Who Is Edward Wallner?



A World War II veteran's untold stories from the Pacific sixty-seven years later. Told in vignettes from the war and his childhood in Depression-era Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Formatted for your ears.


  • Answering the Question

    20/03/2017 Duration: 15min

    Eddie's life post-war, how he'll be remembered, the world's "Netflix Problem," and finally answering the question: "Who Is Edward Wallner?"

  • Uncle Sam Wants You

    13/03/2017 Duration: 14min

    On this penultimate episode of the series we explore why Eddie volunteered for the service. Hint: it has little to do with escape and even less to do with patriotism.

  • 24 Days in Hell (Part II)

    06/03/2017 Duration: 14min

    Warning: Explicit content. The second half Eddie's Saipan experience. It's the Marines against the Japanese, but also themselves.

  • 24 Days in Hell (Part I)

    27/02/2017 Duration: 17min

    Part one of Eddie and the Marines securing Saipan. The Japanese choose a psychological battle, Eddie's uses a flamethrower, and the Marines get some terrifying orders.

  • On the County

    13/02/2017 Duration: 14min

    Bringing Almond Joys into the Pegasus restaurant, Eddie growing up "on the county," and building Camp Tarawa.

  • Think. Think Fast.

    30/01/2017 Duration: 18min

    The story of Eddie's first invasion, November 20-23, 1943: Battle of Tarawa.

  • Taking a Mile

    23/01/2017 Duration: 16min

    Eddie and his brothers are raised by a stern grandmother who tries to slow their hi-jinks and business ventures. Hundreds of marriages in New Zealand and a wild idea on Saipan.

  • Born Survivor

    16/01/2017 Duration: 16min

    Eddie departs for war on a merchant vessel and the trip takes an unexpected turn. Then, the story of Eddie's parents and his neighborhood in Milwaukee, WI.

  • Before We Start...

    16/01/2017 Duration: 01min

    A quick word before we start. Why we won't hear Eddie's voice on the episodes, and where you can find it.

  • "Who Is Edward Wallner?" Preview

    08/01/2017 Duration: 04min

    Welcome to "Who Is Edward Wallner?" This preview episode introduces you to Eddie and how he came to tell me his story.