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Learn a phrasal verb every day with this series of short podcasts by Luke Thompson from Luke’s English Podcast. Each episode contains definitions, explanations and improvised examples of each phrase to help you understand and remember these complex but important parts of the English language! Transcripts are available at http://teacherluke.co.uk/phrasal-verb-a-day/


  • A Phrasal Verb a Day #54 - to get up

    26/02/2014 Duration: 04min

    Click here for more information

  • A Phrasal Verb a Day #53 - to get together

    25/02/2014 Duration: 03min

    1. spend time together 2. organise people into a meeting 3. organise something that has many parts (like a report) 4. collect things that you need (e.g. money) 5. to control your life 6. get yourself under control a get-together = an informal meeting http://teacherluke.wordpress.com/phrasal-verb-a-day/53-to-get-together/

  • A Phrasal Verb a Day #52 - to get through

    24/02/2014 Duration: 07min

    1. Deal with a difficult situation (survive) 2. Help someone deal with a difficult situation 3. To be connected to someone by telephone 4. To finish doing something 5. To go into the next stage of a competition or test 6. To use/finish something faster than expected 7. When a law is passed by parliament 8. To manage to communicate with someone (similar to the telephone example) For more information visit http://teacherluke.com

  • A Phrasal Verb a Day #51 - to get over

    20/02/2014 Duration: 03min

    1. feel happy or well again (recover) 2. recover from a relationship you had with your ex 3. to overcome a problem, obstacle, barrier or hurdle 4. "get something over with" - finish something so you can start doing something else 5. "I can't get over it" - I'm really surprised and amazed about it 6. "get over here" - come here 7. "Get over it" - just accept it (e.g. when someone is upset because they lost) "Just build a bridge, and get over it" http://teacherluke.wordpress.com/phrasal-verb-a-day/51-to-get-over/

  • A Phrasal Verb a Day #50 - to get out of

    20/02/2014 Duration: 04min

    1. to get pleasure from doing something 2. to avoid having to do something 3. to help someone avoid having to do something 4. to take off some uncomfortable clothes 5. to persuade someone to give you some information, or money http://teacherluke.wordpress.com/phrasal-verb-a-day/50-to-get-out-of/

  • A Phrasal Verb a Day #49 - to get on with it

    20/02/2014 Duration: 01min

    = to give your time to something and make progress with it or, to hurry up Click here for more info: http://teacherluke.wordpress.com/phrasal-verb-a-day/49-to-get-on-with-it/

  • A Phrasal Verb a Day #48 - to get on

    17/02/2014 Duration: 07min

    Listen closely for the definitions and examples. There are loads. This is a very common phrase. Do you know all the meanings? Click here for more info: http://teacherluke.wordpress.com/48-to-get-on/

  • A Phrasal Verb a Day #47 - to get off with someone

    16/02/2014 Duration: 01min

    = to French kiss someone, to snog someone, to passionately kiss someone and maybe 'do more', but not full sex "That's the girl he got off with at your party" http://teacherluke.wordpress.com/47-to-get-off-with-someone

  • A Phrasal Verb a Day #46 - to get off

    15/02/2014 Duration: 07min

    There are lots of meanings! Click here http://teacherluke.wordpress.com/46-to-get-off/ ‎

  • A Phrasal Verb a Day #45 - to get in with

    14/02/2014 Duration: 03min

    To get involved with a person or group of people 1. (showing disapproval) "I'm a bit worried about Jeff. He's got in with a really strange group of people" - he's hanging around with a strange group of people, and it not good for him 2. (Making friends with people in order to persuade and influence them, because it's good for your career) If you want to get the best contracts you should get in with those guys. They know all the right people."

  • A Phrasal Verb a Day #44 - to get in on

    14/02/2014 Duration: 03min

    To get involved in something that other people are doing, because it looks fun or because you could make money "EngVid looks interesting. I quite fancy getting in on that. "

  • A Phrasal Verb a Day #43 - to get into

    12/02/2014 Duration: 05min

    It's similar to 'get in', but here are some other uses. Listen to find out the examples!

  • A Phrasal Verb a Day #42 - to get in

    11/02/2014 Duration: 05min

    1. arrive at home - "I got in really late last night" 2. to go inside a place/something - "I couldn't get in because the door was locked" "Come on, get in the car!" 3. to be accepted for a place at university - "I had to take 2 exams and do an interview for Cambridge - it was really hard to get in" 4. to be elected into a political position - "In 2010 the Conservative party got in" 5. to hand something in / to deliver something (e.g. an assignment) - "I have to get this essay in by 12 o'clock tomorrow" 6. to ask someone to come to do a job - "We're getting a plumber in to fix our bathroom" 7. to manage to fit an activity into a busy schedule - "I can't always get a phrasal verb in every day" - "When my brother and my Dad are speaking, I can't get a word in" 8. to buy loads of stuff that you need - "We'll need to get lots of food in before Christmas" 9. a plane or train arrives - "Our flight didn't get in until 2.30AM! It was a nightmare" 10. to buy things for other people (especially drinks in the pub) - "I'l

  • A Phrasal Verb a Day #41 - to get down to

    11/02/2014 Duration: 02min

    = to start something seriously, with effort "I can't put this off any longer - it's time to get down to it!" http://teacherluke.wordpress.com/phrasal-verb-a-day/40-to-get-down-to/ "Let's get down to business"

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