The Sacred Spoils

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The new conspiracy thriller from a true master of the genre.To the victor go the spoils...Historian Carmen Nero is in southern Italy help a friend search for ancient riches, is caught up in the murderous schemes of the Calabrian Mafia. Cesco Rossi, a quick-witted conman on the run from a brutal group of neo-Nazis, is about to be confronted by his tragic past.Israeli Professor Zara Gold is on a mission to find Judaism's most sacred relic.For the tomb of Alaric I, the Visigoth king who sacked and looted Rome of its most fabulous treasures, is on the point of being revealed. And who knows what secrets may lie within?The race to uncover history's greatest lost fortune has begun...An astounding and twisting mystery that will delight fans of Dan Brown, Clive Cussler and Scott Mariani.


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