Top Secret

Top Secret


Nine-year-old Allen Brewster has a fantastic idea that might even win the silver trophy at the science fair: human photosynthesis. He has several obstacles to overcome, but Allen persists in his mission by using the scientific method and finally comes up with a concoction that turns him into a human plant. He turns green, craves sunlight and water instead of food, and sprouts baby roots if he stands in mud too long. But then Allen is deemed a threat to national security, and his project is suddenly top secret.

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  • Chapter 001
    Duration: 16s
  • Chapter 002
    Duration: 07min
  • Chapter 003
    Duration: 08min
  • Chapter 004
    Duration: 10min
  • Chapter 005
    Duration: 11min
  • Chapter 006
    Duration: 07min
  • Chapter 007
    Duration: 07min
  • Chapter 008
    Duration: 06min
  • Chapter 009
    Duration: 09min
  • Chapter 010
    Duration: 08min
  • Chapter 011
    Duration: 07min
  • Chapter 012
    Duration: 09min
  • Chapter 013
    Duration: 22s
  • sample
    Duration: 01min