Dark Nights

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#1 New York Times bestselling author Christine Feehan revisits and expands her classic novella Dark Descent, bringing to breathtaking new life her story of an immortal Carpathian hunter, a beautiful adventurer, and their dangerous journey toward an unforeseen destiny and an undying love.

In a cave of mystery and wonder deep in the Carpathian Mountains, bodyguard Joie Sanders encounters a most remarkable being. Proud, strong, immortal, he is called Traian—an ageless hunter locked in a life-and-death battle with enemy vampires—and he will be her salvation in a labyrinth protected by the ingenious traps of a mysterious ancient race. What awaits them in the darkness is not known, and each step could be their last—as their destined path leads them toward a fiery passion that will illuminate the perilous dark night.

Also includes the previously published Carpathian short story Dark Dream.


  • 01-Dark Nights

    Duration: 40s
  • 02-Dark Descent-Chapter One

    Duration: 45min
  • 03-Chapter Two

    Duration: 45min
  • 04-Chapter Three

    Duration: 44min
  • 05-Chapter Four

    Duration: 53min
  • 06-Chapter Five

    Duration: 45min
  • 07-Chapter Six

    Duration: 50min
  • 08-Chapter Seven

    Duration: 47min
  • 09-Chapter Eight

    Duration: 48min
  • 10-Chapter Nine

    Duration: 47min
  • 11-Chapter Ten

    Duration: 43min
  • 12-Chapter Eleven

    Duration: 44min
  • 13-Chapter Twelve

    Duration: 47min
  • 14-Chapter Thirteen

    Duration: 26min
  • 15-Dark Dream-Prologue

    Duration: 14min
  • 16-Chapter One

    Duration: 33min
  • 17-Chapter Two

    Duration: 34min
  • 18-Chapter Three

    Duration: 34min
  • 19-Chapter Four

    Duration: 30min
  • 20-Chapter Five

    Duration: 38min
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