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  • DL107: Richard Diamond – Hard to say ‘Thanks’
    DL107: Richard Diamond – Hard to say ‘Thanks’
    Duration: 38min | 19/10/2018

    Richard Diamond, Private Detective — The Louis Spence Case (Part 7 of 7) Dick Powell is not only a voice actor. He's also a famous singer.[Photo © Yastremska/www.Bigstock.com] Summary of Part 7 The battle with Spence is over, but there is still a lot of psychology involved in how Richard treats his girlfriend's questions and in how he and Walt handle 'Thank-yous'. Women are from Venus... Helen wants to know how Richard hurt his hand, but Richard doesnt want to tell her about his day. What does this show you about Richards beliefs about men and women? Don't thank me Whats the problem with doing a favour for your friend? Well, your friend then feels obligated to return the favour. How do you pay someone back for saving your life? This is the dilemma that complicates Richard and Walt's telephone conversation. Listen and try to figure out... ~ why Richard behaves the way he does with Helen and Walt. FREE PDF: Keywords & Transcript Quizlet: Have fun learning the keywords with English-Chinese Flashcards and Games

  • DL106: Richard Diamond – Aren’t I a genius
    DL106: Richard Diamond – Aren’t I a genius
    Duration: 42min | 05/10/2018

    Richard Diamond, Private Detective — The Louis Spence Case (Part 6 of 7) Spence relates how he built the bomb.[Photo © Couperfield/www.Bigstock.com] Summary of Part 6 Diamond has a psychological advantage now. He goes back in knowing more than he did the first time. And this time, he has a plan. But for his plan to work, he needs Walt Levinson's cooperation and Otis' help in the music department. Together, they try to disarm Spence. A Psychological Advantage Knowing how Spence thinks of himself and how he feels misunderstood and unappreciated, Diamond is able to go in and tell Spence exactly what he wants to hear. He is still having a difficult time convincing Spence that he understands him, but gradually Spence does come to believe that Diamond recognizes his talent. For this, he is willing to spare Diamond's life, but he is still determined to go through with his plan of blowing up the police station. Then the music starts... Do you hear that? ...music that no one else seems to hear. He's convinced that his

  • DL105: Richard Diamond – It’s all arranged
    DL105: Richard Diamond – It’s all arranged
    Duration: 31min | 21/09/2018

    Richard Diamond, Private Detective — The Louis Spence Case (Part 5 of 7) Otis is nervous that he'll louse it all up.[Photo © Dean Drobot/www.Bigstock.com] Summary of Part 5 Richard Diamond gets back to the fifth precinct with phonograph and album in hand. He puts Otis in charge of the music while he himself returns to the room with Spence and Walt Levinson. Thoughts of Becoming a Maryr Spence is getting excited. Time is almost up and the mayor hasn't jumped, but he will still be able to make his statement to the world by blowing himself and Lieutenant Levinson up... and maybe Diamond and Otis, too. He'll be a martyr and people will finally recognize his great genius. This is what is getting him excited. Diamond is worried that he might 'jump the gun'. (Like a runner in a race, he might start before the starting gun goes off.) He certainly has 'an itchy trigger finger'! He really wants to use the trigger to make the bomb go off. The Challenge Diamond has to make sure Spence doesn't blow up the fifth precinct a

  • DL104: Richard Diamond – Diamond goes shopping
    DL104: Richard Diamond – Diamond goes shopping
    Duration: 35min | 07/09/2018

    Richard Diamond, Private Detective — The Louis Spence Case (Part 4 of 7) Cool sales clerk making suggestions[Photo © YakobchukOlena/www.Bigstock.com] Summary of Part 4 The psychiatrist gave Diamond a good idea. In order to use what he just learned about Spence, Diamond needs some music. He goes shopping at a music store but gets impatient with the sales clerk for obstructing justice. Time Pressure Diamond is under time pressure. He isn't at the store to browse. He needs to make this purchase right away, as quickly as possible. But the young sales clerk is chatty and also has store policy to follow. Getting It Right It was important to get the music right. It needed to be something that would move the emotions. It also needed to be calming. Obstructing Justice The clerk is so insistent on following the store policy that Diamond finally threatens to arrest her. What is the crime? Obstructing justice - getting in Diamond's way of apprehending a criminal.   Listen to predict... ~ what Diamond will do with the mu

  • DL103: Richard Diamond – Expert Insight
    DL103: Richard Diamond – Expert Insight
    Duration: 01h02min | 24/08/2018

    Richard Diamond, Private Detective — The Louis Spence Case (Part 3 of 7) A psychiatrist gives insight on what makes Spence tick.[Photo © YakobchukOlena/www.Bigstock.com] Summary of Part 3 Diamond consults with a couple psychiatrists and gains a lot of insight about how Spence's mind works. This is crucial information, but he still has to figure out a way to use this information to save Lieutenant Levinson, Spence's hostage. What makes Louis Spence tick? The psychiatrist has worked with Spence for four years in the mental hospital. He tells Diamond how Spence sees himself, how he sees authority, and whether he is capable of carrying out his threat. Psychiatric Therapy For Spence, his therapy used music. Hearing beautiful music made him feel secure. He sees himself as very talented and sometimes even believed he himself had written the song. But the feelings of safety and security brought on by the music would not last long. He would fight off anything that he felt was manipulating him to be good. Insight Time'

  • DL102: Richard Diamond – Reasoning with a Crazy Man
    DL102: Richard Diamond – Reasoning with a Crazy Man
    Duration: 59min | 10/08/2018

    Richard Diamond, Private Detective — The Louis Spence Case (Part 2 of 7) Time is running out.[Photo © Stoathphoto/www.Bigstock.com] Summary of Part 2 Diamond gets pulled in to meet the insane man face to face. Will he be taken hostage too? His former boss and friend, Lieutenant Levinson, who has already been taken hostage by the crazed activist, doesn’t like doing this to Diamond, but he needs help…and Diamond is much more capable than Sergeant Otis. Doomed Lieutenant Levinson has given up hope. He called Diamond in to help, but the situation seems hopeless. What could Richard Diamond possibly do? What could any man do? Hostage Negotiations Diamond tries reasoning and negotiating with Spence, but Spence doesn't wear down. He knows he has the upper hand and enjoys shocking people with his demands. The Dilemma Diamond and Otis clear the building. But they have no idea about how to solve the hostage situation beyond that. Diamond isn't used to dealing with the insane. They seem too unpredictable, so he doesn't k

  • DL101: Richard Diamond – Otis Gets Diamond’s Help
    DL101: Richard Diamond – Otis Gets Diamond’s Help
    Duration: 46min | 27/07/2018

    Richard Diamond, Private Detective — The Louis Spence Case (Part 1 of 7) Otis: He won't let us in. He won't let the Lieutenant out! He's sitting there holding a big bomb, and it's ready to go off![Photo © Elnur/www.Bigstock.com] Summary of Part 1 Bumbling cop, Sergeant Otis, pulls Richard Diamond away from chit-chatting with his girlfriend to rescue Lieutenant Levinson from a crazy man. A little background As the series title says, Richard Diamond is a private detective. Richard used to be a police detective, working for the police force. So he knows the guys on the police force. He used to work for Lieutenant Levinson and they are still good friends. Sometimes Levinson asks for his help on a case. As a private detective, Diamond can chose whether to take the case or not, and he isn’t quite as restricted to following the rules. That means, if need be, he can punch or threaten to shoot someone to make him talk, but a police detective wouldn't be allowed to do that. Six years ago, he worked with the men who are

  • DL100: The Choice – Actions Speak Louder Than Words
    DL100: The Choice – Actions Speak Louder Than Words
    Duration: 37min | 12/09/2017

    Andy's actions speak loudly in his favor. He kills a man, but in doing so, his motives shine through. ~ Gunsmoke, The Choice, part 5

  • DL099: The Choice – Andy Could Be Up To Something
    DL099: The Choice – Andy Could Be Up To Something
    Duration: 25min | 26/08/2017

    ~ Gunsmoke, The Choice, Part 4 Photo: © Bigstock Photo |  jeffbanke Andy: Any objections, Marshall? Getting Up on the Wrong Side of Bed Andy didn't appreciate the night in jail. He and Matt don't see it the same way at all. Matt locked him up for his own good, to protect him while he was drunk. But Andy, too sure of himself for his own good, was sure he could look after himself. It's morning now and he's being released, but he's not relieved its over. Oh, no! He's sullen and angry. You might say he's "gotten up on the wrong side of bed". He feels untrusted by Matt Dillon, the Marshal of Dodge City, so in return, he keeps his distance. A Bad Gamble Let's look at it from Matt's point of view, now. He really wants to help Andy, so Andy's rejection hurts him. He actually sees himself in Andy. A little of Matt's background is hinted at here, but he doesn't go into any details. That was the old Matt. He's a new man now...and Andy could be too! But Matt knows that decision will have to be Andy's personal choice. He

  • DL098: The Choice – A Criminal Goes Free
    DL098: The Choice – A Criminal Goes Free

    ~ Gunsmoke, The Choice, Part 3 Photo: © Bigstock Photo |  vectorpocketMatt Dillon:Doc, that's the first time I ever turned an outlaw loose. Doc: What's that? Matt Dillon: Kerrick. I saw his picture the other day on one of those circulars. Too Brave for His Own Good Andy gets into a fight in the bar, the saloon. He didn’t start this fight, but he’s ready to stand up to this other man. Matt and Doc are in the saloon at the time and hear the talk at the bar getting more and more heated. In the middle of it all, Matt catches the name of the stranger. Andy seems to know him and calls him Kerrick. That Name Rings a Bell Hmm... Kerrick. That name seems to ring a bell for Matt, but where did he hear it before? Then he remembers the wanted circular that just arrived. He hadn't posted it yet, but it was in his office. Kerrick, yeah, this guy is a bad dude! Matt Intervenes Andy won't back down. He's ready to get into a gun fight with Kerrick. Problem is, Andy's drunk and he doesn’t realize how drunk he is. Matt step

  • DL097: The Choice – Andy Gets In People’s Bad Books
    DL097: The Choice – Andy Gets In People’s Bad Books
    Duration: 27min | 27/07/2017

    ~ Gunsmoke - The Choice, Part 2 Photo: © Bigstock Photo | canicula, and KUCO JIM: We was held up, Marshal. Held up, by Heaven! And this so-called "shotgun man" sat there like an owl on a rafter! Sat there and did nothing! You're hired! Andy gets a job – the kind of job that requires a lot of responsibility. He'll be riding shotgun for Jim Buck, the stagecoach driver. He sits on top of the stagecoach beside the driver and carries a shotgun. If the stage gets held up by outlaws, the shotgun man is there to protect the stagecoach, the luggage, and the passengers. Matt's name is on the line Andy got this job on Matt's recommendation, so Matt's own reputation -- his good name -- is on the line. If Andy does a poor job, it will reflect on Matt. So, of course, Matt has a personal interest in Andy's success. You can imagine how relieved Matt is when he sees Andy get back to Dodge City with his boss. In Jim's Bad Books But Matt soon finds out that things did not go well between them. Jim is very angry and Andy is i

  • DL096: Gunsmoke – New Guy in Town
    DL096: Gunsmoke – New Guy in Town
    Duration: 50min | 15/07/2017

    ~ Gunsmoke: The Choice, Part 1 Photo: © Bigstock Photo | ByronWMooreMatt Dillon: Ask for Jim Buck. He’s the driver. He’s looking for a man to ride shotgun. Tell him I sent you. New Folks Showing Up All the Time Andy Hill is the new guy in Dodge City. It’s the late 1800’s (around the 1870s) when people were moving west across America. Towns were being settled and growing into cities. Its a fast growing town so there are new folks showing up all the time. The railway made much of this possible, bringing passengers by train to settle down in the West, and making it possible to move products across the country and do business. In this setting, we have the growing town of Dodge City. Many of the people who came to Dodge were ranchers and the cowboys they hired to herd their cattle. The cowboys moved around a lot from place to place. Then farmers came. They settled down to plant and harvest crops. They also built fences, which the cowboys didn’t like. In the town, there were shopkeepers, bankers, barbers, saloon ba

  • DL095: Harry Lime ~ Why Harry’s Conscience is Clear
    DL095: Harry Lime ~ Why Harry’s Conscience is Clear
    Duration: 27min | 29/06/2017

    ~ The Lives of Harry Lime: Ticket to Tangier, Part 7 Harry tells us the story of his trip to Tangier from the comfort of his livingroom. [Photo © YakobchukOlena/Bigstock]  A Clear Conscience In this episode, it’s “every man for himself”. When the police raid the mansion, they're wondering what they  should do with the heroin. Should they abandon the heroin and run, or take it and risk being caught with it? They have to make a quick getaway, so Harry goes one way and Mrs Magetti another. Harry doesn't look out for Mrs. Magetti. Shouldn't he feel more responsible for her welfare? How can he have a clear conscience about this? After all is said and done, we find that we have been sitting in Harry's living room drinking tea and listening to Harry tell his story. He tells us what happened to Mrs Magetti and how he kept his wits about him to avoid the cops and profit from this situation. And he claims to have done it all with a clear conscience. So, how did he come out ahead financially without going against his mo

  • DL094: Harry Lime ~ Two’s Company, Three’s a Crowd
    DL094: Harry Lime ~ Two’s Company, Three’s a Crowd
    Duration: 31min | 15/06/2017

    ~ The Lives of Harry Lime: Ticket to Tangier, Part 6 When a third party shows up, Harry says it's getting overcrowded.[Photo © stokkete/Bigstock] It's Getting Overcrowded Harry and Patsy have company – an unexpected visitor. He says he’s an associate of her late husband. In other words, he’s a gangster who had some business dealings with her husband. He knows about the heroin and he has come to collect it. It's definitely overcrowded with this guy in the room. Harry and Patsy work together to get rid of him. Know Your Enemy Harry tells him where to find it, but he doesn't trust Harry. However, Harry's logic sounds reasonable, so he decides to get it himself all the while keeping a close eye on Harry. Too bad for him, he underestimated his enemy. FREE PDF: Keywords & Transcript Quizlet:  Have fun learning the keywords with English-Chinese Flashcards and Games. DL094 Keywords on Quizlet Let's Talk Harry doesn’t want to get involved in the drug trade, but now he’s associated with people who are, and he’s an

  • DL093: Harry Lime ~ It’s Against My Morals
    DL093: Harry Lime ~ It’s Against My Morals
    Duration: 01h03min | 01/06/2017

    ~ The Lives of Harry Lime: Ticket to Tangier, Part 5 Harry Lime: I’m not a connoisseur, Patsy... I don't know a thing about carpets! Patsy: Do you know about heroin? [Photo © ChiccoDodiFC/Bigstock.com]   It's Against My Morals: In this episode, Harry finds out why Patsy brought him to Tangier. She has something to show him and a job for him to do. But what Patsy expects of him goes against his morals — she wants him to help her sell the drugs she smuggles in to Europe from Tangier, Morocco. Although Harry isn't the most honest of businessman, he is not and will not be involved in drug trafficking. Persuasive Tactics: Even if it is true that he hasn't sold drugs before, Patsy — now known as Mrs Magetti — is sure he could do it. After all, Harry knows how to break the law and get away with it, so what's so different about drugs? Mrs Magetti explains how she got into this predicament. (Surely, Harry would help a woman in distress!) Her husband, Rico Magetti, had recently gotten into drug trafficking, but she k

  • DL092: Harry Lime ~ How the Rich Call the Shots
    DL092: Harry Lime ~ How the Rich Call the Shots
    Duration: 30min | 18/05/2017

    ~ The Lives of Harry Lime: Ticket to Tangier, Part 4 Who gets to call the shots on a date?[Photo © Ammentorp/Bigstock] Along for the ride Let's face it, Harry knew that he wasn't the one to call the shots. Obviously, someone had looked for him with the personal ad in the newspaper, led him to the concierge who handed him an envelope, and provided him with a limousine ride to the airport, flight tickets to Tangier, and money in his pocket. Someone else was calling the shots. Time out for a date He intended to find out who that was, but tonight he was on a date with a beautiful woman. He had money (from his benefactor) in his pocket to treat her well on this night out, so in this area of his life, Harry was still the one in charge. But then, his date paid for the meal! Look who's calling the shots! Harry is in for even more surprises when the airline hostess he is dating proves to be more wealthy than he is. Not only that, but her money has allowed her to control his circumstances. It’s a rather awkward posit

  • DL091: Harry Lime ~ How to date a woman when you’re broke
    DL091: Harry Lime ~ How to date a woman when you’re broke
    Duration: 32min | 04/05/2017

    ~ The Lives of Harry Lime, Ticket to Tangier, Part 3: Who are you anyway? You are an unusually good dancer for an airline hostess![Photo © OSTILL/Bigstock]   Too Good to be True: Who is this woman? Already very attracted to her beauty, Harry now he finds that she can really dance too. In fact, she seems to be too good at it. It makes him question her true identity. Is she really just an airline hostess? It's my treat! Harry treats his new lady friend, the airline hostess, to dinner and dancing at the Cabala cabaret (or nightclub). He learns her name is Patsy, but he believes it is an alias — not her real name. When he goes to leave he finds out he wasn’t the one treating. She paid the check! She tries to convince him that she can afford it, but he can’t believe it. Male Chauvinist: Harry feels that it’s not right for the woman to pay. After all, she must not make much money. Men's jobs always pay more than women's, so when you take a woman out on a date, the man should pay. That sounds honorable, but Harry i

  • DL090: Harry Lime ~ Everything’s Taken Care Of
    DL090: Harry Lime ~ Everything’s Taken Care Of
    Duration: 36min | 20/04/2017

    The Adventures of Harry Lime: Ticket to Tangier, Part 2 of 7 At the risk of looking foolish, Harry whistles a tune for the concierge.[Photo © axelbueckert/Bigstockphoto.com]   Nothing to lose: Harry wants to get to Tangier to chase after the promise of a lucrative deal. The only problem is, he doesn’t have the money to get there. As he puzzles over his problem in the pub, he sees a second ad. Is it intended for him too? Well, he has nothing to lose. It’s worth a try, right? It's all taken care of: He follows the lead in the ad and has a chat with a certain hotel doorman. It's a rather awkward conversation, but because of it, Harry finally succeeds in getting to Tangier. In fact, he’s a special guest — everything’s been taken care of for him. Harry turns on his charm: On the plane to Tangier, Harry flirts with the flight attendant, Patsy. He is very charming and succeeds in his quest of getting a date with her in Tangier. FREE PDF: Keywords & Transcript Quizlet:  Have fun learning the keywords with English-

  • DL089: Harry Lime – Why You Should Read the News
    DL089: Harry Lime – Why You Should Read the News
    Duration: 44min | 23/03/2017

    The Adventures of Harry Lime: Ticket to Tangier, Part 1 of 7 So I was reading the newspaper when I came on the advertisement — one of those classified ads in the personal column. It was addressed to Harry Lime. Harry Lime being me, I read on with some interest.   Not the best role model Today’s episode open’s with a little history on Harry Lime. It connects the Harry Lime of the radio plays with the Harry Lime of the 1949 movie, The Third Man. So, who is Harry Lime? As a story character, Harry Lime is a criminal. Unlike our other stories, our hero is not a police detective or a private eye. He is a wanted criminal. He is wanted for breaking the law. The police would like to find him and arrest him. He’s a businessman involved in illegal activity — anything to make a quick buck. And yet, he’s the main character of our story, the hero that we want to see win. How does the bad guy become our hero? I hope that is something we can discuss as the story progresses and I hope you join me in the comments below or at

  • DL088: Find 100,000 Barrels of Oil – Get the Upper Hand
    DL088: Find 100,000 Barrels of Oil – Get the Upper Hand
    Duration: 41min | 09/03/2017

    ~ Part 7 of a "Dangerous Assignment" old-time radio play: Mitchel is very resourceful.[Photo © Illusionmachine/BigstockPhoto.com] Backed Into a Corner Government agent Mitchel has figured out how the oil was stolen and who did it, but how will he make it out of the ruins alive? It looks like the secret will die with him, but Mitchel is more resourceful than that! Gain the Upper Hand Steve Mitchel has to find a way to gain the upper hand, (佔上風、制勝). He has to figure out a way to keep himself and Haroon alive. Somehow, he has to look stronger, more powerful, than Williams. If you have the upper hand, you are in the better position. You are in a superior position. Your opponent, your enemy, has to give in to you. Use What You Have So who has the better strategy? Who has the better weapon? When you're backed into a corner, you have to use your wits. You have to be resourceful and use whatever you have to your advantage. In this episode, Steve is backed into such a corner. Let's listen and see how resourceful he is

  • DL087: Find 100,000 Barrels of Oil – So, We Meet Again
    DL087: Find 100,000 Barrels of Oil – So, We Meet Again
    Duration: 44min | 23/02/2017

    ~ Part 6 of a "Dangerous Assignment" old-time radio play Haroon is startled by Mitchel, but he can explain...[Photo © A and N photography/BigstockPhoto.com]  Unexpected Meet Up Steve Mitchel goes into the ruins to investigate. He goes down into the basement of an old building only to meet up with Haroon. What is Haroon up to? He looks highly suspicious! Of course, he can explain! But does Mitchel believe him? Accused Mitchel spots evidence that the oil theft was carried out through the ruins, he tells Haroon it was a pretty neat scheme. Using the word 'scheme' reveals his mistrust of Haroon. Haroon tries again to explain, but his explanation doesn't fit with Mitchel's theory. Mitchel tells Haroon he's coming back to town with him. In other words, he's under arrest. Plan B — Just In Case Plan A Didn't Work Just when you think Mitchel's got his man, something unexpected happens. Listen to find out how this really plays out. FREE PDF: Keywords & Transcript Quizlet:  Have fun learning the keywords with English-

  • DL086: Find 100,000 Barrels of Oil – Sabotage
    DL086: Find 100,000 Barrels of Oil – Sabotage
    Duration: 52min | 09/02/2017

    ~ Part 5 of a "Dangerous Assignment" old-time radio play See ya' on the ground, Samka!       [Photo: © 1971yes/BigstockPhoto.com]  Rivalry: We left Government Agent, Steve Mitchel, diving into the water to dodge a bullet. In this episode, he gets fished out of the water by the Saudi police. Although Lieutenant Samka saved Mitchel's life, he really doesn't trust him. That's pretty typical. We see it in police procedural stories all the time; the police don't like the FBI taking over their investigation. Here, it's not even a higher level of his own government that is "stepping on Lieutenant Samka's toes". It's another country's government agent taking over the investigation. You can understand why he would rather "keep an eye on Mitchel" than cooperate with him! Parachute Jump: Mitchel's head is pounding with pain, but there is no time to nurse it. He has to continue his investigation. He arranges a flight with Dean to the ruins, but since there’s no landing strip, he’ll have to parachute down. He finds out ho

  • DL085: Find 100,000 Barrels of Oil – An Enterprising Gent
    DL085: Find 100,000 Barrels of Oil – An Enterprising Gent
    Duration: 49min | 26/01/2017

    — Part 4 of "Find 100,000 Barrels of Oil, a Dangerous Assignment radio play: I spin around and spot three gents in white robes, andjust one look at them tells me they don’t want to shake hands. [Photo: © kadmy/BigstockPhoto.com] The Lost City of Enzak Mitchel continues his investigation by accompanying Dean, the pilot who monitors the pipeline. As he flies along the pipeline looking for leaks or any sign of oil theft in the marks in the desert sand, Mitchel notices some ruins in the distance. Dean tells him that there was an archeological dig at the ruins six months ago. The team plans to come back. They left their equipment in a warehouse in Qatar. An Enterprising Gent Suspicious that there might be a connection between the archeological dig and the oil theft, Mitchel heads for the Qatar. He runs into Triflus and calls him an enterprising gent. Listen and find out everything that Triflus has his hands in. Unwelcome Guest While snooping around the warehouse, he realizes he's been spotted by a group of three A

  • DL084: Find 100,000 Barrels of Oil – Logistics
    DL084: Find 100,000 Barrels of Oil – Logistics
    Duration: 45min | 12/01/2017

    — A "Dangerous Assignment" old-time radio play aired on NBC on May 17, 1950 "Modesty is for the unlovely."  — Sarita       [Photo © OSTILL/BigstockPhoto.com]  A Belly Dancer's Perspective Government agent, Steve Mitchel, goes to the Oasis Club to ask about Yusef and how he died. He expects the charming Sarita, a belly dancer, to know Yusef well. Yusef was captivated by her beauty, but to her, he was just one of many men who fell in love with her. She didn't talk to him about his work because that kind of thing does not interest her. Sarita is really only interested in herself. She is very narcissistic about her own beauty, and doesn't think a beautiful woman needs to be modest. Modesty, she says, is for the unlovely. An Interesting Connection She and her friend, Triflus, are able to recount the incident that ended in Yusef's death. The details don't seem to help Mitchel much in his investigation, but he is able to connect Triflus to the Five Star Oil Company that he is investigating. Logistics Back at Headqua

  • DL083: Find 100,000 Barrels of Oil – Rookie Mistake
    DL083: Find 100,000 Barrels of Oil – Rookie Mistake
    Duration: 42min | 29/12/2016

    "The Sheik’s inspector claimed we were ten thousand barrels short." [Photo © buso23/Bigstockphoto.com] He's a rookie: When Steve Mitchel arrives in Arabia, he meets with Williams, the field manager, to hear his version of what happened. What caused the problem between the Five Star Oil Company and the Sheik? Williams’ story is the same as what Mitchel already heard when he was given this assignment. There is a discrepancy (差異) in their records — The oil company’s records and the Sheik’s records differ on how much oil the company had pumped out one day. Mitchel learns a few more details. For one thing, the checker on the pipeline is new to the job. We often call a new employee a “rookie”. So perhaps this was just a rookie mistake, a mistake made due to inexperience. Even so, Mitchel wants to carry out a thorough investigation. FREE PDF: Keywords & Transcript Quizlet:  Have fun learning the keywords with English-Chinese Flashcards and Games. DL083 Keywords on Quizlet Let’s Talk: What do you think of Willia

  • DL082: Find 100,000 Barrels of Oil – Disgruntled Sheik
    DL082: Find 100,000 Barrels of Oil – Disgruntled Sheik
    Duration: 33min | 16/12/2016

    A "Dangerous Assignment" radio play first aired on May 17, 1950 on NBC COMMISSIONER: Get out your pith helmet, Steve. You’re leaving for Arabia on the next plane. MITCHEL: Arabia? Now look, my days as a camel jockey are over!   A Disgruntled Sheik Government agent, Steve Mitchel, is given his next assignment. It takes him to Saudi Arabia. At first, he's a little reluctant to go. He wonders why this is a government assignment. But there is an Arab leader, a Sheik, who is disgruntled (upset and unhappy) with an oil company. Keep the Sheik Happy The United States wants their relationship with Saudi Arabia to be on good terms, so if a company is having trouble, the government is ready and willing to step in and help resolve the problem. Listen and find out what the problem is. What is it that is making the Sheik disgruntled? FREE PDF: Keywords & Transcript Quizlet:  Have fun learning the keywords with English-Chinese Flashcards and Games. DL082 Keywords on Quizlet Let’s talk: If you were given this assignme

  • DL081: Poirot — Careless Victim — But how did you know?
    DL081: Poirot — Careless Victim — But how did you know?
    Duration: 53min | 01/12/2016

    DL081: Hercule Poirot and the Case of the Careless Victim — Act 3: Scene 1 [Photo © Bigstock/Big Pants Production]POIROT: Later, when I look at his socks - one green and one brown, I am certain. The man in the room is colorblind.  Poirot points out the clues Miss Fletcher and Inspector Stevens are quite amazed at Poirot. How did he figure out that this man wasn't Mr Parrish? Over tea in the airport café, Poirot identifies the clues he had noticed along the way and explains how Kent carried out his act of deception right under their noses. A paradox Mr Parrish wasn't very consistent in his behavior. When Poirot noticed his mismatched socks, he couldn't dismiss it from his thoughts. Alongside some other clues, it was the paradox that led him to understand who he was dealing with. Poirot's problems get ironed out Solving the murder had a couple of perks for Poirot as well. Listen to see how he benefited from getting involved in this case. FREE PDF: Keywords & Transcript Quizlet:  Have fun learning the keywords

  • DL080: Poirot — Careless Victim — Tragedy strikes
    DL080: Poirot — Careless Victim — Tragedy strikes
    Duration: 34min | 17/11/2016

    DL080: Hercule Poirot and the Case of the Careless Victim — Act 2: Scenes 5 & 6 [Photo © Bigstock/YakobchukOlena]PARRISH: Monsieur Poirot, it's been a privilege to know you. I'm only sorry I couldn't remain to see you break the case.POIROT: But you have, Monsieur.PARRISH: I beg your pardon?   Tragedy Strikes Laura never did get to see her father, and now he’s been in an accident. What a tragedy! Will she ever see him again? Is he going to be all right? Inspector Stevens heads straight for the accident scene. A Mad Rush But Poirot doesn’t. He’s miles ahead of everyone else in his analysis of the clues. He’s been ‘employing the little grey cells’ and realizes that the accident is just a clever trick to send him in the wrong direction. You might say it's a "red herring" — something that purposely distracts attention from the real issue.  A red herring is actually a salted and smoked fish. If a guy were being chased by hunting dogs, he might pull a red herring across his trail. The dogs would be confused and go a

  • DL079: Poirot — The Careless Victim — In a fog
    DL079: Poirot — The Careless Victim — In a fog
    Duration: 27min | 03/11/2016

    DL079: Hercule Poirot: The Case of the Careless Victim — Act 2: Scenes 3 & 4 Photo © BigstockPhoto | ChiccoDodiFCPoirot: A foot! A small foot! This is what I feared. Come along, Johnny! Poirot and Miss Fletcher go in search of Laura Parrish. Poirot gets Johnny, the elevator man, to join the search. Why does he need Johnny? What is his real purpose in inviting Johnny along? Johnny says Poirot is wasting his time in the basement. He seems to be trying to make him give up his search. It is as I feared. But the search does pay off. What do they find? Does this lead to any more clues? In a fog When Poirot gets back to Parrish's room, he finds that Inspector Stevens didn't keep a careful eye on Mr Parrish. Stevens thinks his investigation is more important than playing bodyguard to a man who doesn't appreciate it. He admits, however, that he hasn't gotten anywhere in his investigation. His mind is cloudy; he is still in a fog. FREE PDF: Keywords & Transcript Quizlet:  Have fun learning the keywords with English-

  • DL078: Poirot — Careless Victim — In search of clues
    DL078: Poirot — Careless Victim — In search of clues
    Duration: 48min | 20/10/2016

    DL078: Hercule Poirot: The Case of the Careless Victim — Act 2: Scene 1 & 2 [Photo © Bigstock/Rudall30]MAN: Don't move! I said don't move!POIROT: Have no fear, Monsieur. I will not dispute the authority of your gun.   CSI – Crime Scene Investigation: Poirot, Inspector Stevens, and Miss Fletcher all go upstairs to the room above Miss Fletcher’s room — the room where Poirot says the murder took place. No one is there. It gives them a chance to investigate the room and learn what they can about Mr. Parrish, the important man who needed a bodyguard because of death threats. Pay attention to the details they learn here from the clues. Jittery Threats: While there, they are surprised by the return of Mr. Parrish. It’s quite a relief that the murderer hasn’t carried out his threat yet, but they don’t seem very friendly with each other. The situation is tense, so maybe that explains the unfriendly atmosphere. Laura's Whereabouts: Mr Parrish is packing his things, getting ready to leave New York. Before he goes, he ex

  • DL077: Poirot — Careless Victim — Police protection!
    DL077: Poirot — Careless Victim — Police protection!
    Duration: 48min | 06/10/2016

    DL077: Hercule Poirot: The Case of the Careless Victim — Act 1: Scene 4 [Photo (foreground)© Bigstock/Olly2 & Carlos A. A, Ferreira]Stevens: Hmm...They sure did a job...Thunderation!Poirot: You are shocked, Monsieur?Stevens: Poirot, do you reallze what's happened?  Police Protection Inspector Stevens arrives at the hotel already predicting who the victim and the murderer are. However, he is in for a bit of a surprise. After identifying the body, Stevens and Poirot have the dual task of arresting the murderer all the while giving police protection to an important man who has had death threats. The man they are after likes to tease the police by giving them clues. He’s out to prove he’s smart enough to get away with murder…even with the police ‘hot on his trail.’ Come Up with a Theory Well, he has outwitted the police before, but what he doesn't realise is that this time, he has Poirot after him too... and you! Maybe you can outwit this egomaniac — this crazy murderer who is so proud of himself. Do your best to

  • DL076: Poirot — The Careless Victim — Sounds Suspicious
    DL076: Poirot — The Careless Victim — Sounds Suspicious
    Duration: 25min | 22/09/2016

    DL076: Hercule Poirot: The Case of the Careless Victim — Act 1: Scene 3 Poirot: Monsieur, would you be so good as to explain why you were so long in arriving?Johnny: Uh? Oh, it's this old car. Every once in a while it goes on the fritz.  [Photo (foreground) © Bigstock/Slavick]  A Logical Explanation Poirot wants to take the elevator down to the hotel lobby to meet Inspector Stevens of the New York police force. While waiting for the elevator, he explains to Miss Fletcher how he knows her room was not the actual crime scene — how it is that he knows the murder took place upstairs in the room one floor above hers. A Long Wait He has time to explain in detail because the elevator is a long time in coming. He tells Miss Fletcher all the clues he noticed that led him to this conclusion. Together, these clues made him suspicious that his first assessment was wrong. Sounds Suspicious Poirot asks the elevator attendant what took him so long. Although Johnny has an explanation, it sounds suspicious. It doesn't fit wit

  • DL075: Poirot — Careless Victim — The Name is Poirot
    DL075: Poirot — Careless Victim — The Name is Poirot
    Duration: 01h02min | 08/09/2016

    Hercule Poirot: The Case of the Careless Victim — Act 1: Scenes 1 & 2 POIROT: Gently, gently, Mam'selle. All is not lost. Fortunately, you deal with Hercule Poirot who goes one step beyond the obvious. [Photo © CC BY Jose Camões Silva]  Apartment Hunting Hercule Poirot is the famous French-speaking detective from Belgium. As the story opens, he has just moved to New York and is looking for an apartment. He's told he'll be lucky to find one, but Poirot doesn't believe in luck. He believes in "employing the little gray cells" -- that is to say, he believes in using his brain to solve problems. While apartment hunting, he ends up helping a woman with her door. It is stuck. She cannot open it. Well, one thing leads to another, and he is soon involved in solving a murder. Agatha Christie, the author Poirot is the fictional detective created by Agatha Christie. She was fond of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's writings about Sherlock Holmes so she patterned her detective after his. There are many differences of course, but

  • DL074: You’re Better Off Guilty ~ Smoking gun
    DL074: You’re Better Off Guilty ~ Smoking gun
    Duration: 53min | 25/08/2016

    CBS Radio Mystery Theatre — You're Better Off Guilty ~ Act 3: Scenes 4~6 Miss Evans: Maybe I meant to all along. I... I had the gun, didn't I?      [Photo © Stokkete/Bigstock.com]  Smoking Gun In a follow up visit from Miss Evans, the victim's manager, the Inspector gets his 'smoking gun' -- that is to say, he gets all the evidence he needs to arrest and charge a suspect. He didn't expect it to turn out this way, but now he's got both a confession and the murder weapon. Why confess? Sure that Ralph had killed Jill Jorras, he'd called him in for more questioning. In fact, Ralph should be arriving any minute now. The Inspector wanted to grill him with questions until he slipped up, made that fatal mistake that would give himself away. Then an unexpected visit from Miss Evans forces him to toss his old theory aside as she not only confesses, but also produces the murder weapon. Apparently, the Inspector had been 'barking up the wrong tree'. But why confess? She wasn't even a "person of interest". The inspector

  • DL073: You’re Better Off Guilty ~ Time to Confess
    DL073: You’re Better Off Guilty ~ Time to Confess
    Duration: 59min | 11/08/2016

    CBS Radio Mystery Theatre — You're Better Off Guilty ~ Act 3: Scenes 1~3 Ralph: Are you offering me a promotion, Mr. Stratton? [Photo © Eulin/Bigstock.com] A Promotion? Really? Thanks to Bell, Ralph's new image is better fitting the public's view of what a celebrity's killer-lover should look like. His notoriety is putting Stratton & Company on the front page of newspapers. Bell understands that this is to Ralph's advantage. She does him a huge favour by hinting to Mr. Stratton that Ralph might leave the firm to find a better job elsewhere. Mr. Stratton takes the bait and offers Ralph a very unexpected promotion. Becoming Unnerved Ralph is enjoying his fame. He plays the part of a cool dude in charge of his destiny...that is, until Inspector Dorset unnerves him with the mention of the murder weapon. How will it all end? We’re getting near the end of the story. In fact, we just have one more episode after this one. Can you predict the outcome? Will Ralph finally give in to the Inspector and confess, or will so

  • DL072: You’re Better Off Guilty ~ The Sex Symbol
    DL072: You’re Better Off Guilty ~ The Sex Symbol
    Duration: 01h02s | 28/07/2016

    CBS Murder Mystery Theatre ~ You're Better Off Guilty, Act 2, Scenes 4-6 ~ The Sex Symbol Ralph: A confession? You want me to confess to the um... Inspector: To the murder of Jill Jorras. Ralph: Inspector, you have no proof! Inspector: Mm, you're singing a different tune now, aren't you? [Prometeus: Bigstock Photos]  A Whole New Image Can you name off any sex symbols? That's someone who is extremely sexually attractive. They’re probably a famous person, a celebrity like an actor or singer – like Brad Pitt or Lady Gaga, and on top of their talent, they are also very good looking. In today’s episode, Ralph is at work in his office when his boss’s secretary, Miss Reimer, drops in. She helps him see his present circumstances from a whole new angle. We're about to see a big change in Ralph. We see Ralph change from a stressed out suspect to a really cool dude after his talk with Miss Reimer! The way Miss Reimer sees it, I mean the way "Belle" sees it, Jill Jorras was a celebrity and a sex symbol. By association,

  • DL071: You’re Better Off Guilty ~ 2+2=4
    DL071: You’re Better Off Guilty ~ 2+2=4
    Duration: 44min | 14/07/2016

    ~ DL071: You're Better Off Guilty, Act 2, Scene 1-3, "Two Plus Two Equals Four" ~ Reporter: Inspector, you've got to give us something for the evening news.Inspector Dorset: At this time, the department is following a certain line of investigation. Now, if you all will excuse me…[Photo © volkovslava/BigStock.com]  Put two and two together “Put two and two together” is an idiom. When we “put two and two together”, we are able to draw a conclusion from the information or evidence that we have. So why am I calling this episode "2+2=4"? Well, the inspector gets new information, puts it together with what he already knows, and “Voila!” He’s sure he’s on the right track!   FREE PDF: Keywords & Transcript Quizlet:  Have fun learning the keywords with English-Chinese Flashcards and Games. DL071 Keywords on Quizlet   Let's Talk: When you put two and two together, what do you come up with? Are you coming to the same conclusion as Inspector Dorset? Have you got a theory about this case? What do you think? Is Ralph

  • DL070: You’re Better Off Guilty-A Growing Suspicion
    DL070: You’re Better Off Guilty-A Growing Suspicion
    Duration: 54min | 30/06/2016

    ~ DL070: You're Better Off Guilty, Act 1, Scene 2 & 3 — A Growing Suspicion ~ Ralph: I saw this great looking sports car, this Girardi 462, and I saw someone slumped over the wheel. [Wavebreak Media: Bigstock Photo] A Growing Suspicion Ralph is involved in the Jill Joras case because he was the one who found the body. She was slumped over the steering wheel of her car. Ralph could tell she was dead, she wasn't just sleeping. Shocked, he hurried from the scene. He immediately found a police officer and reported his discovery. That makes him a witness. But his involvement stirs up suspicion in people's minds. It is not only the police inspector who begins to see Ralph as a possible suspect. Ralph kowtows to his boss Ralph's boss is worried that maybe...just maybe...Ralph did kill the young star. Just think of how that would affect his company! He could imagine clients and investors dropping him for other accounting firms. He calls Ralph into his office and tells him to just let it all blow over quickly. Ralph

  • DL069: You’re Better Off Guilty — Report a Crime
    DL069: You’re Better Off Guilty — Report a Crime
    Duration: 53min | 16/06/2016

    ~ CBS Radio Mystery Theater, You're Better Off Guilty — Act 1, Scene 1 ~ Report a Crime Ralph: Are you accusing me? Inspector: I'm just saying, "That's your story." Ralph: But it's true! [Dmytro Sidelnikov: Bigstock Photo] I'm here to report a crime Before today, Ralph's life was simple. He put in his nine-to-five at an accounting firm and took home his paycheck. Nothing too exciting ever happened...until this morning. Now, Ralph is at the police station because he needs to report a crime. He discovered a body this morning on his way to work. He didn't see the murder happen, but as the first person to find the body, it is his civic duty to report the murder. But he's finding out it's not easy. As the police inspector's questioning proceeds, Ralph gets more and more uncomfortable, more and more anxious. Why? Because he feels himself being eyeballed as a suspect!   FREE PDF: Keywords & Transcript Quizlet:  Have fun learning the keywords with English-Chinese Flashcards and Games. DL069 Keywords on Quizlet

  • DL068: You’re Better Off Guilty — Trailer
    DL068: You’re Better Off Guilty — Trailer
    Duration: 19min | 02/06/2016

    ~ CBS Radio Mystery Theater, You're Better Off Guilty — Trailer ~ Sylvia: Oh, no. Oh, you’re dangerous! Exciting! And I don’t care if you go with other women. Why, a man like you, Ralph, no one woman could be enough! [prometeus: Bigstock Photo]  An imponderable suggestion This episode is just a teaser. It’s a short trailer – you know how movies have little short movie clips to get you interested in watching that movie? That's called a trailer. Movie trailers have gotten really fast paced, especially if they are for action movies. They’re made up of the most exciting scenes of the movie. This trailer is a little different in that it is a radio play trailer. It's drama, not action, but it will give you something imponderable to try to 'wrap your brain around'. It’s a short discussion between our main character, Ralph Westfield, and his girlfriend (actually, his fiancée), Sylvia. Although they are about to get married, she Is wondering if she really knows Ralph or not. Sylvia makes a suggestion...one that Ralp

  • DL067:The Lady was a Tiger—Loose Ends
    DL067:The Lady was a Tiger—Loose Ends
    Duration: 48min | 19/05/2016

    ~ CBS Radio Mystery Theater, The Lady Was a Tiger, Act 3, Scenes 5-7 — Tying Up Loose Ends ~ Larry flirted with the idea that he might even be some sort of an American James Bond. [Photo © Jose AS Reyes/Bigstock] A Few Loose Ends: This episode wraps up the play with a few surprises. Carol is in for a surprise. She finds out how Larry hid Professor Teal’s note right under their noses. The Russian agent, Egor Smonovic, is in for a surprise too — a taste of his own medicine. Then back to Larry and Carol. When the excitement dies down, Larry has time to flirt with Carol and entertains the possibility of a new lifestyle. The New James Bond: 'Step aside, James Bond. There's a new 007.' Larry indulges in a little fantasy — perhaps he should pursue Carol. He could join her in her world of espionage. The image of himself that swept across his mind was of a confident, good-looking young man in a suit, holding a gun as if it were a fashion statement. He snaps out of it when he realizes how love for Carol is merely infa

  • DL066: The Lady Was a Tiger – True Colors
    DL066: The Lady Was a Tiger – True Colors
    Duration: 59min | 05/05/2016

    ~ CBS Radio Mystery Theater, The Lady Was a Tiger, Act 3, Scenes 1-4 — True Colors ~ Rozanski: The injection will be easier if you don’t fuss, young man. [Photo © Yastremska/Bigstock] True Colors Is Carol a femme fatale, or is she actually Larry's best friend? Is she the rattler that only pretends to give him fair warning, or is she really on his side? Is she with the Americans or the Russians? It's time for Carol to show her true colors.  Nothing but the truth Dr. Rozanski is determined to get the truth out of Larry about where the note is hidden. As in all good spy stories, once Rozanski has Larry cornered, he takes great pleasure in explaining the significance of the note to the Russian government. This knowledge raises the stakes for Larry — he absolutely has to live through this and get the note to his own government. Moment of truth When circumstances spin out of control,the Russian spies decide to give up on the note and silence Larry instead. It's time for Carol to show her true colors — to reveal wh

  • DL065:The Lady Was a Tiger-Rattler’s Warning
    DL065:The Lady Was a Tiger-Rattler’s Warning
    Duration: 50min | 21/04/2016

    ~ CBS Radio Mystery Theater, The Lady Was a Tiger, Act 2, Scenes 4-5 — The Rattler's Warning ~ A femme fatale double agent frames an unemployed reporter for homicide in Paris. Larry Fielding: And the only reason I’m alive is because somebody wants the paper.Carol Johnson: That’s right.Larry Fielding: And if I give it to you, then there’s really no reason not to kill me.[Photo © prometeus/BigstockPhoto] The Rattler's Warning: Larry is thankful to be out of prison, but he's still a murder suspect. He goes to the American Consul for help, but he’s met with disbelief, and they recommend he get out of France. Carol has to work fast. She reveals more to gain Larry's trust. She tells him who she's working for. Not really trusting her, Larry tries to go over her head. He heads out the door to find Carol's director. That's when a big Russian agent, Egor, forces him back inside the hotel room. Although Carol tells Larry, "I warned you," Larry feels misled. Carol had given him about as much warning as a rattlesnake g

  • DL064:The Lady Was a Tiger–The Jailbird Walks
    DL064:The Lady Was a Tiger–The Jailbird Walks
    Duration: 40min | 07/04/2016

    ~ CBS Radio Mystery Theater, The Lady Was a Tiger, Act 2, Scenes 1-3 — The Jailbird Walks ~ A femme fatale double agent frames an unemployed reporter for homicide in Paris. Carol Johnson: Well, you look pretty good for a jailbird. Larry Fielding: You look pretty good yourself for a…Come to think of it, what are you? [Photo © Aaron Amat/Bigstock.com] No good to us in jail: In this episode, Larry, now a murder suspect, is now a jailbird. He has been thrown into jail to await trial. As long as he is in prison, he is of no use to anyone. The Russian’s decide to get him out. How do you think Russian spies would get a man out of jail? What method will they use? When a person is charged with a crime, he awaits his trial in jail. However, if he is not considered a threat to society, he can get out on bail. This means someone has to pay a large sum of money to get him out. The money is a guarantee that he will show up for the trial. Larry is still facing trial, even if the Russian spies get him out of jail. FREE

  • DL063: The Lady Was a Tiger—In Grave Danger
    DL063: The Lady Was a Tiger—In Grave Danger
    Duration: 47min | 24/03/2016

    ~ CBS Radio Mystery Theater, The Lady Was a Tiger, Act 1, Scenes 4-8 — In Grave Danger ~ A femme fatale double agent frames an unemployed reporter for homicide in Paris. Dave Wilson: And just what is it that you’re seeking? Carol Johnson: [Breathy] To warn you that you are in grave danger! [Photo © Victoria Andreas/Bigstock.com] Running Smoothly Like Clockwork Larry and Dave have made it to France. Larry goes off to play his part by interviewing Professor Teal. During the interview, he is handed the slip of paper, the map, as planned. Everything seems to be going fine, running smoothly like clockwork. Les Deux Magots Dave Wilson waits for him at a café called Les Deux Magots. This is a very famous café on the Left Bank of the Seine river. It opened in 1885 and is still in Paris to this day. The name of the cafe means "The Two Mandarins" -- an old name for Chinese government officials. Inside the cafe there are two carved statues of Chinese Mandarins which likely date back to the 1880s when the building was a

  • DL062: The Lady Was a Tiger—New Recruit
    DL062: The Lady Was a Tiger—New Recruit
    Duration: 01h14s | 11/03/2016

    ~ CBS Radio Mystery Theater, The Lady Was a Tiger, Act 1, Scenes 1-3 — The New Recruit ~ A femme fatale double agent frames an unemployed reporter for homicide in Paris. Larry Fielding: Umph! Take…take my money, and leave me alone. Umph! Look, if you want money, I told you…you can have it![DMPhoto © Bigstock.com]  New Recruit: Larry Fielding, a newspaper reporter, gets fired from his job, apparently for no reason. Things go from bad to worse, but in the end he makes a new acquaintance who tries to recruit him for an assignment. It looks like a good thing — the silver lining around his dark cloud. Although somewhat suspicious at first, he is persuaded to go for it. FREE PDF: Keywords & Transcript Quizlet:  Have fun learning the keywords with English-Chinese Flashcards and Games. DL062 Keywords on Quizlet Let’s Talk! What is your best guess? Why do you think Larry got fired? And who is Wilson — friend or enemy? Now that you know Dave Wilson is a spy, what do you think of his heroic rescue of Larry? Althou

  • DL061: Intimidated Jury — Thieves Fall Out
    DL061: Intimidated Jury — Thieves Fall Out
    Duration: 39min | 21/01/2016

    Mr District Attorney and the Intimidated Jury, Scene 10 Mr DA: You see, Stanley thought Butler had double-crossed him with the hospital story, and so he implicated him in the killings. [Photo © Kasia Bialasiewicz: Bigstock.com] No way is that cop gonna' talk! In our last episode, the District Attorney’s chat with Mr Butler alerted Butler that he needed to do something fast or he and Stanley would be caught. The policeman was alive and recovering from a coma after getting shot by Stanley. If he ever identified Stanley, Stanley would have to stand trial again. The DA had already connected him with Stanley through Taylor. It was getting quite unnerving for Butler, but he knew exactly how to manage this situation. This was a job for Stanley! Thieves fall out Stanley's orders are to shut the cop up, but how? Stanley only  knows one way to deal with any problem. But before he can carry out his plan, Harrington jumps him and handcuffs him. Stanley wonders what went wrong. How did the cop and the DA know he was comi

  • DL060: Intimidated Jury — Cat and Mouse
    DL060: Intimidated Jury — Cat and Mouse
    Duration: 29min | 15/01/2016

    Mr District Attorney and the Intimidated Jury, Scene 9 MR DA: That was another report on the officer who was shot. The doctor’s believe he’ll be well enough to talk by tomorrow.BUTLER: Good! [Photo © inigocia/Bigstock.com] Brilliant deduction After finding a canceled debt in Taylor’s books, the District Attorney pays Butler a visit. Butler had held the mortgage on Taylor's businesses, and now the debt is gone. Butler certainly appears to be the man Taylor felt indebted to, so the DA has deduced that Butler is the big kingpin behind the jury rigging. It's time to pay the big kingpin a visit for a game of cat and mouse. The cop will talk The DA seems ‘chatty’. Why is he telling Butler so much about the case? Butler is doing his best to distance himself from everyone that the DA mentions. He tries to deny knowing them, but the DA won’t let him get away with that. The DA even mentions the policeman. Hey, now! Isn’t he going a little too far? Why warn Butler? The DA seems to be warning him that he's almost caught

  • DL059: Intimidated Jury – Fishing for an Angle
    DL059: Intimidated Jury – Fishing for an Angle
    Duration: 33min | 07/01/2016

    Mr District Attorney and the Intimidated Jury, (scene 8): Mr DA: I think I got something! [Photo © Kletr/Bigstock.com] Gone fishing? Where's the District Attorney? He hasn't gone fishing, has he? In this episode, Harrington comes looking for the DA, but the DA is not in his office right now. While waiting for the DA, Harrington and the District Attorney’s secretary talk shop. They discuss the case and the medical condition of the policeman who’d been shot. Going for the big fish: You’ll recall from two episodes ago that the DA was quite sure Taylor was just a stooge doing the dirty work for someone higher up the ladder than him. It was really someone else more powerful who was digging up dirt on the jury members and feeding it to Taylor to use. That guy — the 'behind the scenes' guy — that’s the guy the DA really wants to catch — the big kingpin behind this illegal game. So the DA hasn't taken a day off. He's out investigating Taylor’s financial situation, hoping to find new evidence that will lead him to t

  • DL058: Intimidated Jury–The Heat Is On!
    DL058: Intimidated Jury–The Heat Is On!

    Mr District Attorney and the Intimidated Jury, (scene 7): STANLEY: What else could I do? I’ve got a stiff with me, remember. [Photo © VadimGushva/Bigstock.com]  The heat is on, but Stanley is totally unaware of it. Boy, does this kid ever need to wake up and smell the coffee! This one's on the house! Two episodes ago, Mr. Stanley, the hitman, killed jury foreman, Mr. Taylor, for Mr. Butler. Taylor was being charged with jury tampering, so he had come to Butler (the kingpin who was really behind the jury rigging) seeking protection. When Butler seemed not to care, Taylor had pointed out that he too was in danger of being found out. Butler saw that Taylor would easily give him up to the D.A. to save himself, so Taylor had become a threat. Stanley owed him a favor, so he had Stanley get rid of Taylor for him. Stanley dealt with Taylor swiftly with one quick shot, but Stanley’s job wasn’t finished yet. He still had a corpse to get rid of. Dumping the stiff: In this episode, Stanley comes back and tells Butler ho

  • DL057: Intimidated Jury–Somebody’s Stooge
    DL057: Intimidated Jury–Somebody’s Stooge

    Mr. District Attorney and the Intimidated Jury, (Scene 6): SECRETARY: You think he was just acting as a stooge for Stanley? [Photo © Luminis/Bigstock.com] Just the stooge: The District Attorney and his secretary are talking about the case and they are quite satisfied that they have enough evidence to convict Mr. Taylor of jury tampering. It looks like Mrs. Clark was right. The jurors had been manipulated into voting ‘not guilty’ out of fear of blackmail. And they all said the blackmailer was Taylor. The D.A., however, is quite sure that Taylor is just a stooge — a puppet being manipulated by someone above him. So who is the kingpin? His secretary ponders this for a moment and concludes that the D.A. must be implying that Mr. Stanley is the kingpin pulling strings behind the scenes. The D.A. isn't so sure about that, but somebody has got to be behind it. The D.A. wants to question Taylor again to find out who he’s working for — who the kingpin is.  Let's make a deal: It's much more important to catch the king

  • DL056: Intimidated Jury–A Jostled Kingpin
    DL056: Intimidated Jury–A Jostled Kingpin
    Duration: 30min | 18/12/2015

    Mr. District Attorney and the Intimidated Jury, (Scene 5): [Photo  © Dunedin Arts/Bigstock.com] BUTLER: He says if he falls, I fall too.    Everything to lose: The District Attorney has just informed Mr Taylor that a member of the jury, Mrs Clark, had charged him with swaying the jury into voting “not guilty”. He's been warned. He could end up on trial. He could end up doing time in prison. By 'doing time', I mean serving a length of time in prison as punishment. As soon as Taylor gets out of the DA’s office, he heads straight for Butler’s bowling alley. No, he doesn't want to go bowling. He needs to see Butler, the guy who owns the bowling alley. Butler has got to hear about this. And when he hears it, Butler had better protect him! Don't jostle the kingpin: In bowling, the pins are set up in a triangular shape. The one that is front center is the kingpin  (五號瓶). Hit that one just a little off to one side or the other and all the pins will fall. Butler, the owner of a bowling alley, is also the kingpin —

  • DL055: Intimidated Jury — Taking Offense
    DL055: Intimidated Jury — Taking Offense
    Duration: 27min | 10/12/2015

    Mr. District Attorney and the Intimidated Jury, (Scene 4) [Photo © jabiru/Bigstock.com]  TAYLOR: Well, I must tell you right now, Sir, this is the most libelous thing I've ever encountered.        Taking offense: Harrington has rounded up the accused jury foreman, Mr Taylor, and brought him back to the DA's office. When Taylor hears the charge against him, he takes offense. "Ridiculous! That's libelous!" he cries, but it is all a pretense. Deep down inside, he knows he manipulated the jurors and brought them all around to that "not guilty" verdict. He feels uneasy, but he can't let the DA see that. Debt free: He'd been so relieved when the court case was finally over. Working for a gangster had made his jury duty rather tense, yet it had all gone like clockwork. Ah! Well, as he saw it, the gangster had been "paid in full" when Stanley walked, so he felt the relief of being debt free. Debt free, in more ways than one! Was it worth it? But now he's suddenly in hot water — if the DA can prove he swayed the ju

  • DL054: Intimidated Jury — Gangster Etiquette
    DL054: Intimidated Jury — Gangster Etiquette
    Duration: 38min | 03/12/2015

    Mr. District Attorney and the Intimidated Jury, (Scene 3) [Photo © VadimGuzhva/Bigstock.com] STANLEY: I wanna thank you, Mr. Butler. BUTLER: For what? STANLEY: For the fix. BUTLER: You mean the verdict?   Gangster Etiquette In this episode, we see into the gangsters’ world. Now, when you’re being tried for murder, being faced with the electric chair, and someone gets you off, it’s definitely appropriate to go to him to express your thanks. That's just good etiquette. And that’s the first thing Mr. Stanley does after being set free. Well…, almost the first thing. First, he celebrates. Then he finds the gangster who had done him the favor, and promises a favor in return. Gangster Talk We have a lot of slang words and phrases in this scene. Gangsters don’t exactly use textbook English. So be ready to pick up on some colorful language here. FREE PDF: Keywords & Transcript Quizlet:  Have fun learning the keywords with English-Chinese Flashcards and Games. DL054 Keywords on Quizlet Let’s talk about it! D

  • DL053: Intimidated Jury 2-The Informant
    DL053: Intimidated Jury 2-The Informant
    Duration: 36min | 26/11/2015

    Mr. District Attorney: Intimidated Jury, (Scene 2) MRS. CLARK: This Mr. Taylor had lunch with two other men on the jury. When we returned, well, they had changed their vote to ‘not guilty’.  Photo © [jabiru/Bigstock.com]  It's not your fault: Harrington saw that the morning paper had an article about the Stanley trial. The paper supports the D.A. The article criticized the jury for reaching such a ridiculous verdict. Well, it's good to know you have the public's support, but it doesn't change the situation. The Informant: But a visit from Mrs. Clark, a juror on the Stanley case, gives the District Attorney hope that he can call a mistrial. A mistrial is a trial that is not acceptable because something during the trial was done incorrectly. The outcome of the trial, that is, the verdict, becomes meaningless. It has no legal effect. Mrs. Clark is suspicious that Mr. Taylor, the jury foreman, had manipulated everyone into voting 'not guilty'. If she is right, the D.A. could call a mistrial. Then, Mr. Stanley w

  • DL052: Intimidated Jury 1- Reasonable Doubt
    DL052: Intimidated Jury 1- Reasonable Doubt

    Mr District Attorney — Intimidated Jury, Scene 1: A Reasonable Doubt Composite Photo © BigstockPhoto | lisafx and www.BillionPhotos.comDistrict Attorney: I thought we had everything we needed on this one, but evidently there was a reasonable doubt in the minds of the jurors. The Jury is Still Out As our story opens, we find a crime has already been committed. We are in a courtroom waiting for the jury to return with their verdict. Will they find Mr Stanley guilty or not guilty of murder? The District Attorney and his assistant, Harrington, have done a thorough job of collecting evidence and witnesses testimony. The D. A. argued the case very convincingly. So what’s taking the jury so long to decide? Isn’t it obvious? — Ah, here they come now. Let’s find a seat and listen to their verdict. A Reasonable Doubt Harrington and the District Attorney can't believe the verdict. How could the jury have gotten it so wrong? The DA is resigned to the fact that there was still a reasonable doubt in the mind of at least on

  • DL051: MrDA — Intimidated Jury (Intro)
    DL051: MrDA — Intimidated Jury (Intro)

    Photo by Bigstock Photo: Nosnibor137The jury's job is to decide whether the person on trial is guilty or not guilty.   The Old Time Radio Legal Thriller: Mr. District Attorney was a popular radio program on NBC and ABC radio stations from 1939 to 1952. Each episode is a legal story that centers on the court trial. Meet the Jury: When a serious crime has been committed, such as murder, the American legal system chooses a group of citizens to judge the case. These people are just ordinary citizens, not lawyers or judges. They will sit through the trial, hear all the arguments, see all the evidence, and listen to the witnesses testify. They will discuss the case together and finally reach a decision. Their job is to decide whether the person on trial is ‘guilty’ or ‘not guilty.’ This group of people is called the jury, and their decision is called a verdict. Jury Gone Wrong: It is believed that a jury will discuss everything in detail, and use reasoning to persuade one another that the evidence points to a cert

  • DL050: Archie – Bankrupt 6 — Put out the fire
    DL050: Archie – Bankrupt 6 — Put out the fire

    Photo: © Bigstock Photo |  kharlamova_lv MARY: And Betty, I want you to go back to everybody you collected that money from and give it all back, and explain fully why you’re giving it back. BETTY: Yes, Mrs. Andrews. What have I done! Archie is shocked when he realizes what he's done. There's his dad telling him he's not broke, yet Archie had heard him worrying over how to make money — he'd heard him with his own ears! Archie's mom pulls the two strands of the story together and finally everyone realizes how this disastrous mistake was innocently made. Put out the fire Unfortunately, the rumor has already spread around town and had devastating effects on the Andrews' social life and business relationships. Now it's time to put out the fire, but that's easier said than done. I call the rumor a fire, because rumors spread quickly — like wild fire. And once they've begun to spread, they are difficult to put out. Fortunately, all involved are at the Andrews home. When they realize their error, they quickly go

  • DL049: Archie – Bankrupt 5 — Things fall apart
    DL049: Archie – Bankrupt 5 — Things fall apart
    Duration: 40min | 15/10/2015

    Photo: © Bigstock Photo | nitoFRED: J.P. Anderson just canceled the contract wesigned this morning!MARY: But why?FRED: He kept saying about how he had to be sure of delivery and couldn’t go out on a limb! Now, what makes Jim think I can’t deliver? At a Time Like This Fred arrives back home with the party food. Of course, he has quite a story to tell his wife… and she has a new turn of events to tell him about, too. From this point on, a series of events take place that tell Fred and Mary something is wrong. Their lives seem to fall apart right before their eyes. Their friends, neighbors, and business associates are seeing them differently. Their perception of the Andrew’s has changed for the worse. It’s quite shocking, and Fred doesn’t know how to manage his face, his “presentation of self” because he doesn’t know where these ideas are coming from, what others’ changed impression of him is based on. We don't want to bother you... First, the Jenkins back out of the social engagement -- the Scrabble game get-to

  • DL048: Archie – Bankrupt 4: Connections
    DL048: Archie – Bankrupt 4: Connections
    Duration: 36min | 01/10/2015

    Photo: © Bigstock Photo | gstockstudioVERONICA: Archie, when I ask him, he'll go! Or I don't know Daddy! The Unwitting Charity Case When Fred hurries down to the corner store for party snacks, he experiences what it is like to be a charity case (「仁愛案件」,貧寒人家) – someone you do a favor for out of pity. But he doesn't really know what's going on. Mr. Pringle, the shop owner offers him credit at his store, something Fred feels no need for. But Pringle's kind intentions come with strings attached (有附帶條件的援助). Mr. Pringle judges Fred -- he thinks Fred is being irresponsible with the little money he has, spending it on things that are not necessities. Fred, who does not view himself as poverty-stricken, cannot understand Pringle's behavior or the conversation they have. Relying on Favors When Archie gets to Veronica's house, he is shocked to discover that his family troubles are not private. However, as the daughter of the richest man in Riverdale, Veronica is one of Archie's best connections (關係). Who better to ask f

  • DL047: Archie – Bankrupt 3: Don’t Tell
    DL047: Archie – Bankrupt 3: Don’t Tell
    Duration: 42min | 17/09/2015

    Rumor has it... Bankrupt Rumor, Part 3: Don't tell another soul! Photo: © Bigstock Photo | AnetlandaBETTY: Now, don't tell another soul! Rumor of the Andrews’ bankruptcy ignites and spreads like wildfire (大肆流傳;沸沸揚揚). It seems to take on a life of its own…there’s no stopping it! When scandalous news (醜聞) is leaked (被透露), people want to share it. What is it about someone else's trouble that interests us so much? Can you imagine if this story took place in today's environment of social media? Betty is quite manipulative (巧妙處理的), and she easily outsmarts Jughead. Jughead doesn't realize what he's doing until it is too late. When he finally understands her tactics, he has already 'let the cat out of the bag' (露餡). That's another way of saying he's revealed the secret. FREE PDF: Keywords & Transcript Quizlet:  Have fun learning the keywords with English-Chinese Flashcards and Games. DL047 Keywords on Quizlet What do you think? Why do rumors spread? What do you think Betty’s motive was in telling the neighbo

  • DL046: Archie, Bankrupt 2 – Eavesdropping
    DL046: Archie, Bankrupt 2 – Eavesdropping
    Duration: 37min | 03/09/2015

    Photo: © Bigstock Photo | dolgachovARCHIE: Jug, he’s in real trouble. He must have lost all his money, every cent. His business must be bankrupt! He’s even ready to beg or steal. Talkin' 'bout money, money Eavesdropping: In today’s episode, Archie and Jughead want to see a movie. Archie comes home to ask his dad for money, but he and Jughead overhear Archie’s parents discussing a serious situation. They're talking about money...and they don't seem to have any! Archie can't believe what he's hearing. They eavesdrop for a while. Something terrible must have happened, but Archie can't imagine what it was. Brainstorming: He pulls himself together, getting over the shock enough to start brainstorming. He's thinks of all the ways he could help his family with their financial problem. Some ideas are better than others. That's what brainstorming is like. It is a process of generating ideas without judging them so that your brain will keep coming up with new ideas. They say 'two heads are better than one', but I reall

  • DL045: Archie, Bankrupt 1 – Scrabble
    DL045: Archie, Bankrupt 1 – Scrabble
    Duration: 40min | 20/08/2015

    Photo by Bigstock Photo: connelidFRED: Now Mary, look, I don’t want to learn any silly childish games. If the Jenkins’s are coming over, why can’t we play Bridge or something?MARY: Because they like to play Scrabble! Now, sit down and I’ll teach it to you. Anybody can learn how to play Scrabble. Bankrupt Rumor: Archie Comics: Archie Andrews is an old time radio show that ran from 1943-1953. It was based on the popular Archie comic strip by Bob Montana, which was published in newspapers from 1941-1975. The comic strip was based on Montana’s hometown, his own high school life, and the friends he’d made there. Jughead and Moose were based on his friends, Skinny Linehan and Arnold Daggett. In the story, Jughead is Archie’s childhood friend. Moose, although not too bright, is a star athlete at Riverdale High School and Archie is often his teammate. Reggie is Archie’s main rival (competition), both in sports and in romance. Speaking of Archie’s love life, there is an on-going love triangle between Betty, Veronica

  • DL044: Unravel the Mystery
    DL044: Unravel the Mystery
    Duration: 45min | 16/04/2015

    Philip Marlowe and "The Feminine Touch" — Part 6: Photo by Bigstock Photo: AntonioGuilleAdrienne: Oh, oh, yes. Here…here it is, and… for all that you’ve done for me… Marlowe: Hey, cut it out! You’re supposed to be sick, Adrienne. Get back in bed. The unraveling: This is where the detective explains what happened and how he figured it out, so if you couldn’t keep up with Marlowe in scene 5, Eureka, then you can at least find out all about it after the fact. When you unravel something, like a sweater, you pull the wool thread until the whole sweater has come apart. In explaining the prime suspect, motives, and details of the case, Marlowe unravels it for us. Stop the show! At the end of scene 5, you’ll remember, Marlowe was desperate to stop the trick-riding act. He was sure that if the show went on, there would be another murder. He was desperate to stop Adrienne. Did he want to stop her from riding in the act, or stop her from committing murder? Whatever he knew, stop her he must! So he shot out the lights t

  • DL043: Eureka!
    DL043: Eureka!
    Duration: 37min | 02/04/2015

    Philip Marlowe and "The Feminine Touch" — Part 5   || Photo by Bigstock Photo: Lijphoto Marlowe: I saw something else — something that didn’t sink in right away. It was a tiny iron skull on an iron chain hanging from the gold charm bracelet she wore on her right wrist. Discovery: When you figure something out, you might shout, “Eureka!” meaning, “I’ve got it! I’ve found the answer! 找到了!” In detective fiction, the detective often gets hit on the head and knocked out. But since he’s a hardboiled detective, he can take it; he’s tough. In fact, when he comes to, he is no longer in a fog. His thoughts are very clear, very lucid,  明朗. Everything comes into sharp focus, and he is able to come to an unmistakable explanation of the crime that took place. He’s able to put things together and crack the case. That’s what happens to Marlowe in today’s episode. It’s his eureka moment. Let’s get caught up on our story: First, Lou Bryant the stunt rider got killed, and at the end of our last episode, we heard a gunshot. Ma

  • DL042: Micky’s Lead
    DL042: Micky’s Lead
    Duration: 56min | 19/03/2015

    Philip Marlowe and The Feminine Touch, Part 4  || Photo by Bigstock Photo: GeorgeColePhoto Marlowe: I ran for the drome on the off chance that I could find Micky North and a lead on Moon. I found her alone and on a bench in an almost dark out-of-the-way corner of an amusement pier half watching a couple of hungry seagulls who didn’t know when it was time to go to bed circle overhead.     It Couldn't Be Pepper! In this episode, Marlowe gets Micky talking. He tries to find out how she feels about her ex-boyfriend, Pepper Riggs, and what her take (her point of view) is on the tragic event of Lou's death. Does she see the tragedy as an accident or does she suspect murder? Although willing to consider the murder angle, she sees it as ‘out of character’ for Pepper to have committed the murder. But, she’s quite willing to finger someone else! The Give and Take of Getting a Lead Why does Marlowe trust Micky with his theory and hunches? He must not think she's involved. He has to take the risk that he is right about

  • DL041: Tough Break
    DL041: Tough Break
    Duration: 51min | 05/03/2015

    Philip Marlowe: The Feminine Touch — Part 3  || Photo by Bigstock Photo: kotsThe bike swerved out of Lou Bryant’s control like it was something alive, and then it fell! Trust No One! So far in our story, Marlowe has heard several points of view. He got Pepper Riggs talking by pretending to be a journalist writing up Pepper's act on the Wall of Death for Spot magazine. It seems that Pepper would like to bring Adrienne into the act, so the other stunt drivers could definitely be feeling expendable — like they could easily be replaced by Adrienne. That makes Adrienne a threat to them, whether she sees herself that way or not. Marlowe also overheard a conversation between Jess Hadley, who runs the show, and Moon, the motorcycle mechanic. Through that talk, he learned that there was a lot of mistrust and suspicion within the group. No one knew who to trust. Excess Baggage In today's scene, Marlowe gets Adrienne talking. He tries to find out what her motives are and how far she is willing to go to achieve her goals

  • DL040: Interview with a stuntman
    DL040: Interview with a stuntman
    Duration: 48min | 19/02/2015

    Philip Marlowe: The Feminine Touch — Part 2  || Photo by Bigstock Photo: NikkoliaPepper Riggs: It's my trademark, Buddy. I've been knocked off the wall seven times in the last three years and beat old skull face every time. Not much to go on Marlowe is on a mission. He has agreed to protect Adrienne Granville from whatever it is that is threatening her. In order to carry out his assignment, he first of all has to find her and see what she is involved in. Pepper Riggs Defies Death He tracks down Pepper Riggs, the boyfriend. Pepper has moved on from racing dirt bikes to being a motorcycle stuntman. Will he take Adrienne into his act? Maybe. Well, that could certainly be life threatening, but Marlowe is sure there is more to it than that. Otherwise, why the letter threatening her father to make her lay off Pepper Riggs? What kind of harm does someone have in store for her? Lou Blames the Bike In finding Pepper Riggs, Marlowe also finds Lou Bryant. He too is a stuntman in the motorcycle act on the Wall of Death.

  • DL039: Marlowe, don’t let me down
    DL039: Marlowe, don’t let me down
    Duration: 47min | 05/02/2015

    The Adventures of Philip Marlowe: The Feminine Touch, Part 1 Photo by Bigstock Photo: Hecke Marlowe found his client puttering with his flock of exotic birds in his aviary. Granville: I…I’ve finally realized that Adrianne is all that really matters. Don’t let me down. Who is Philip Marlowe? I really enjoy the Philip Marlowe character. Marlowe was created by Raymond Chandler, a hard-boiled detective story writer who followed in the footsteps of Dashiell Hammett. Hammett is the father of the hardboiled sub-genre of detective fiction. He’s the one who took the detective story from the streets of London to the dark mean streets of American cities. Raymond Chandler then perfected the hardboiled detective character. Like Dashiell Hammett’s “Sam Spade” character, Chandler’s “Philip Marlowe” is tough — he can use a gun and can take a beating, but he is also ethical and won’t take a job if it doesn’t meet his standards. He’s seen so much of the bad side of human nature that he is cynical — he doesn’t trust people to h

  • DL038: Second Chance
    DL038: Second Chance
    Duration: 25min | 19/12/2014

    ~  You died last night  — Part 6  || Photo by Bigstock Photo: rolffimagesI asked Tony to satisfy my curiosity, to show me how his time travel gadget worked. A Heroic Move: We are going to wrap up this story, You Died Last Night, in this episode. We’ll find out what Joe did exactly to save the day, or more literally, to save planet Earth — and all of us. Perhaps you can make a pretty good guess. A Second Chance: Joe comes up with a temporary fix for all the destruction Tony has caused. It explains why you are still here to hear Joe’s tale even though Tony just blew us up. Thanks to Joe, we have a second chance. But because the fix is just temporary, it comes with a stern warning. FREE PDF: Keywords & Transcript Quizlet:  Have fun learning the keywords with English-Chinese Flashcards and Games. DL038 Keywords on Quizlet FREE MP3: Full Radio Play Review time: Listen to the whole play again, from beginning to end, Length: [Min:Sec]. What do you think? It was really important to Joe to tell this story a

  • DL037: This Calls for Drastic Measures
    DL037: This Calls for Drastic Measures
    Duration: 29min | 05/12/2014

    ~ You Died Last Night — Part 5   || I looked and hundreds of miles away I saw a tremendous burst of light followed by the most enormous mushroom-shaped cloud the world has ever seen. Whatever Happened to the Human Race? Joe continues his story of his encounter with the alien, Tony. In this part of the story, the two of them continue on with the tour of inspection — over New York, and then across the ocean to Europe and Russia. They see a puzzling mix of good and bad things about mankind. On the one hand, people are full of vitality, enjoying life. But on the other hand, people can be full of cruelty, taking life. Man's Cruelty to Man Seals our Fate They observe, and all the while, Tony records it as a movie for scientific analysis — the joy of celebration alongside the fear and cruelty of the Cold War. Suddenly, an event occurs that prompts Tony to take corrective measures without hesitation. He takes immediate action. FREE PDF: Keywords & Transcript Quizlet:  Have fun learning the keywords with English-

  • DL036: Space Travel, Time Travel
    DL036: Space Travel, Time Travel
    Duration: 37min | 20/11/2014

    You Died Last Night ~ Part 4    || Photo composite: Aliens: Bigstock Photo - LuMaxArt, landscape: Bigstock Photo: benshots, UFO: Bigstock Photo: broukoidJoe: And would I be standing there looking at you the way I was?Tony: Uh, no, you’d be inside the ship because you are now. So the past would be changed. Going back backwards is a bit tricky, you see. We seldom do it.   Under Inspection In today’s episode, Tony begins his tour of inspection. He takes Joe along, so Joe is able to explain what is happening. Joe is hoping against hope that Tony likes what he sees. Knowledge is Power The episode starts off with Joe trying to get Tony talking so that he can hopefully find an angle. In other words, Joe is looking for information that Tony might be willing to share, unaware of it’s significance. Knowledge is power; it just might help Joe fight back.When you listen, try to find out if Tony reveals anything of use to Joe. Through Space and Time They get chatting about Tony’s space travel, and how long it took him to

  • DL035: Population Control
    DL035: Population Control
    Duration: 39min | 06/11/2014

    You Died Last Night, Part 3: Photo by Bigstock Photo: hobbitfootTony: Oh, more than that. Reduce the population of the world to, say, 50 million people, and let them rebuild. But believe me, Joe, it would be quick and painless. Population Control What kind of measures are needed? Tony tries to calm Joe’s fears. He tells Joe that it may not be so bad. He may not need to take drastic action. He needs to survey Earth and mankind first, and from this data, decide on whether mild, severe, or drastic preventive measures are needed. But what does Tony mean by each of these levels of action? Offensive or 'Nice': Tony takes offense at Joe for referring to population control as Tony's "dirty work". Tony prefers to call it "pruning", something which is good and necessary. But when you are the one who will be wiped out, it is hard to look on Tony's mission in a positive light. Euphemisms: Tony and the Thonians aren't the only ones who think reducing the population is the answer to the world's problems. World leaders, the

  • DL034: We Know You Have the Bomb
    DL034: We Know You Have the Bomb
    Duration: 35min | 24/10/2014

    You Died Last Night, Part 2   | “Side Talking” by ptrktn is licensed under CC BY 2.0Out of the orange spacesuit, he looked like a five-foot tall old man wearing some flowing green material. He was bald and had pointed ears. He had large green eyes that seemed…friendly. First Impressions: Inside the flying saucer, Tony doesn't need his red teddy bear spacesuit. Now he looks like a rather short old man in flowing green robes. Joe's impression of him is that he seems friendly. Bomb Threat: Tony pressed Joe to confirm some information he had. The Thonians knew that mankind had nuclear power and that a large atom bomb had exploded 15 years before Tony's arrival. They had picked up the radioactivity coming from Earth, and sent Tony to investigate. You see, nuclear power makes us a threat to them. Tony's mission was to determine whether mankind truly was a threat or not. FREE PDF: Keywords & Transcript Quizlet:  Have fun learning the keywords with English-Chinese Flashcards and Games. DL034 Keywords on Quizlet DL0

  • DL033: You Died Last Night ~ Part 1
    DL033: You Died Last Night ~ Part 1
    Duration: 32min | 10/10/2014

    Crazy Narrator Photo by Bigstock Photos: GeorgeRudy "Don’t bother to say I’m off my rocker. I’m going to tell you, and I’m going to do my best to make all of you believe it, because if you don’t, all of you, I’ve got a pretty good idea you’re going to die again some night soon,"  Joe, the crazy narrator, warned.   “You Died Last Night” is another one of those sci-fi stories that takes place here on planet Earth. In today’s episode, we meet Joe. He’s our narrator, the guy telling the story. You’ll have to decide for yourself whether Joe is a believable, trustworthy narrator or a crazy, unreliable narrator you can ignore. Joe knows that his story sounds far-fetched, somewhat unbelievable, but he desperately wants you to believe him. The story begins with Joe out in the California desert prospecting. That means he’s looking for gold or some other precious stones. To Joe, this is just a fun thing to do for a holiday. So he hasn’t been out in the desert for years with no other human being to talk to. He doesn’

  • DL032: The Gambler ~ Racial discrimi­nation: ‘Just’ an Indian
    DL032: The Gambler ~ Racial discrimi­nation: ‘Just’ an Indian
    Duration: 49min | 14/08/2014

    Gunsmoke, The Gambler, Part 3 By SMU Central University Libraries [No restrictions], via Wikimedia Commons "That was a Delaware Indian. He was my servant and he was my friend, the best friend I ever had. He was as good a man as you are, or any other white man." [Photo: Lapowinsa, (Delaware Indian) Chief of the Lenape, 1737] Racial Discrimination: At the climax of the story, we come to the confrontation between Ascombe and Cass. We find out about a situation in the past that Cass had dismissed from his mind. He considered it unimportant and of no consequence. It had to do with how he had treated an Indian. He didn’t think that anything would ever come of it, that nothing would happen as a result of this situation. It was a situation he thought he could simply forget about because "Indian's don't matter". His flippant attitude shows how racial discrimination can go unchecked when most people share and accept racist thinking. But Ascombe didn’t see it that way. He saw Indians as people. He had hunted Cass down t

  • DL031: The Gambler ~ Missing Motive
    DL031: The Gambler ~ Missing Motive
    Duration: 41min | 31/07/2014

    Gunsmoke, The Gambler, Part 2: By Schneur Menaker (From its photographer, Schneur Menaker.) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons Ascombe: Marshall, I’ve never had any trouble with the law. I don’t want any now. This has got nothing to do with you. Matt: A deliberate killing is the business of the law anywhere, Ascombe. Pro-Active Marshall Goes in Search of Missing Motive Matt Dillon is very perceptive. He can see that Ascombe hates Cass and probably wants to kill him. In Part 2, Matt tries to prevent a murder. Ascombe won’t tell Matt why he wants to kill Cass, so Matt goes in search of Cass. He wants to hear Cass’s side of the story. There must be an incident that happened in the past that triggered this. If only Matt could understand the missing motive behind Ascombe's hatred of Cass, he could help the two men negotiate and reconcile. FREE PDF: Keywords & Transcript Quizlet:  Have fun learning the keywords with English-Chinese Flashcards and Games. DL031 Keywords on Quizlet DL031 Supplementary Words on Qu

  • DL030: The Gambler ~ Guilty Remorse
    DL030: The Gambler ~ Guilty Remorse
    Duration: 53min | 17/07/2014

    Gunsmoke - The Gambler (Aired on CBS Radio, Oct 7, 1956): Matt: I guess an empty belly will do you more good than a sermon. Chester: All right, Sir, but I think a sermon would do me good too. You know, all about the evils of gambling? Gunsmoke, best loved Western of all time: In this episode of Dramatic Listening, we’re starting a new story — and a new genre once again. It’s an episode from the best-loved Western of all time, ‘Gunsmoke’. Gunsmoke was aired on the radio for 10 years from 1952-1961 and was also adapted to TV and played from 1955-1975. The radio years formed the characters in the show, but none of them moved over to the television show. The head writer wrote for both radio and T.V. When the West was young: The writers wanted a show that showed how rough and violent the West was really in the late 1800s. They went for a flawed hero instead of a perfect hero like the Lone Ranger. They were writing for adults, so they included sexual crimes like rape, prostitution, and violence like scalping, ly

  • DL029: The Rocket ~ Living the Dream
    DL029: The Rocket ~ Living the Dream
    Duration: 45min | 03/07/2014

    Ray Bradbury's 'The Rocket', Scenes 9 and 10: Photo by Bigstock Photo: Blend ImagesFIORELLO: Listen, keep your ears clean. Smell the smells of a rocket. Feel. Remember. So when you return, you will talk of it all the rest of your lives. Being 'In The Moment': Fiorello Bodoni is taking his kids on a weeklong trip to Mars. They are going to be living the dream. When they get back, life will return to normal, but they will be changed. They will have experienced space travel and will have the memory of it for the rest of their lives. Fiorello wants that memory to be rich and vivid, so while they travel, it’s important that his kids to be “in the moment” — that they experience the ‘present’ with all their senses — not only with their eyes, but also with their ears and sense of smell as well. FREE PDF: Keywords & Transcript Quizlet:  Have fun learning the keywords with English-Chinese Flashcards and Games. DL029 Keywords on Quizlet DL029 Supplementary Words on Quizlet FREE MP3: Full Radio Play Review time: Listen

  • DL028: The Rocket ~ A Dream Revisited
    DL028: The Rocket ~ A Dream Revisited
    Duration: 42min | 19/06/2014

    Photo by Bigstock Photo: jezcHe bolted nine ancient automobile motors into the rocket’s empty engine room. Then he welded the engine room shut, so that none could see his hidden labor. Clever Innovation and Elbow Grease In today’s episode, Fiorello Bodoni dares to dream again. And not only to dream, but to see his dream become a reality. Inspired by his original dream, he sees how he can make something of what he has. With some clever innovation (發明才能) and 'elbow grease' (hard work), he can give his wife and kids the experience of a lifetime. He gets the necessary supplies delivered— a space suit, food packaged for space travel, but he has a lot of work ahead of him too.  His model rocket has to be transformed into a rocket that can really do something. Go It Alone Unfortunately, his wife has lost sight of his vision. Perhaps the problem is that he is being too secretive. He hasn't shared his new vision with her at all. How can he expect her to support him? She expects to be his partner, to have a say in the

  • DL027: The Rocket ~ Reality Doesn’t Measure Up
    DL027: The Rocket ~ Reality Doesn’t Measure Up
    Duration: 48min | 05/06/2014

    Photo by Bigstock Photo: Jr CasasFIORELLO: You are all mine. Even if you never move or spit fire, and just sit there and rust for fifty years, you’re mine! Ray Bradbury's sci-fi, The Rocket, scenes 5 and 6: In today’s episode, Fiorello Bodoni tries to get back to just living. He’s trying to forget about rockets and Mars so that he won’t have to face disappointment again. His reality is the small world of his junkyard, his broken down machinery, and a family that is relying on him to provide for them.   Turning Down the Chance of a Lifetime: In our last episode, Fiorello was trying to choose who would get to go to Mars — his wife, one of his children, or himself. When logical reasoning couldn’t settle it, he turned to drawing straws. But even that failed. Of course, they all wanted to go, but what it came down to was a deep fear that their chance of a lifetime would make the others jealous and destroy their relationships. Feet on the Ground: With his hopes dashed, Fiorello returns to his work in the junkyard

  • DL026: The Rocket ~ The Best-Laid Plans
    DL026: The Rocket ~ The Best-Laid Plans
    Duration: 32min | 22/05/2014

    Photo by lucianvenutian, CC BY-SA. Fiorelli's best laid plans are reduced to drawing straws to decide who gets to go. FIORELLO: Here, now, I have straws here. All long but one. The short straw wins. Understand? We’ll choose. Paulo! Choose!   A Friend Opposes His Best-Laid Plans Fiorello Bodoni has to decide who gets to go on the rocket trip to Mars. His friend, Bramante, warns him that no one could truly be happy for the one who gets to go. If Fiorello goes, his children would always think of the rocket and become sick with desire like their father is. According to Bramante, wanting something that is so unrealistic is unhealthy. Fiorello’s wife would become bitter over it. None of his family could just be happy for the one who has the opportunity. No matter who goes to Mars — him, his wife, or one of the children — it would just result in unfulfilled dreams and bitter jealousy that would eat away at the others. What a damper Bramante has put on Fiorello's best-laid plans! He really is a wet blanket! Who Qua

  • DL025: The Rocket ~ Sick With Desire
    DL025: The Rocket ~ Sick With Desire
    Duration: 46min | 08/05/2014

    Ray Bradbury’s ‘The Rocket’, Scenes 1 and 2 [00:00 ~ 05:22] Photo by Bigstock Photo: anatoliy_glebThe rocket spattered the concrete launching apron somewhere west of Kansas City. It climbed a firey ladder and arced eastward over the sleeping land. Lovers looked upward and traced its path with drowsy fingers. Sci-fi fan or not... Whether you are a science fiction fan or not, I think you will like this story. It's a story that we can all relate to about yearning for our heart's desire . It’s called, “The Rocket”. It’s a short story of Ray Bradbury’s that was first published in 1950 under a different title, "Outcast of the Stars". The following year (1951), it was included in one of Bradbury’s short story collections called ‘The Illustrated Man” with a new title, The Rocket. It was then adapted into a radio drama by Ernest Kinoy in 1952 as a part of the NBC Presents: Short Story series. That’s the one we will be listening to. Ray Bradbury: Ray Bradbury, an American writer who lived from 1920-2012, is well known

  • DL024: Stanley Springs ~ Extreme Measures
    DL024: Stanley Springs ~ Extreme Measures
    Duration: 39min | 24/04/2014

    Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar, The Stanley Springs Matter, Scenes 11 & 12 ~ The Persuasive Power of a Gun: Photo by Bigstock Photo: ElnurJOHNNY DOLLAR: I want to know where Anne Salazar is.NORMAN STEGER: I didn’t know you were acquainted.JOHNNY DOLLAR: Yes, you did. Tell me what you did with her.Woman in violence and discrimination concept It Takes Extreme Measures to Get Johnny Out of Stanley Springs: Anne is nowhere to be found. She must be in trouble. Taking some extreme measures, Johnny comes to Anne’s rescue and figures out a way to get out of Stanley Springs. No longer undercover, Johnny carries a gun. With it, he is able to persuade Childs to take him to Steger and ultimately to Anne. Steger doesn't think Dollar will use the gun, but Johnny shoots and wounds him. Childs is sure it's murder, but Johnny knows he only injured Steger. With his new-found authority backed by the persuasive power of a gun, Johnny is able to push Childs around and get what he wants. In one fell swoop, he is able to  save Anne a

  • DL023: Stanley Springs ~ Confronted with the truth
    DL023: Stanley Springs ~ Confronted with the truth
    Duration: 48min | 10/04/2014

    Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar -- Scenes 9 & 10 Photo by Bigstock Photo: Innovated CapturesNORMAN STEGER: For a textile writer, you seem to know quite a bit about these things. JOHNNY DOLLAR: I think we understand each other now, Stager. NORMAN STEGER: I hope you do." When Confronted with the Truth, Bluff Steger shows interest in Johnny's assessment of the Stanley Springs company. He wants to know what he thinks of Philips committing suicide. Johnny's answer will let Steger know if Johnny is a threat to his secret operations or not. Johnny quits tip toeing around and plainly states, 'It wasn't suicide." When confronted with the truth about Philips’ death, Steger acts like it doesn't matter to him what Johnny thinks. He says he's sure Johnny has no hard evidence against him. Since Steger seems so nonchalant about it, Johnny risks going for the phone to get word out. Steger instructs Childs to deal with this threat and Johnny takes a beating. Caring for the Wounded Later, Anne and Johnny share a few tender moments

  • DL022: Stanley Springs ~ Where’s the whistleblower?
    DL022: Stanley Springs ~ Where’s the whistleblower?
    Duration: 38min | 27/03/2014

    Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar: The Stanley Springs Matter, Scenes 6-8 Photo by Bigstock Photo: Quality Stock Arts JOHNNY DOLLAR: I’m going to get word out. I’m going to call the nearest Treasury Department office. ANNE: Oh, no, Johnny! This is Stanley Springs. The company owns everything and Stager has thought of everything. There’s only one telephone in town. That’s in the company office.   A surprising tip: Johnny is having a hard time finding his supposed whistleblower, Phillips. When Anne gets off work at 4 in the morning, he talks to her. He takes the risk of blowing his cover to earn her trust. He lets her know who he really is and why he’s there. By doing this, he finds out what Anne knows. Phillips is, indeed, the whistleblower - the one who sent the mysterious note.  Surprisingly, it is through a tip from Childs that he finds Phillips. Why does the company seem to want him to find some things out? It's a real 'cat and mouse game' that the Stanley Springs company is playing with Johnny - letting him thi

  • DL021: Stanley Springs — Johnny Gets the Run Around
    DL021: Stanley Springs — Johnny Gets the Run Around
    Duration: 30min | 13/03/2014

    Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar: The Stanley Springs Matter, Scenes 4 & 5 Photo by Bigstock Photo: YsbrandCosjinNORMAN STEGER: I’ve had my doubts about himfor quite a while. I think there’s something wrong with him.JOHNNY DOLLAR: Like what?NORMAN STEGER: Something about his past that he’s hiding. I’ve even thought he may have a criminal record. When he met you, it was almost like he was afraid you’d come out here after him. Johnny's cover bores him: Johnny carries out his undercover investigation by spending a good part of the day counting bales of cotton. As a journalist writing an article for the textile magazine, this was necessary. Little did he know that while he was carrying out the sleepy counting job, Steger was making sure Phillips wouldn't be talking. When the 5 o'clock bell rang and everyone got off work, Johnny went in search of Phillips, but Phillips was nowhere to be found. Surprisingly, Steger gives him a lead. The run around: Steger  said he had sent Phillips home early with a stomachache. Now, the

  • DL020: Stanley Springs ~ First Impressions
    DL020: Stanley Springs ~ First Impressions
    Duration: 40min | 27/02/2014

    Johnny Dollar and the Stanley Springs Matter, Scenes 2 & 3 Image by Bigstock Photos: studiostoks"It seemed to me that she, as well as I, was leaving things unsaid. And I wondered if her warm friendly approach wouldn’t be a good method of finding out why any stranger dropped into Stanley Springs." Setting and Main Characters: Photo: By NOAA George E. Marsh Album, theb1365, Historic C&GS Collection - Public Domain The town was dusty, set in a depression of the desert that’s called Stanley Springs Valley. It was a company-built town, two dirty streets, saloons, a few cafes, a few stores made up the center of town. The rest was a cluster of identical white dwellings.   Undercover: Johnny Dollar hops off the bus in Stanley Springs. Most likely, very few passengers got off with him. Stanley Springs isn't exactly a tourist destination. It's a company town. It has one industry only and the businesses in the town are really just there to serve the employees of that company. Johnny has arrived undercover, pretendin

  • DL019: Stanley Springs ~ A Bald Accusation
    DL019: Stanley Springs ~ A Bald Accusation
    Duration: 39min | 13/02/2014

    Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar: The Stanley Springs Matter, Scene 1 Photo by Bigstock Photo: JacobLundED: Here’s the letter I mentioned to you. Very brief. JOHNNY: Hmm, unsigned. He’s not generous with details, is he? ED: No, nothing but a bald accusation. Johnny Dollar, Freelance Investigator Johnny is a freelance investigator. He was known for padding his expense account -- writing down costs a little higher than they really were, or just spending more than was really necessary and enjoying the good life. When we listen to these old dramas now, his prices sound mighty cheap, but really they weren't. Most hard-boiled detectives had a strong sense of justice, and that was more important to them than a big pay off. Johnny wants to see justice done too, but he also sees his clients, insurance companies, as rich and able to afford his services. Johnny hires himself out on contract assignments to insurance companies. He is usually working the insurance angle on a case — before paying an insurance claim, the company

  • DL018: Hostage of Love ~ Love proven through crisis
    DL018: Hostage of Love ~ Love proven through crisis
    Duration: 31min | 06/02/2014

    Photo by Bigstock Photo: palangsiNeighbor: This gas is terrible. I’ll get the window open.Francis: Oh, Casey! Casey, Darling!Neighbor: There, that’s better! It’ll air out in a minute. Where is it coming from?Francis: The stove. I turned it off. Do you think he… A Critical Moment Well, the tension comes to a head in today’s episode. You’ll remember, in our last episode, Francis was pretty upset at Casey. The flowers he sent to another woman didn’t go to a little old lady, but to a young woman recently divorced. It really seems like Casey has been playing with Fran’s heart. She is rightfully upset. But in today’s episode, when Casey is about to slip away from her for good, Fran realizes how much he means to her — love is proven through crisis. Sometimes it is in those critical moments in life, when the situation could just as easily go one way as the other, when there is a lot at stake — a lot that could be lost, we act decisively. Those moments call for quick decisions. They cut through all of the doubts tha

  • DL017: Hostage of Love — The scoundrel, he has another woman!
    DL017: Hostage of Love — The scoundrel, he has another woman!
    Duration: 29min | 30/01/2014

    Photo by Bigstock Photo: Bialasiewicz"I thought I recognized the name," said Aggie. "It's here in the paper right on the front page."   Things really heat up in today's episode. Relationships go through some rocky times, and Francis and Casey's is no different. In our last episode, Francis became suspicious that Casey was dating other women when Casey had her send roses to a woman named 'Viva Cramer'. When Casey explained that Viva had practically raised him, Francis realized that this woman wasn't a girlfriend and she quickly got over her worries. But in this episode, Francis hears some news about Viva Cramer. Aggie reads it to her from the morning paper. (This really must be a small town newspaper because Aggie finds the news of Viva's divorce right on the front page.) It isn't so much the divorce that bothers Fran as it is Viva's age. When she hears that Viva is only 31 years old, she immediately thinks, "What a scoundrel! He has another woman!" When Casey drops in, he is met with sarcasm and a cold sh

  • DL016: Hostage of Love — Mixing Business with Pleasure
    DL016: Hostage of Love — Mixing Business with Pleasure

    Photo by Bigstock Photo: Heatray "To be more explicit, I'd like two dozen red roses," Casey announced. Casey, playboy or  man of purpose? As this episode begins, we see Francis at work in her flower shop when Casey comes in. Francis and Casey start dating, but they also have a business relationship. When your girlfriend runs a flower shop, this might not be the wisest thing to do. But people often mix business with pleasure. A businessman might take an important client out for a game of golf. While the client is enjoying the game of golf, he is more likely to feel good about doing business with this man. There is a good chance that he ends up agreeing to a big business deal before their game is done. Let’s see how Francis and Casey do at mixing business with pleasure. The drive to the countryside was a 'swell' date, but in today's world, Francis would have called it 'awesome'. The next day, Casey shows up at the flower shop and has two-dozen roses sent to a woman. How could Francis not have felt a little a

  • DL015: Hostage of Love — A cat for a matchmaker
    DL015: Hostage of Love — A cat for a matchmaker
    Duration: 46min | 14/01/2014

    Photo by Bigstock Photo: PHOTOCREO Michal Bednarek"I deduce you live somewhere below, and I know you own a cat which is named, quaintly enough, Ambrose, but where do we go from there?" What is a Hostage of Love? "Hostage of Love" is a romance, a love story. Can love take you hostage? A hostage, after all, is someone who is taken captive and used by their captors to negotiate deals to get whatever it is that they want. The hostage's freedom has been taken away from him. That doesn't sound much like a love story!  In this story, we don't have a hostage taking, but in English, we use the word hostage in another way as well. A hostage can be a person who is controlled by something else. It doesn't have to be a 'bad man' that controls the hostage. You might be a hostage to something or of something, like love. So a hostage of love is someone who is overpowered by strong feelings of love. Their emotions control them more than their rational mind. They make choices based on their emotions instead of making the best

  • DL014: Barrie Craig reconstructs the crime
    DL014: Barrie Craig reconstructs the crime

    Photo by Bigstock Photo: Karimala Barrie: I, uh, swiped a photograph of the son off his bureau top. This, Max. Max: Hmm. Barrie: Handsome kid, huh? Max: Yes, strapping. Blood Money, Part 7 [23 min 00 sec ~ 27 min 32 sec] This episode wraps up the Blood Money case. Barrie cracks the case. He explains his new theory to Max and reconstructs the crime. Scene 13: Questioning another suspect In Scene 13, Barrie goes to the university campus to question Stewart Blake. Stewart immediately confesses to the murder, but Barrie Craig is not convinced. He seems rather proud of his act of bravery and says his father would not have had the guts to do it. He is even able to show Barrie his receipt for the $300 retainer fee he paid to Max Marcy to find Barbar -- and it is initialed M.M., most likely Max Marcy. The receipt links him to the crime, but it is not the only conclusion we can draw. He may have really intended to sue Anatol Barbar, not murder him. So why would an innocent man confess to murder? Stewart sees that

  • DL013: Would Wynn Blake have been justified in murdering Barbar?
    DL013: Would Wynn Blake have been justified in murdering Barbar?

    Blood Money — Part 6 Scene 12 [19 min 31 sec ~ 23 min 00 sec] Photo by Bigstock Photo: stokkete Wynn Blake looked every inch his role in life — gray, distinguished, with a stiff aristocratic spine, a polished surface veneer, with only one thing marring him — his eyes. I’d never seen sadder eyes.   Barrie Craig visits Wynn Blake, his prime suspect. Blake has become his suspect because he had motive – he was named in Anatol Barbar’s letter as the man being blackmailed. Barrie knows that blackmail victims sometimes turn on their oppressor. Perhaps they have no more money to turn over to the blackmailer. Perhaps they've just 'had enough' and cannot tolerate being victimized any longer. You can hardly blame the victim for wanting to get out from under the blackmailer's thumb, but can murder ever be justified? Isn't there a better way, a legal way? Why not report this abuse to the police? Of course, that would mean coming clean with whatever the blackmailer has on you, but choosing to take the law into your own

  • DL012: What if our suspect is an outstanding citizen?
    DL012: What if our suspect is an outstanding citizen?

    Max: Yeah, these new ramifications, a lot of it none of our business as private operatives. Should we drop the investigation? Blood Money, Part 5, Scene 11 Barrie, Craig — Confidential Investigator [17 min 31 sec – 19 min 31 sec]   Barrie shares what he has learned from Neala Ghallard with Max Marcie. They discuss their prime suspect, his likely motive, and the implications of going on with their investigation. In other words, if they continue investigating this murder, how is it going to end? Will they be satisfied with what they find out and who they have to punish or will the name of an outstanding citizen be ruined? Max wants to back off, stop investigating. He hopes he can persuade Barrie to do the same. But this is where we see Barrie Craig’s character come through — he remains loyal to his own sense of justice. If it turns out that someone from the upper class has committed this murder, Barrie Craig thinks that person should be punished just like anyone else. They should not get off easy just because t

  • DL011: A Lead at a Funeral
    DL011: A Lead at a Funeral

    [Bigstock Photo by zurijeta] Old friends and business associates pay their last respects to Anatol Barbar. Parting with an old friend In part 4 of Blood Money, Barrie Craig is somewhat at a loss for what to do. He has no clue to follow that could lead him on to the next phase of his investigation, so he retraces his steps to Amar Serrebi, the rug dealer and corresponding secretary for the Oriental carpet dealers' trade association. Barrie starts out by pressing him for names of some old friends of Anatol Barbar. Serrebi's memory is jogged and he tells Craig about a woman who used to work in Mecca Bazaar with Barbar, but no one has seen her for several years. In hopes of drawing out this lead, Barrie turns to the topic of the funeral arrangements. He thinks that if news gets out that it is a pauper's funeral and that Barbar will be buried in a potter's field, his old friends and acquaintances would feel sentimental, remember old times, and feel the need to show up at the funeral to pay their last respects to h

  • DL010: Attempts on Max Marcy’s Life – Blood Money, Part 3
    DL010: Attempts on Max Marcy’s Life – Blood Money, Part 3
    Duration: 28min | 13/11/2013

    Barrie Craig, Confidential Investigator - Blood Money, Scene 6 & 7 Photo by Bigstock Photo: gualtiero Max: He escaped you? Barrie: Totally. He was staked out somewhere on one of the roofs. On that, frankly, I never figured. The Hard-Boiled Detective's Code of Ethics: Before we get on with the story, I want to say a little more about the hard-boiled detective’s code of ethics. This is the moral code that guides his decisions. In the last podcast, I mentioned that the hard-boiled detective is: dedicated to his client has to remain objective, therefore he doesn’t get too close to his client loyal to his profession (helping the older detective b/c it seems like the right thing to do) above all, he is loyal to his own personal sense of justice Today, I’d like to add a few more items to that list: economical in his expenses and personal habits (He's not going to surprise Max Marcy with a big bill; instead, he says, “Its free, just pay my expenses” – and there is no mention of expensive/comf

  • DL009: Verifying Barbar’s Whereabouts – Blood Money, Part 2
    DL009: Verifying Barbar’s Whereabouts – Blood Money, Part 2
    Duration: 51min | 27/10/2013

    In "Barrie Craig, Confidential Investigator — Blood Money, Scenes 3, 4, & 5 Photo by Bigstock Photo: Yatso Max: When I found the fire, I knew at once you’d find Anatol Barbar dead. Loyalties of the Hard-Boiled Detective We’ve met Barrie Craig now and we can begin to identify some of his characteristics that make him a fairly typical hard-boiled detective. We heard him chat with Max Marcy and take on a job for him. He showed care and concern for the older detective, rather than feeling competitive. He even agreed to work for nothing, just asking Max to pay for his expenses. A hard-boiled detective lives by a set of rules, a code of ethics. This code defines what he considers right and wrong, moral and immoral. But sometimes the rules of his code conflict with one another. In Blood Money, we see some potential for conflict. For example, these three rules could conflict: 1. be dedicated to your client 2. be objective, therefore don’t get too close to your client 3. be loyal to your profession Barrie is dedicat

  • DL008: Barrie Craig in “Blood Money”, Part 1
    DL008: Barrie Craig in “Blood Money”, Part 1
    Duration: 35min | 15/10/2013

      Photo by Brian Harrington Spier [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia CommonsAMAH SERRIBI: I have been privileged. Ah, you are perhaps interested in a fine Bocara rug, at great sacrifice price.BARRIE CRAIG: Mr. Serribi, please! Let go of my coat lapels! Barrie Craig Helps a Fellow Private Eye Barrie Craig, Confidential Investigator is a hard-boiled detective radio play that aired from 1951-1955. This play is called "Blood Money" which is money gained at the expense of someone else. One man gets the money easily, but it costs another man, perhaps in terms of his human rights, his freedom, or his life. I have broken the play into several parts. Part 1 is both scene 1 and 2. In Scene 1, Barrie Craig is asked to do a job to help out an older detective, Max Marcy. He needs to find a man called Anatol Barbar. They discuss the older man's financial situation and why he can't really retire. Max doesn't have much money saved up to retire on. They both agree that they barely make enough to live on. And yet, it is a tough j

  • DL007: Norwood Builder ~ Holmes’ Reconstruction of the Crime
    DL007: Norwood Builder ~ Holmes’ Reconstruction of the Crime
    Duration: 29min | 05/10/2013

    Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Norwood Builder, Scene 7 Lestrade: The housekeeper was in the plot, of course.Holmes: Yes, of course, to bring him food and drink, and to put that thumb mark onto the wall. Holmes' reconstruction of the crime gets up all up to speed Scene 7 wraps up the story of the Norwood Builder. Once Holmes had proven Jonas Oldacre's guilt and, therefore, John McFarlane's innocence, he was willing to explain how the crime must have been committed and how he'd figured it out. This is the reconstruction of the crime, a feature of every cozy detective story.   Holmes reveals Oldacre's motive As Holmes responds to their questions, Lestrade and Watson come to understand how Oldacre had the housekeeper put the thumbprint on the wall, and how he'd even gotten John's thumbprint in the first place. Holmes is also able to explain Oldacre's dual motive, one reason being for revenge on John's mother, and the other reason being to defraud his creditors. Holmes has an explanation for the remain

  • DL006: Norwood Builder ~ Holmes needs to test his theory
    DL006: Norwood Builder ~ Holmes needs to test his theory
    Duration: 29min | 05/10/2013

    Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Norwood Builder, Scene 6 Holmes: Well then, set light to the straw, will you?Lestrade: What’s this? Set light to it!Holmes: More smoke than fire, Lestrade. Now, gentlemen, if you will all join me in a shout of “Fire!” when I give the word. Holmes will Test His Theory with a Measuring Tape and Some Smoke In scene 6, Holmes returns to the crime scene, Oldacre's burnt down house, to test his theory. Part of the house is still standing, so with the help of Watson, Holmes goes about measuring rooms and hallways. The measurements are consistent with his theory so he goes on to his next step. At this point, Lestrade thinks he is crazy, but he is willing to play along for a while. Holmes gets Lestrades' police officers to help him by bringing straw and water. He lights the damp straw on file which creates a lot of smoke. He then instructs Watson, Lestrade, and the police officers to join with him in yelling, "Fire!" This is Holmes final test of his new theory, and the results

  • DL005: Norwood Builder ~ Investigation reveals an old grudge
    DL005: Norwood Builder ~ Investigation reveals an old grudge
    Duration: 27min | 05/10/2013

    Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Norwood Builder, Scene 5 Mother: He was once a suitor of mine. Thank Heaven! I discovered hischaracter in time.Watson: Oh? Really? In what way, Mrs. McFarlane?Mother: His cruelty, sir. He was more like a beast than a human being. Investigation Leads Holmes to John's Mother In scene 5, Holmes and Watson go to Blackheath to call on John's mother. Holmes has been in a very good mood ever since hearing about Lestrade's new evidence, the bloody fingerprint. The evidence led Lestrade and Holmes in two very different directions of investigation. For Lestrade, the investigation is over, but Holmes follows up on his new theory with a visit to John's mother. The details Mrs. McFarlane told him about her former relationship with Jonas Oldacre did not conflict with Holmes' theory. As he and Watson leave, Holmes is still in a very good mood. On his way out, he asks Mrs. McFarlane if he can borrow her measuring tape. She lends it to him, but Holmes won't confide in Watson to tell h

  • DL004: Norwood Builder ~ New Evidence Points to McFarlane
    DL004: Norwood Builder ~ New Evidence Points to McFarlane
    Duration: 26min | 03/10/2013

    Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Norwood Builder, Scene 4 Watson: It’s from Lestrade. “Important fresh evidence to hand. Advise you abandon case.”Holmes: Oh, very kind of him!Watson: Wait, there’s more. “McFarlane’s fingerprint in blood found on wall beside hat stand. -- Lestrade.” A Look at the Crime Scene: Holmes and Watson go to Norwood to see the crime scene. He sees the signs of a struggle, the blood stains, and the marks in the dirt showing that something heavy was dragged across the timber yard. Some remains are found in the ashes. They are too burnt to be identified, but some buttons suggest it was human remains. All in all, it did not look good for John McFarlane. Everything seemed to point to him. Sherlock returns home very moody because his instincts tell him John is innocent, but the facts don't seem to fit. It is interesting to note that the weather reflects Sherlock Holmes' mood. While the case remains unsolved, the weather is unpleasantly hot. It feels like a thunderstorm is coming. Th

  • DL003: Norwood Builder ~ Holmes takes the case
    DL003: Norwood Builder ~ Holmes takes the case
    Duration: 24min | 19/09/2013

    Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Norwood Builder (Scene 3) Watson: Is he innocent, Holmes? Holmes: I know no more than you do John McFarlane Continues His Story Police Detective Lestrade's comments and opinion irritate Holmes, so Holmes gets quite sarcastic and cutting with Lestrade. For example, Lestrade says, "I came on here myself to do my duty." He strongly feels it is his responsibility to arrest John McFarlane. To this, Holmes responds, "Then you plainly must do your duty, my dear Lestrade. He's yours." The idea of a murder and arson case, and the possibility that young John McFarlane is being framed (set up to make it look like he committed the crime when he didn't) and won't find justice if it is left up to detectives like Lestrade, grabs Holmes' interest. That is significant as Sherlock Holmes only takes on cases that peak his interest. Holmes assures John that he will take on the case. Although John still gets arrested by Lestrade, he has the great detective on his side. Bumbling Police ve

  • DL002: Norwood Builder ~ McFarlane’s Story
    DL002: Norwood Builder ~ McFarlane’s Story
    Duration: 31min | 15/09/2013

    Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Norwood Builder, Scene 2 McFarlane: He’d left me everything! Holmes: Did he tell you why?  McFarlane: He said he hadn’t any relations, and he’d known my parents in his youth, followed my career, and so he felt he’d like to do it for old time’s sake, and because I was a deserving case.  Holmes: Oh, is that true? Touching! We underestimate the power of sentiment, Watson.   McFarlane Seeks Holmes' Help Lestrade arrives ready to arrest McFarlane, but Sherlock Holmes talks him into hearing McFarlane out first -- to listen to his side of the story. The story has already hit the morning news, so Watson tells Holmes the newspaper version of the story. They then hear out John McFarlane. Lestrade is still sure it's an 'open and shut' case. There seems to be a lot of evidence against McFarlane, and no other suspects. McFarlane's case stirs the beauty of normal life into chaos. Sherlock Holmes takes on the case believing he can set things right again. The worldview of the cozy

  • DL001: Norwood Builder ~ A New Client
    DL001: Norwood Builder ~ A New Client
    Duration: 23min | 14/09/2013

    Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Norwood Builder, Scene1 Holmes: You mentioned your name as if I should recognize it, but I assure you I know nothing whatever about you – beyond the obvious fact that you are a bachelor, a solicitor, and a Free Mason.Upon hearing the sound of loud footsteps racing up the stairs to their 221B Baker Street apartment in London, Sherlock Holmes and Watson begin practicing their deductive skills to determine who their visitor is. Starting with the facts they know -- the sound of the footsteps on the stairs, the speed at which he runs up the stairs, and the fact that he didn't even wait for Mrs. Hudson to answer the doorbell -- they deduce that their visitor is a young man who is very worked up about something. Deduction is a kind of reasoning that moves from general to specific. Holmes and Watson start with these general facts, and based on what they know in life from past experiences -- other times that they have heard footsteps and knew who made them, they arrive at a spe