A Place To Belong

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"Narrator Jennifer Ikeda perfectly captures the confusion of a girl displaced by war and hardship. . . . Ikeda takes great care to pronounce the Japanese vocabulary distinctly and correctly without disturbing the flow of the story. She creates memorable voices for Hana; her little brother, Akira; and the people they interact with in their new, war-torn home. Listeners will be especially charmed by Hana's grandparents, the delightfully idiosyncratic Jiichan and Baachan."


  • 041 APlaceToBelong Chapter40

    Duration: 02min
  • 042 APlaceToBelong Chapter41

    Duration: 14min
  • 043 APlaceToBelong Afterword

    Duration: 02min
  • 044 APlaceToBelong OUT

    Duration: 59s
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