Was Glee Good?

Literally No One Thinks The Rocky Horror Glee Show Was Good



This week, we're going a little out of order to bring you a spooky Halloween-themed episode of Was Glee Good! Trick: We're talking about The Rocky Horror Glee Show, which was universally panned at the time and as recently as 2016: https://decider.com/2016/10/28/never-forget-the-glee-rocky-horror-picture-show/ Treat: Instead of describing the performances in this episode, we're offering our recommendations for things you may enjoy more than this episode of Glee. You're wecome. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @wasgleegood, shoot us an email at wasgleegood@gmail.com, and give us a call if you've got something to say (330)-366-6130. Don't watch Glee.