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How To Optimize Your "About Us" Webpage



How To Customize Your About Us Page   3 Simple Steps to Transform Your About Page Into a Customer Generating Webpage   Most of the about pages on the web can be summed up by one of these words; Boastful or Boring, maybe even a combination of the two.   What do I mean? Here’s a real world example of what I am talking about.   Example One:   As a socially-responsible, global leader in design, manufacturing, distribution and aftermarket services, Flextronics is unique in its ability to provide end-to-end solutions through its innovative and proprietary systems—all to enhance customer competitiveness and success.   Example Two:   SEO Consult is the specialist search engine optimization division of Click Consult, who are a leading provider of search engine marketing solutions in the UK. Through a range of innovative, organic and ethical techniques, SEO Consult have helped their 325+ clients reach highly targeted traffic, delivering a healthy ROI for both niche businesses and highly recognizable brands.   Let’s ana