M?m? Call

8: Paul and Wayne's 80s Mix Tape - Volume 1



In this episode, Paul and Wayne reminisce about growing up in all of the glory of the 1980's. From classic movies and music to Saturday morning cartoons, thinking about the decade brings back fond memories for the hosts. This episode is their extended ChitChat about being a kid in the decade that saw the Berlin Wall crumble, Crockett and Tubbs fight drug Lords, punk rock and hip hop rise to greatness, and super hot female cartoon characters enchant youth with furry and plushy fantasies. Show Notes: [http://www.lingobeast.com/memecall/2018/01/31/008-wayne-pauls-80s-mix-tape-vol-1/](http://www.lingobeast.com/memecall/2018/01/31/008-wayne-pauls-80s-mix-tape-vol-1/)