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Will Suit explores private musical study from an instructor's perspective through personal insight as well as parent, student,instructor, and artist interviews.


  • Holiday Piano Ideas

    18/11/2021 Duration: 29min

    Will Suit reviews a few of the holiday songs in his new books, "All Is Silent" and "All Is Silent Kids' Edition."

  • The Great Pumpkin Challenge 2021

    19/10/2021 Duration: 20min

    Will shares details about an incentive based event at Pedal Point Music: THE GREAT PUMPKIN CHALLENGE

  • A Sit Down with Instructor Jackson Hodges

    23/09/2021 Duration: 36min

    Will and Jackson Hodges sit down and chat about a number of aspects surrounding the music lesson and the student.  Parental involvement is discussed as well.  The episodes ends in a jam session between Will and Jackson.

  • Policies, Procedures, and Protocols, Oh My!

    03/08/2021 Duration: 25min

    Will Suit reviews the policies, procedures and protocols of Pedal Point Music to assist parents in understanding them and to share ideas with other instructors of music.

  • Music Lessons, A Commitment

    16/06/2021 Duration: 30min

    Will Suit takes a look at the commitment involved with taking lessons for the first time.  

  • The Owl Says Hoo Songbook

    13/05/2021 Duration: 33min

    Will Suit introduces his latest songbook, The Owl Says Hoo Songbook.  Hear demos and stories of the songs that your vocal students will enjoy using in the private music studio and the classroom.

  • Creature Songs

    08/03/2021 Duration: 19min

    Will Suit shares some creature songs for use in private vocal study or recitals.  

  • Holiday Arrangements from William Suit

    17/11/2020 Duration: 17min

    Will Suit shares piano and choral arrangements for the holiday season.  Find these arrangements and more at Will Suit Music and TopMusicMarketplace!

  • Resources for Young Vocalists: The Five Tone Scale

    15/09/2020 Duration: 15min

    Will Suit shares four songs based on the penta-scale for the young vocalist.  The resources are available from Will Suit Music are downloadable and can be used in the classroom or for private music studies.

  • Let's Go to the Opera: Il Gufo Il Topo pt 2

    09/08/2020 Duration: 20min

    The exciting conclusion of William Suit's children's opera, IL GUFO IL TOPO.

  • Let's Go to the Opera (Il Gufo Il Topo part 1)

    01/08/2020 Duration: 25min

    Will Suit takes us all to the opera to enjoy his recent release of IL GUFO IL TOPO (The Owl and The Mouse) in part 1 of this two episode adventure.  You can find IL GUFO IL TOPO on your favorite streaming service.  Read about it at www.willsuitmusic.com

  • How to Enroll in Music Lessons

    27/02/2020 Duration: 22min

    In this episode, Will shares some ideas on how to effectively enroll in music lessons once you find a school.  While his thoughts and ideas are based on practices at Pedal Point Music, the basic approach effectively applies to any search and engagement of a music school.

  • Fiddling Around: An Interview with Joel Perkins

    20/02/2020 Duration: 21min

    Joel Perkins sits down with Will to discuss the advantages of private music study as a string player.  He also shares some insight into fiddling and why it is the jazz of classical music.

  • Protocol in the Lobby and Studio

    24/10/2019 Duration: 19min

    Will Suit rambles about establishing guidelines and expectations in the waiting area and studio.

  • The Great Pumpkin Challenge

    02/10/2019 Duration: 20min

    Will Suit shares the details of his annual Great Pumpkin Challenge.  The Great Pumpkin Challenge is a month long event in which students set goals and meet challenges.  Awards and prizes are given for reaching goals and the atmosphere is set with brightly decorated pumpkins and scarecrows.  A wonderful idea for a boost in interest for your students this Fall!

  • In My Backyard

    18/06/2019 Duration: 20min

    Will Suit and Elisabeth Baer Sing selections from the album, "In My Backyard." A fun break away from the normal format!  #pedalpointmusic #inmybackyard #williamtells

  • Summer Ideas for Creative Musicians: Will Suit, Colleen Lively, Melissa Loga

    11/06/2019 Duration: 15min

    Will Suit sits down with Colleen Lively and Melissa Loga to discuss creative ideas for young musicians during the summer months. #pedalpointmusic #williamtells #williamtellspodcast

  • Starting Violin Lessons with the Suzuki Method

    02/06/2019 Duration: 15min

    Will Suit sits down with Melissa Loga and Colleen Lively to have a casual, yet informative discussion about beginning violin lessons.  What can a parent expect with the Suzuki Method?  What should the student expect?  Many important aspects of private study are covered in this fun discussion. #pedalpointmusic #williamtells #williamtellspodcast 

  • Recital Time

    26/04/2019 Duration: 22min

    Will offers his personal insight about recital participation from three viewpoints:  The Instructor, The Student, and The Parent.

  • A Visit with Elisabeth Baer

    15/04/2019 Duration: 18min

    In this episode, Will Suit sits down with a former student, Elisabeth Baer, to discuss the importance of studying with a private instructor and staying active as an artist.

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