Dr. Angela

Ask Dr. Angela - #183: Save Your Life Series: It Is Never Too Late, Part 3: Hope, Optimism, Hanging onto YourSELF



Dr. Angela talks about how we can put ourselves, moment to moment, step by step, in a state of mind that helps us, generating optimism, hope, to help ourselves through difficult moments, issues, challenges. Dr. Angela talks about this material further in one of her books, talking about how it is never too late to take the next step, to rethink, to re-form the way you see yourself, your situation, your life. For more on piecing your life back together, or more together, or together for the first time. see Dr. Angela at DrAngela.com, contact DrAngela@DrAngela.com, and see the Dr. Angela book on Amazon, IT IS NEVER TOO LATE: FINDING HOPE AND LIGHT IN THE DARK.