Teddy Luccivelli


Rogue Family Media.Started as a Brotherhood: Rogue Family,We were considered outcasts. (Ok, not so dark..) We weren't exactly best friends in school, now were we? No no, we were overlooked, and now Rogue Family is an up and coming Media Management company. This podcast is based on the views and realities of every day life in Rogue Family. Enjoy.


  • Rogue Family Chronicles

    Rogue Family Chronicles

    23/04/2018 Duration: 02min

    This is an on-going log of the views and mentalities of Teddy x Luccivelli. Ranging from Freestyle sessions to smoke sessions, and politics alike, we will cover it all, and present it right here for you. Ever thought about what its like to be a Songwriter, Ex Marine, Coping Schizophrenic, CEO, and still be in your early 20's? Find out.