Digital Media Branding Podcast

How To Upgrade Your Site's Thank You Page



How to Upgrade Your Thank You Pages Welcome to the Digital Media Branding Podcast Episode 16.  6 Steps You Can Take To Upgrade Your Website Thank You Pages Hello I am your host Carlos Quintero from I run a Full Service Digital Media Branding & Marketing Agency that is based out of Fargo, North Dakota. MediaOnQ offers a wide range of services to include Web Design and E-commerce. Many of our clients have Thank You pages on their sites. Some have them to thank customers for shopping or placing an order with them others to thank them for feedback. Near the end of 2013 - which is the time of this recording. I am still amazed by how many online sites and marketers simply say Thank You on the page and leave it at that. Consider this. The people who get to see your Thank You page have already gone through the Marketing Conversion.  In other words, they have successfully become a customer or a visitor who’s taken action and engaged with your brand and website. So why would anyone who has secured a c