M?m? Call

15: The Pledge of Allegiance Depends on What the Meaning of Should Should Be



From the Korea whose last dictator left office when Wayne was three and from the state that has its own pledge of allegiance and it's a country song, this is MēMē Call. In this episode, Paul and Wayne look at the Pledge of Allegiance. How did it come about, and how did it change? Why are some people so passionate about persuading others to recite it? Also, they go through the Pledge piece by piece and contemplate the underlying meaning of each line. Show Notes: [http://www.lingobeast.com/memecall/2018/04/25/015-the-pledge-of-allegiance-depends/](http://www.lingobeast.com/memecall/2018/04/25/015-the-pledge-of-allegiance-depends/)