewarding journey you could ever take… Your spiritual purpose is the key so don’t miss out on it, it’s the soul reason you’re here!!! Discover how living a Dharmic life - following the path of right action - and leaning into your spiritual purpose is the original reason for you to be here now! Know that it's possible for you to be happy, healthy, wealthy and whole – it is your birth right! In this Dharma Life Podcast, Aloise reveals how when she was in a similar place when her journey began. From personal reinvention, podcasts to the birth of the Dharma Life Academy, with all the rewards and synchronicities

  • How to Best Utilise the Retrograde Summer of 2021

    26/07/2021 Duration: 48min

    How to Best Utilise the Retrograde Summer of 2021‘As Above, So Below’, ‘As Within, So Without’Rania James is a Master Astrologer with over 40 years' professional experience. She talks today about these unprecedented times and how we are in a great cosmic pause, and we’re the captive audience of this cosmic process. This retrograde period, Summer of 2021 and the best way to utilise it - in what looks like diminishing control over our lives, is more about taking control over our inner lives.Pluto, Saturn, Mercury, Jupiter, Neptune, Uranus...Four planets currently in retrograde and a fifth due in August, Rania explains how these celestial movements affect us: the personal ‘me’ and the global collective.We are going through and witnessing a process of deconstruction and reconstruction - internally, locally, nationally, and internationally. Right now, humanity is in labour, preparing to birth a new civilisation... A New Earth! Here’s what you’ll learn in this video:   

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