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How To - Best Way To Reach Multi-Screen Users



Digital Media Branding Podcast Episode 11 What’s the Best Way to Reach Multi-Screen Users Hello and welcome to episode 11 of the Digital Media Branding Podcast. I’m Carlos Quintero owner and founder of MediaOnQ, a Digital Media Branding Company in the upper Midwest. So, what is the best way to reach multi-screen users assuming that our goal is to increase engagement with your brand’s products, content or information? There are several options out there for you to deliver your web content to multi-screen users. Picking the right path to take however may not be intuitively obvious. Let’s start by clarifying the terms multi-screen users. When we talk about multi-screen users we are referring to all of us who more and more access the web from our smartphones or tablet devices. This of course would not mean that we’ve abandoned our computers but rather that we fall into today’s norm which is using multiple devices or screen sizes to consume content. Personally, I can think of at least one time this week where I wa