The Wind Is Not A River

The Wind Is Not A River


The Wind Is Not a River is Brian Payton's gripping tale of survival and an epic love story in which a husband and wife—separated by the only battle of World War II to take place on American soil—fight to reunite in Alaska's starkly beautiful Aleutian Islands.

Following the death of his younger brother in Europe, journalist John Easley is determined to find meaning in his loss. Leaving behind his beloved wife, Helen, he heads north to investigate the Japanese invasion of Alaska's Aleutian Islands, a story censored by the U.S. government. 

While John is accompanying a crew on a bombing run, his plane is shot down over the island of Attu. He survives only to find himself exposed to a harsh and unforgiving wilderness, known as “the birthplace of winds.” There, John must battle the elements, starvation, and his own remorse while evading discovery by the Japanese. 

Alone at home, Helen struggles with the burden of her husband's disappearance. Caught in extraordinary circumstances, in this new world of the missing, she is forced to reimagine who she is—and what she is capable of doing. Somehow, she must find John and bring him home, a quest that takes her into the farthest reaches of the war, beyond the safety of everything she knows. 

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  • 001 The Wind Is Not a River
    Duration: 50min
  • 002 Chapter 2
    Duration: 24min
  • 003 Chapter 3
    Duration: 25min
  • 004 Chapter 4
    Duration: 30min
  • 005 Chapter 5
    Duration: 25min
  • 006 Chapter 6
    Duration: 32min
  • 007 Chapter 7
    Duration: 23min
  • 008 Chapter 8
    Duration: 31min
  • 009 Chapter 9
    Duration: 19min
  • 010 Chapter 10
    Duration: 25min
  • 011 Chapter 11
    Duration: 13min
  • 012 Chapter 12
    Duration: 29min
  • 013 Chapter 13
    Duration: 26min
  • 014 Chapter 14
    Duration: 22min
  • 015 Chapter 15
    Duration: 11min
  • 016 Chapter 16
    Duration: 30min
  • 017 Chapter 17
    Duration: 21min
  • 018 Chapter 18
    Duration: 13min
  • 019 Chapter 19
    Duration: 34min
  • 020 Chapter 20
    Duration: 15min
  • 021 Chapter 21
    Duration: 18min
  • 022 Chapter 22
    Duration: 06min
  • 023 Chapter 23
    Duration: 08min
  • 024 Chapter 24
    Duration: 12min
  • 025 Chapter 25
    Duration: 15min
  • 026 Chapter 26
    Duration: 14min
  • 027 Credits
    Duration: 01min