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How To Set Up A Successful Business Page on Facebook



Untitled Document How To Set Up A Successful Business Page on Facebook Digital Media Branding Podcast Episode 23 In this episode we will go over all the details on how to set up a successful business page on Facebook. So if you use Facebook to generate leads or help your business in any way, this episode is for you. Welcome to the Digital Media Branding Podcast. I’m your host Carlos Quintero from MediaOnQ. MediaOnQ is a Full Service Digital Media Branding and Marketing Agency based out of Fargo, ND. At MediaOnQ we provide social media branding and marketing services to more than 250 business across the US and Canada. Social Media has become an essential component in today’s marketing campaigns and strategy. So it is no longer just a good idea to have a page for your business on Facebook. Facebook offers your business one of the most active social media networks. This active community can help your business establish and grow it’s brand as well as benefit from your followers because your followers will help e