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Hashtags #SocialMediaMarketing



Welcome to Marketing Quick #TipsOnQ In this episode we will be talking about Hashtags.  MediaOnQ is a full-service marketing agency based out of Fargo, ND. At MediaOnQ we understand that as business owners and marketing professionals it is our job to get our content to both, prospects and customers in a way that is easy for them to engage with it. Today’s episode is all about Hashtags. As a reminder, you can catch the Marketing Quick Tips OnQ video series directly from or from our YouTube Channel. We decided to make hashtags the topic because we found that several businesses are new to the idea of using social media in their marketing efforts. Yes, it’s true… Many small business owners or marketing professionals who have to wear multiple hats are only now starting to realize how important it is to get their content out there and leverage social media. So, what is a hashtag?