Digital Media Branding Podcast

How To Grow Your Social Media Influence Through Engagement



Welcome to the Digital Media Branding Podcast Episode 017 How To Grow Your Social Media Influence Hello, I’m your host Carlos Quintero and I own a full service digital media branding and marketing company based out of Fargo, ND called MediaOnQ. Today we’ll be talking about How To Grow Your Social Media Influence. At MediaOnQ when we work with clients to help them come up with their social media strategy.  In doing so, we always keep a single point in mind and that is, we want our efforts to produce engagement. Engaging content helps us build trust and once we have the trust we cross over toward being influential. Before we go on, I’d like to make a point. There are a lot of companies and individuals out there who consider themselves to be social media experts. Many have their own strategies that they deploy with their own clients. I’d like to suggest that there is No Single Cookie Cutter approach toward social media for all companies and not even for all industries. Could that be true? Yes because after all w