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  • Mike Grey

    Mike Grey

    19/04/2016 Duration: 50min

    We're bringin' back the craic with the first episode of our new series! In this edition we have the incredibly influential Mike Grey who discusses the 87 Live in Ireland concert, his experience with Toronto Police Pipe Band, and his life as a composer. That's all in addition to the normal chat, birls, and wild tangents!



    30/03/2016 Duration: 03min

    WE'RE BACK! Hold on to your hats, little amigos, we're coming at you with all new interviews featuring the world's most interesting pipers and drummers! Check out this teaser for some important info.

  • Chanter Banter - John Mulhearn And Calum MacCrimmon

    Chanter Banter - John Mulhearn And Calum MacCrimmon

    10/08/2015 Duration: 01h19min

    We meet up with Calum MacCrimmon and John Mulhearn to discuss their project The Big Music Society.