One Touch of Scandal

One Touch of Scandal


Against the glamorous backdrop of Victorian high society, Liz Carlyle paints a dramatic tale of dangerous desire, the first in her sizzling new trilogy.

All Grace Gauthier ever wanted was the security of a good marriage, family, and home. Instead, despised by her aristocratic father’s family because of her mother’s foreign birth, she’s taken a “safe” position as a governess. Now, unprotected and alone in London, accused of the shocking murder of her employer, she has no one to turn to except the mysterious—and possibly dangerous—Lord Ruthveyn.

A dark-eyed Lucifer, Ruthveyn guards his secrets carefully. His shadowed past is a source of pain and rumors—only whispered. Grace’s plight—which echoes his own—moves him, as does her quiet beauty. Ruthveyn is determined to save Grace by unmasking a killer. But his growing passion places his own heart at risk and threatens to expose his dark gifts to the world.

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  • Chapter 001
    Duration: 06min
  • Chapter 002
    Duration: 40min
  • Chapter 003
    Duration: 58min
  • Chapter 004
    Duration: 19min
  • Chapter 005
    Duration: 37min
  • Chapter 006
    Duration: 43min
  • Chapter 007
    Duration: 51min
  • Chapter 008
    Duration: 33min
  • Chapter 009
    Duration: 01h13min
  • Chapter 010
    Duration: 39min
  • Chapter 011
    Duration: 51min
  • Chapter 012
    Duration: 45min
  • Chapter 013
    Duration: 33min
  • Chapter 014
    Duration: 32min
  • Chapter 015
    Duration: 01h07min
  • Chapter 016
    Duration: 40min
  • Chapter 017
    Duration: 27min
  • Chapter 018
    Duration: 18min
  • sample
    Duration: 01min