Digital Media Branding Podcast

How To Secure Your Web Hosting Account



5 Ways To Secure Your Web Hosting Account Hello, I’m Carlos Quintero owner of a Full Service Media & Marketing company called MediaOnQ.  One of our areas of expertise is website design and development. So today, we’ll be discussing how to secure your web server as consumers not as network engineers. We’ll be covering 5 key areas that impact our website’s security. Our company website or websites the face of our business on the World Wide Web.  Sometimes selecting a business hosting provider can be time-consuming but taking the time to find reliable business hosting is absolutely worth it. Because once your website is up and you start adding content to it, it becomes a valuable business asset. And for sure, an asset that is worth defending against malicious attacks. Here are 5 easy and practical ways to keep your hosting account secure as you continue to grow your website. Keep All Software Updated Most small business owners use software like WordPress or Drupal to publish their web content and