Digital Media Branding Podcast

Top 10 Marketing Paths To Grow Sales For Your Business



Digital Media Branding Podcast Episode 21 In today’s episode we will go over the Top 10 Digital Marketing Paths To Increase Your Company’s Sales. Welcome to the Digital Media Branding Podcast, I’m your host Carlos Quintero. I own a full service digital media marketing agency based out of Fargo, ND. In my job, I have the opportunity to work with many clients who are often business owners.  Being in business today is much more sophisticated because of the web and everything that it implies right? Businesses of all sizes, large and small and even startups have to consider how to best allocate their time and resources to get the most bang out of their efforts. This is why I started the Digital Media Branding Podcast. I wanted to share my 17 plus years of digital marketing experience with marketers and business owners in an effort to help fast track their success or as we call it at MediaOnQ, helping you compete in today’s web economy. So thank you for joining me today. Today we will dive in to the Top 10 Digital