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  • Ultimate Guide to O

    Ultimate Guide to O

    06/10/2011 Duration: 53min

    Emily talks with Mikaya Heart, author of The Ultimate Guide to Orgasm for Women, all about orgasms including: being in your body during sex, observing your energy flow to reach orgasm, using a vibrator during intercourse, why goal oriented sex doesn't work, the biggest relationship killer, G-spot orgasms, why shallow sex can be better for women, focusing on your body during sex, the "elusive" orgasm, female ejaculation, mixing up your sexual repertoire, multiple orgasms, and hanging out in the "golden light" after orgasm.

  • Sex Myths

    Sex Myths

    05/10/2011 Duration: 57min

    Why San Francisco is the most sexually promiscuous city, women dressing up as sexy Star Wars characters, sexting ex's, who doesn't?, it's sex toy day at the Sex With Emily office, is a wingwoman better than a wingman?, female erogenous zones you didn't know about, G-spot parties, women who orgasm from nipple play alone, sex myths debunked.

  • Your Brain on Sex

    Your Brain on Sex

    04/10/2011 Duration: 59min

    Emily's new crusade to end the rise of excessive female promiscuity, Menace's crazy Nyquil sex dreams, iPhone apps to save you from scandal, Menace uses Emily's moms financial advice, sex clubs in Seattle, Stanley Siegel, author of "Your Brain on Sex: How Smarter Sex Can Change Your Life", talks about using sex to find "The One", bringing fantasies into relationships, sexual chemistry, and Emily talks about her most recent sexual experience.

  • Sucking Smurf Spooge

    Sucking Smurf Spooge

    03/10/2011 Duration: 55min

    Guest Cunning Minx ( talks about polyamory, 'sucking smurf spooge', is polyamory that much different than dating?, why porn is good for your relationship, why geeks are into polyamory, gun and fire arm play in bed, how to overcome jealously, licking vs. touching and should you put his penis in a cage?

  • Episode 304 - Why He Disappeared

    Episode 304 - Why He Disappeared

    30/09/2011 Duration: 45min

    Emily gets analyzed by dating coach Evan Marc Katz. Evan answers the top questions women have about dating: why he didn't call you back, why he disappeared, and why we date the wrong people. Evan talks about how not to be weak and needy, and how to send an amazing first message online. For nice guy listeners, Evan tells you how to take on the “strong, successful guys.” Finally, some lessons in how to date without an agenda.

  • Episode 302 - How to Make a Sex Tape

    Episode 302 - How to Make a Sex Tape

    27/09/2011 Duration: 52min

    If Paris Hilton and Pamela Anderson can do it two times, why can’t you? Today Emily walks you through how to make your very own sex tape, and most importantly, what to do with it when you’re done (hint: not leaving it on your zip drive at the office). Emily shares her favorite sex story about Menace, talks about dating bad boys, and the possibility of "ecstasy" killing cancer. Menace thinks he’d make a good part-time Teletubby, and we talk about oral sex in marriage and how to make long-distance relationships last.

  • Episode 301 - Breaking Up For (and with) Dummies

    Episode 301 - Breaking Up For (and with) Dummies

    26/09/2011 Duration: 59min

    How and where should you break up with someone, the importance of the break up and how to move through it amicably. Emily attends the straightest gay wedding ever and Menace wears a teletubby suit. Then it’s onto places to have sex, like in front of a mirror, in limos, and on a jet ski. We also learn why you shouldn’t date a person who has no friends, how to make someone a better kisser, the secret Panty Dropper drink, and why you should love your labia.

  • Episode 300 - Bizarre Phone Sex Request

    Episode 300 - Bizarre Phone Sex Request

    23/09/2011 Duration: 57min

    Phone sex operator Ms. Liz talks about phone sex for beginners, the most popular male fetishes and why they exist, taboo topics, the psychology behind men’s sexual desires and her weirdest most bizarre phone sex requests. Emily talks old flames and whether you should rekindle those fires, what happens when you carry baggage from past relationships, testicle length, and good ‘ol fashioned female ejaculation.

  • Episode 299 - Meeting a Potential Love

    Episode 299 - Meeting a Potential Love

    22/09/2011 Duration: 58min

    Today Emily talks about to act when you meet a potential love interest, and gives tips to you don’t giggle nervously or throw up in your mouth. Better yet, Emily suggest places you might find your next love, then Menace divulges his trifecta tip for getting laid. We talk about men being jealous of sex and women being jealous of emotions, how smiling at someone might land you a date, why 2nd marriages are predicted to fail, and why women like older men.

  • Episode 297 - Top Places to Meet Singles

    Episode 297 - Top Places to Meet Singles

    20/09/2011 Duration: 54min

    It’s “National Unmarried and Single American's” Week so we’re talking how to celebrate, the top places to meet singles, and the best ways to hit those places. Emily explains why she loves being single, while Menace wants to settle down. Then it’s on to sex and intimacy during pregnancy and during 'that' time of the month. Emily shares a "walk of shame" story, and she and Menace talk about clarifying "breaks" in relationships, and the impact of Facebook on marriage.

  • Episode 295 - Walk of Shame

    Episode 295 - Walk of Shame

    16/09/2011 Duration: 52min

    We all have to do it, so we might as well know how to do it right. Today Emily drops five big tips for how to handle your next walk of shame. We then learn how to encourage your wife to fantasize, what gives Menace nightmares, and the Panty Dropper drink recipe. Plus, a new study shows men value love more than sex.

  • Episode 294 - Crazy Sex Accidents

    Episode 294 - Crazy Sex Accidents

    15/09/2011 Duration: 52min

    Whether it’s vaginal prolapses or the daily habits that cause erectile dysfunction, today we’re talking the craziest sex accidents you won’t believe. In more pleasant news, Emily helps a woman achieve her first 3 orgasms (listener got tips from the show), and a new book claims Sarah Palin gets around (not the library, ironically). Tune in to learn the top reason for divorce, how to plan a threesome, where to not hide your keys or guns, and why you shouldn’t shave and drive.

  • Episode 292 - Club Kiss

    Episode 292 - Club Kiss

    13/09/2011 Duration: 56min

    Emily’s intern went to a “play party” this weekend, and she gets into all the juicy details including her first romp in public. There’s good news about infidelity, and Iran has a hot new kind of sex-ed,. We find out why being a father may lower your testosterone, and why Emily won't be speaking at Menace's yet to be planned wedding. Taking a cue from her intern, Emily discusses her history with threesomes.

  • Man Up Friday

    Man Up Friday

    09/09/2011 Duration: 09min

    Emily talks about what men should do to man up once and for all.

  • Episode 290 - Hand Jobs 2

    Episode 290 - Hand Jobs 2

    09/09/2011 Duration: 52min
  • Episode 289 - Hand Jobs (1/2)

    Episode 289 - Hand Jobs (1/2)

    08/09/2011 Duration: 57min

    How does Emily loves Menace? Today she counts the ways and explains how to give the most amazing hand jobs on earth! Questions of the day include: Should you ‘thank your wank’? Does a Groupon deal belong on a date? We learn what lesbians want in bed, how to have sex with a virgin, and how to steer clear of indecent exposure. A bad date ends in handcuffs, a possible Miss Universe goes commando, and gets Jersey Shore's help.

  • Episode 288 - The Concept of Swinging

    Episode 288 - The Concept of Swinging

    07/09/2011 Duration: 59min

    Emily needs more guys in her dating rotation, all life decisions are driven by sex, Emily and Menace like to be dominated in bed, how to hang out with a co-worker without it being weird, do women prefer metro sexual or retro sexual men, how nice guys can finish first without being a jerk, Emily gets invited to a swingers party, why women are attracted to powerful men, What it really means when a girl says, "I don't want to sleep with you because I really like you", and Emily and Menace don't see eye-to-eye on the concept of swinging.

  • Episode 287 - Get More Sex!

    Episode 287 - Get More Sex!

    06/09/2011 Duration: 56min

    No, it’s not an ad for hot local babes, although Emily and Menace do talk about live webcam girls today. More realistically, learn how to get your partner to have more sex, find out why your man might not want sex, and how to deal with marriage counseling and intimacy issues. Emily finally gets cable and shows off her FyreTV porn box, and Menace recaps a wild weekend after drunk tweeting. In the wide world of sex, a woman sues for sexless marriage, and a sperm donor has 150 kids.

  • Episode 284 - She Doesnt Want It

    Episode 284 - She Doesn't Want It

    01/09/2011 Duration: 57min

    Why isn’t she having sex with you? Is it the teddy bear collection? The acute gingivitis? Find out on today’s show. Emily and Menace prepare for a sexual weekend, so Emily needs to hide her hundreds of sex toys – quickly. In the world of gossip, Kim Kardashian apparently loves golden showers, and Ray J claims his sex tape is worth more than $30 million. The link between bad movies and nudity is explored, as is how to keep the fire alive while co-habitating. How to fight the urge to cheat, and possible herbal remedies for lack of orgasms.

  • Foot Fetishes

    Foot Fetishes

    31/08/2011 Duration: 58min

    Emily's lesbian cousin Liz shares how to please a woman, how long do you really want sex to last, why lesbian sex is so passionate, strap-ons, dildos, lesbian death-bed syndrome, 24 hour date, creative ways to turn her on, female oral sex tips from the lesbian perspective, why men are afraid of touching breasts, kissing during sex, how to get into the mood, orgasms from nipple play, Panty Droppers, being the single person in your friend group, when to lose your virginity, Emily knows how to please men, the number one male fantasy, where you don't want to meet people, and foot fetishes just for men?

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