Was Glee Good?

Audition! Was! A! Nightmare!



Welcome back to Was Glee Good! We're thrilled to be back for season 2 of this podcast and absolutely miserable to be back for season 2 of Glee, a racist show about horrible people. Did you miss us? This week, we recap what we can remember of season 1 (very little), address the Mark Salling situation head-on (he's a literal criminal!), and dive headfirst into the hot pile of garbage that is this episode. Tina and Mike have the same name but are also dating! Finn raps about "his" "Dominicanos"! Rachel harasses a student for being Filipino and also having a good voice! None of this is played as satire! Also: A quick discussion about genre, a quick discussion about Lea Michele's new boyfriend, a quick discussion about Paul McCartney. You're gonna love it. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @wasgleegood, shoot us an email at wasgleegood@gmail.com, and give us a call if you've got something to say (330)-366-6130. Don't watch Glee.