Fools And Mortals: A Novel

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New York Times bestselling author Bernard Cornwell makes a dramatic departure with this enthralling, action-packed standalone novel that tells the story of the first production of A Midsummer Night's Dream—as related by William Shakespeare’s estranged younger brother.

Lord, what fools these mortals be . . .

In the heart of Elizabethan England, Richard Shakespeare dreams of a glittering career in one of the London playhouses, a world dominated by his older brother, William. But he is a penniless actor, making ends meet through a combination of a beautiful face, petty theft and a silver tongue. As William’s star rises, Richard’s onetime gratitude is souring and he is sorely tempted to abandon family loyalty.

So when a priceless manuscript goes missing, suspicion falls upon Richard, forcing him onto a perilous path through a bawdy and frequently brutal London. Entangled in a high-stakes game of duplicity and betrayal which threatens not only his career and potential fortune, but also the lives of his fellow players, Richard has to call on all he has now learned from the brightest stages and the darkest alleyways of the city. To avoid the gallows, he must play the part of a lifetime . . . .

Showcasing the superb storytelling skill that has won Bernard Cornwell international renown, Fools and Mortals is a richly portrayed tour de force that brings to life a vivid world of intricate stagecraft, fierce competition, and consuming ambition.


  • 001 Fools And Mortals harperintro

    Duration: 07s
  • 002 Fools And Mortals Chapter 01

    Duration: 57min
  • 003 Fools And Mortals Chapter 02

    Duration: 53min
  • 004 Fools And Mortals Chapter 03

    Duration: 55min
  • 005 Fools And Mortals Chapter 04

    Duration: 49min
  • 006 Fools And Mortals Chapter 05

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  • 007 Fools And Mortals Chapter 06

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  • 008 Fools And Mortals Chapter 07

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  • 009 Fools And Mortals Chapter 08

    Duration: 48min
  • 010 Fools And Mortals Chapter 09

    Duration: 47min
  • 011 Fools And Mortals Chapter 10

    Duration: 44min
  • 012 Fools And Mortals Chapter 11

    Duration: 46min
  • 013 Fools And Mortals Chapter 12

    Duration: 54min
  • 014 Fools And Mortals Epilogue

    Duration: 08min
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