How Champions Think

How Champions Think


This New York Times bestselling, groundbreaking guide to success from America’s preeminent sports psychologist is “so good that this reviewer has recommended it to all, golfers and non-golfers alike” (Library Journal, starred review).

Acclaimed sports psychologist Bob Rotella has advised everyone from professional golfers to NBA superstars to business executives on how to flourish under pressure and overcome challenges. “Rotella’s philosophy is astonishingly simple…his success rate…is phenomenal” (The New York Times). Now, for the first time, he’s distilled his decades of in-depth research and practical experience into a potential-unlocking guide for everyone, from businesspeople to athletes to parents.

Most psychology is focused on trying to make abnormal people normal. Bob Rotella’s work is to make normal people exceptional. “Intriguing and persuasive” (Publishers Weekly), How Champions Think takes readers inside the minds of winners in many fields. It explores how to keep the mind from holding you back, whatever your physical gifts or other talents. It’s about how to make a commitment, how to persevere, how to deal with failure. It’s about how to train your mind to create a self-image that promotes confidence and accomplishment.

Any successful life starts with how you see yourself. And with these pearls of wisdom from the nation’s preeminent sports psychologist, you can learn to achieve the success of your dreams. “Straightforward and simple...Do the math. Read Rotella” (The Wall Street Journal).

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