Just Sayin

Just Sayin'


Welcome! These podcast are stories from the members of the St. Augustine's Chapel in Nashville, TN. Each person shares a personal story around a selected theme or topic. The purpose of Just Sayin' is to grow and celebrate the art and craft of storytelling. In sharing our stories we build community.

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  • I Remember . . .
    I Remember . . .
    Duration: 13min | 09/11/2017

    Rebecca Wells

  • Scared Silly: Neck Massage?
    Scared Silly: Neck Massage?
    Duration: 07min | 09/11/2017

    Skip Stokes

  • Scared Silly: Mothers Milk
    Scared Silly: Mother's Milk
    Duration: 10min | 09/11/2017

    Sharon Bowen

  • Scared Silly : Junior High School
    Scared Silly : Junior High School
    Duration: 10min | 09/11/2017

    Tom Angland