Digital Media Branding Podcast

How To Optimize Your Email Marketing Campaign



Hello and welcome to the Digital Media Branding Podcast, Media On Q Episode 8 How To Optimize Your Email Marketing. Today, we are going to clearly define the 9 Golden Rules of Email Marketing which can immediately impact your campaign’s reach by helping you avoid the dreaded spam filter and getting more eyeballs on your content. We’ll also discuss the Email Marketing Metrics you should watch closely as these can help you grow your business by building relationships with your customers while you solidify your competitive barriers. Hello my name is Carlos Quintero; I run a Digital Media Branding company in the Midwest called Media On Q. Since 1997, I've been fortunate enough to help many different companies extend their brand's reach out far beyond traditional marketing. Leveraging technology has allowed me to help many small business owners; new business start-ups as well as large fortune 50 companies create profit centers around their brand's products, content and information. In my job, I work with many