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How To Fix 5 Common Web Navigation Mistakes



How To Fix 5 Common Website Navigation Mistakes. We'll go over how to ensure that your website's navigation links are indexed by Google and Bing. Hello I’m your host Carlos Quintero from thank you for joining me today. is a Full Service Digital Media Branding & Marketing Agency based out of Fargo, ND. We want to share with you 5 of the most common website navigation mistakes that we come across and give you the solution as to how to fix them. Before we get started I’d like to invite you to visit our YouTube channel where we have gear, software production and postproduction videos to help fast track your own video marketing efforts. Let’s get started with the 5 most common website navigation mistakes and fixes. Although we work with a wide variety of industries, we come across the same type of mistakes over and over again.  So we hope that this podcast can help you identify these recurring problems and want to give you the tools to get them fixed so that you website can get back t