Living Homegrown Podcast With Theresa Loe

LH 158: Eating Local and Exploring More Flavor



LH 158: Eating Local and Getting to Know Your Local Farmer This week’s episode is about discovering INCREDIBLE flavors...locally. Host Theresa Loe brought back organic, foodie-farmer Andrea Bemis of Tumbleweed Farm to discuss a national project she's spearheading that's all about exploring what it really means to eat local. The premise is simple... We may already be eating some locally-sourced fruits and veggies. But when we look at ALL the ingredients used to create our meals, there are probably many items we know nothing about. Even Andrea (who is an organic farmer), didn't know the source of every ingredient in her pantry. So she decided to use herself and her farm team in an experiment. And it's opening up a whole new world for her. And Andrea would love for all of us to join in this exploration of local flavor as well. But don't worry... This is not about being perfect or even feeling guilty about buying things from far away. The idea here is is be more AWARE of what we're putting on our table...even if